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The YouLikeHits Blog is here! 
I now have a way to communicate with my users on what’s going on with the site!
Make sure to bookmark this blog because in the event that YouLikeHits is having issues this blog should still be up because it’s on a separate server.

The State of Google +1’s
I’m a huge Google fan.  I absolutely love the +1 system and YouLikeHits has already offered out over 120,000 +1’s as of the time of this blog posting.  The problem here is that Google +1’s affect search rankings.  I’m not sure that Google will like false +1’s or +1 exchanges.  I will be removing our +1 system within the next few days to prevent any issues with Google.

The State of Facebook Likes
As you know Facebook doesn’t like us giving incentives for Likes.  However, without incentives then there’s no real reason to keep Facebook support on YouLikeHits.  I’ve readded the Like incentive.  Which means for now you can get Likes again instead of just Views.  If Facebook wants me to remove it this time I will probably also remove the entire Facebook feature as the “Views” system was just creating a massive amount of Point trading instead of anything actually productive.

Google +1 Replacement
With Google +1 gone we’ll have Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube and Websites.  Here at YouLikeHits I love to have variety.  It’s an interesting thing to see how social networks can come together through our system.  With that being said i’m looking into adding brand new sites to the mix and a couple of them are looking promising!  Keep an eye out for new little icons in Your Settings section. 😉

New Points Package!
People have been asking me quite a lot to add more packages with more Points.  Those of you that have asked have had your wishes granted.  There’s now a 5,000 Point package for the low price of only $35.  That’s only 0.7 cents per Point.

Reporting Framebreakers and Protected Twitter Profiles
We’re working on a new [Report] system that will allow you to report framebreakers, bad sites, adult sites and twitter profiles that are set to private/protected mode.  These sites and profiles disrupt the flow of the site and are not welcome here.  Those sites and profiles will be permanently banned if found and reported.  Fair warning!

1st Blog Secret Code
We now have a Secret Code system which will give you Points for a successfully redeemed code.  You can find these codes anywhere on the internet so keep your eye out on Blogs, Forums or the Social Networks!
Go to and enter the code: 1stblog
There you go!

Thanks for reading and I will be posting more updates in the future!  Thanks for using YouLikeHits!


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  1. Got a syntax error when trying to visit that link and enter the code

  2. Great site! Where have you been for the past few years. lol

    Question. Is there any movement at adding Ezinearticles to the mix?

    • Thank you!

      That’s an interesting suggestion. First time i’ve heard anyone interested in that site for YouLikeHits. I’ll have a look and see if I can figure out how to incorporate it into our system.

  3. This site has bcome mine 1st choice.
    Thanx 4 d gr8 service man!

  4. Great Site. I appreciate the service big time. On the other hand I think there is something up with the FB like exchange program. Seems slow today and when you click on people’s pages most say the page no longer exists. Not sure why this issue is occurring.

    Just a little fyi.


    • Thank you! We actually took a different approach with the new FB like system behind the scenes. We’ve tested it with most pages and it worked but if you see any pages that are not working please let me know so that I can make it work for those too.

  5. what the probem with your +1 system ?
    don’t worry it will be good ! don’t remove +1 system !

    • There’s nothing wrong with it except for the fact that it’s unknown how Google will respond. They could start banning adsense or google accounts in general for all we know. It’s safer to remove it. 😦

  6. Glad you are still trying to work out the kinks in FB — I just about fell out of my chair when I saw 50 “visits” instead of “likes” (all those wasted pointed I paid for). I immediately turned off my FB and added points to Twitter.

    As soon as I know all is well with FB will turn it back on. Currently my FB icon on this website shows 135 have been added but the actual FB site only has 83 likes and I know only about 75 are from you. Just wondering what happened to the other 52…..

    Am glad you have added another payment option — will jump in when FB is working better. Keep up the good work.

    Patsy in NC

    • Thanks Patsy.
      I believe the FB Likes feature is working quite well now. You can check it out by Liking a few others pages.

      • Yes, it does look like FB is running now. Increased my likes by 12 over night. I understand it takes a lot to stay ahead of the game and I, for one, thank you for the effort!


  7. your site is good i love the new stuff you add

  8. Thank you for the credits! Truly like your site!!! ^_^

  9. hope the +1’s can stay somehow! Great site though!

  10. Facebook has been a problem for all referral sites, so I am glad that you are determined to at least try a different approach.

    My biggest question is in the website referral system you currently have set up. The current way it is set up is nice for displaying an advertisement, but it does not seem very effective for rank building through inbound traffic. Because of the iframe, Google for example will only see multiple hits from “YouLikeHits” which might be thought of as a link farm because of the exact visitor length in time (similar to a traffic bot). In the event you change the current system to allow a different approach (cross-linking with external news sites or forums?) please let us know, as natural organic traffic would be a great add on.
    Other than that, thank you for your continued effort with Facebook.

    • Actually our websites system does help out for rank building. Google takes into account your ranking on Alexa to rank you on their search engine and our websites system will boost your alexa ranking through the iframe! You will see results with our system. Thank you!

  11. Richard Ince

    Hey dude, wicked website – i just bought 5000 points, and for some reason they havn’t been accredited to my account??

    My client is looking for a large amount of likes, so im interested in buying 50,000 points.

    • Hey Richard,
      First i’d like to say thank you very much for supporting the site!
      Here at YouLikeHits we manually verify every single package that’s purchased for security purposes.

      If you’re looking for 50,000 Points you can email us at to discuss this further.

  12. What if we want to buy more points can some one request a larger amount ?

  13. If you buy points, is it possible with facebook to only have likes from the US. Are there any filters?

  14. Love the site . please dont do away with the google 1+s your not forcing anyone to like the or add g1= to there profile so i dont see why google should care .

  15. looking forward with this site, i want to buy some packages.

  16. wow thats Really good it gives us a free credit of 100 thanks to you , i like you like hits !!!

  17. There’s now a 5,000 Point package for the low price of only $35. That’s only 0.07 cents per Point.

    That would ammount to 3.5$…
    Make sure you recheck your math there brother.
    It actually is 0.7cent or 0.007$.

  18. Cant get to visit sites,cant add my sites,bareley got any points.

  19. About the “Googe+1”

    please remove the text “(opens in a new window)”

    my site got Clicks: 334, but only 200 +1

    seems 100 of them just clicked the “open” link but not the “+1” button

    • Users only get Points when they click the +1 button itself. The issue you’re having is actually because Google is now removing +1’s from sites like YouLikeHits. They were able to track where the +1’s actually came from and they’re not removing a majority of them.

  20. Someone referred me to your site but I’m still creating my FB Page. Not published yet. Will come back when ready though site looks very promising.


  21. I really hope u dont delete the +1 and facebook …. they are the biggest reason i use this site 😦

    • We’ll do our best to keep Facebook but +1 will probably need to be removed because they’re now removing tons of +1’s that don’t come from their original website.

  22. Yesterday i had 92 +1 and today it dropped to less than 30. Is your site a fraud?

    • Our site is definitely not a fraud. For each “Click” that is listed on the G+ page you are indeed getting a +1. However, Google seems to be removing +1’s that were gained from sites other than the original site.

  23. Hi, on the Digg function, would you be allowed to actually give people actual Diggs rather than just Digg followers. I’m guessing it would probably not be allowed. Great site.

  24. hey
    i love the site . but it would be great for youtube to be able to get sub,and likes also.that would be awsome

  25. Hi! I;m just wondering why my FB page dont get LIKES.. I have many credit balance but I have not seen new likes from my FB history…Whats happening..hope you can answer me back as I need more Likes on my Facebook fan page… heres my facebook link..

    I hope I can see results for the next days..

    Thank you

  26. Just an inquiry I haven’t got any followers from your site whats happening history shows I had 1269 followers got on your site but I haven’t seen followers came on this site…no increase and one thing more when I click likes and surf website does not added to my credits..

    Hope you can fix this error…Thank you..

  27. Hi, this site is a great idea and I am glad that I found.
    I have problem for you guys:beside the page like I need another one like within the page, how do I send the link?

    thank you and good luck

  28. Sanjay Poopta

    Same problem here. No FB likes in 3 days. Plenty of points, set @ 10. What’s up? Has Facebook locked this place out too?

  29. hi have couple ideas ,for youtube couple we get like subcribers,likes.and for facebook if we could get facebook like to websites and photos that would be great

  30. sir,
    i am viewing website an error is coming
    press ok if you are leaving a website or press cancell and its taking to users site without points being credited to my account

    please fix it sir

    • Please report the “name” or “url” of the site so that we may remove it. This is actually a code that some people place on their site that is conflicting with our site.

  31. Sanjay Poopta

    I got 5 Facebook likes in a week. Plenty of points set @ 10. Is that what we can expect? 5 likes per week?

  32. You say we can buy 5,000 Point package for the low price of only $35. But when I hit Buy Points Tab I saw it was at $50 for 5000 points. Am I missing anything?

    BTW I love your youlikehits site. Great job

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