Google +1 (plus one) Removal

Google is removing +1’s
You know that trendy little +1 button that everyone’s going crazy over?  YouLikeHits has been dishing out thousands of those +1’s to our users.  We were the very first site of our kind to adopt such a system and starting today users have been noticing their +1’s slowly drop to almost nothing.  It seems that Google is actually removing any +1’s that were not given from the original site.  For example if your site is “” and you got a +1 from “” then your +1’s will probably be removed today.

Because of this we will be removing our +1 features on YouLikeHits.  We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused but this is out of our hands.

We have refunded all of the Points spent on the Google +1 section of YouLikeHits.  You can check your History page to see how many Points you got back.

Replacing Google +1 on YouLikeHits
Fortunately we have been developing new features for YouLikeHits and will have a replacement for Google +1.  We’re looking into adding StumbleUpon Followers and possibly even MySpace Friends!


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  1. Bummer! And to think I’m paid cash for those points!! Maybe this social marketing concept is not for me.

    • Patsy, we’re working on a system now that will return most of the Points that were spent on Google +1’s to your account. I hope that helps and I hope you continue your social network marketing with us!

  2. Google webmaster tools has google +1 activity and source details. one can check out the details there.

  3. Sad that youlikehits is removing the Google +1, and even sadder that Google is removing the +1 that we already got 😦
    But, very happy you will be adding stumble upon features! Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the bonus points back. I wonder if hits to your website will put you on the sandbox with google. Can anyone answer this? My website is very new, 2 weeks old.

  5. oh this is so sad.

    Most of us might be thinking people have started to clear thier +1 history.

    Its great that we got out points back.

    Youlikehits YNWA

  6. this is bad news i am so sad to see this too

  7. Myspace Friends!!!

  8. This is so bad, don’t know if it can be like the facebook, +1 on the original site, and confirm in youlikehits???

  9. First, thanks for all that you do. Second, I would like to see a feature for actually digging a link and not one for following on digg. Is that possible?

  10. So if the +1 was from my blog for another site that would be removed? or was youlikehits singled out? Do i have to worry about being blacklisted by google or anything? :-S

    • I believe Google is removing ALL +1’s that did not come from the original site. YouLikeHits is not the only site that’s getting hit either. I do not believe Google is blacklisting anyone for this.

  11. You guys need to include – it’s awesome, it’s like video twitter!

    • We’ll certainly check it out. Thanks.

      • Do you know if our website will get black listed by putting it on the hits exchange?

      • I don’t believe it would be.

      • @dmfsocial I can tell you that your site def will not be blacklisted by using the website hits exchange – if you meant he +1’s that i am not sure about… i seriously doubt it I cant say anything beyond that. I have read many forums and lots of people are seeing this happen (a drop in their +1’s) even people who were not using any sort of exchange – seeing as this is the beginning of the +1 and google is still working out the kinks i dont think anyone has anything to worry about and also the fact that anyone can add a link to +1 i even put a few of my friends websites in the ring to +1 so it wouldnt be fair to punish those who didnt even participate in the +1 exchange

  12. Don’t think to replace G +1 with something else! Adapt to how G is working now to detect and remove +1s. There are many good alternatives like using an iframe from the original site with the +1 button, this may require webmasters to add some code to their sites but that shouldn’t be an issue for us and for you guys to implement.

    • Even if we did find a work around for +1’s, I don’t believe it’d be safe for people to start using it. It’s better to be safe and skip the +1 exchanging.

  13. I think I good workaround to G+ would be to put a link to a google search result something like this on an iframe.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=69f83cf5fcf1a69&biw=1440&bih=802

    then we can +1 the first result/.. that would be more organic like 😉

  14. uh oh lol – with all the +1 points returned the economic inflation has just skyrocketed. lol maybe this will help – “NOW IS THE TIME people – points are high – get your points while the points are still high!”

  15. Thanks for the refunded points. Sad the g+1 are gone but out of your control. appreciate everything the site does.

  16. Yes i guess in all this excitement i forgot to thank you – You have my loyalty (as i feel like youlikehits is the only site who is willing to adapt as fast as social networking does) and my thanks 🙂

  17. Okay, got it. I guess Google is cleaning house. No worries, I can always use more Twitter followers.

  18. hello for +1 i suggest un iframe or like facebook module :
    you open site in new windows
    we clik to +1 on original site and then you get to verify +1

    for facebook why you dont add application pages !!!

    • Unfortunately we can’t do that because there’s no way to verify the click like we do on Facebook. We may be able to add application pages in the future but Facebook has an odd way of allowing us to verify them.

  19. My Site has taken a massive dive in the SERPS following my week of +1 action. I’ve dropped from position 4 page 1 to page 5.. but still hanging in there. Hopwfully this wont be a permanent drop.

    • I don’t believe that’s due to Google +1.

      • Yeah maybe not. I had held that position pretty consistently until then and made no other major changes…. but I can’t attribute it to +1’s for sure…
        To be fair my other site that I was hitting with +1’s hasn’t seen the same smack in rankings.

      • I’ve heard of a few reports of peoples sites dropping after using +1 but it’s very few compared to those that haven’t seen anything. I belive it might just be coincidence or other factors. Personally my sites haven’t experienced any drops. Hopefully it’s just the google dance for you.

  20. I had a feeling Google would catch on to this, just didn’t realize it would be so soon.

  21. YoulikeHits refunded the points and proved their loyalty to the users.

  22. I’d like to see your “W”ebsite option twiked to get hits for, google places pages and use a rotating VPN proxy service. The ”W” wont except links like;_ylt=AvZR9iY9Ja6Owd9NIFbL5vaHNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=Chattanooga%2C+TN

  23. Obviously the Facebook pages aren’t getting liked enough and I think it’s because of speed. Everyone knows time is valuable and they don’t want to spend it liking if liking is slow. Right now I can open, look at and decide to like 4-5 pages per minute if I’m really cranking. Even at 9 points that’s 45 pts in one minute. I can double that in Twitter. There just has to be a faster way of getting FB likes or people won’t spend the time. (18 ppm max on sites and Youtube seems to create a backlog there, too.)

    • The reason for the slow down on the Facebook Likes is that everyone currently has an abundance of Points due to the Google +1 refund. The economy at YouLikeHits moves rather quickly though and this shouldn’t be the case for very long.

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