YouLikeHits Updates!

StumbleUpon has been added!
You can now get StumbleUpon followers though YouLikeHits!  This site is a great way to get your website, facebook pages, twitter profile or anything you’re trying to promote checked out.  People surf websites and random and “stumble upon” your site.  It’s mostly targeted traffic and the more followers you have the better your chances are that your stuff will be stumbled upon! to create an account today!

MySpace is coming to YouLikeHits
Our next addition to YouLikeHits is MySpace friends/follows which should be added to the site sometime tonight or tomorrow!  MySpace has changed a lot over the years but it’s still a great source for businesses and bands to promote themselves.  MySpace is no longer just a place for friends and they’ve even adopted a “follow” system for certain types of profiles.  With that being said MySpace is still very popular around the globe and is sitting in the top 85 most visited sites on the planet and the top 45 most visited sites in the United States [based on Alexa].  If you haven’t been on MySpace in a while now might be the best time to pay an old friend a visit.

I said “I’ve Liked This”!!!
Some users seem to occasionally get an issue where a Facebook Page was telling them that it couldn’t verify the Like.  We’ve added some new features that aren’t noticeable to the user but actually run in the background that will prevent this from happening in the future.  It may still happen but the chances of it happening are a lot lower now.

Facebook Page Views
If you were here for when the Facebook section was simply just giving Views instead of Likes then this update is for you.  If someone Viewed your site during that time they didn’t have to Like the page but were still listed as Liking it in our database.  That means that when the “Likes” came back to YouLikeHits they couldn’t actually Like it again because the system thought they already did.  All of the Views that were registered as Likes in our system have been removed and the users that “Viewed” your pages can now “Like” them.


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  2. i asked hime too so we can be the best on the web

  3. if you have sites you like add tell us here you no you can post there you all too i made it first then the admin made his 2ed

  4. were are a team i am so happy to see the myspace is being add

  5. You guys are more than the best! I just closed my twiends account because I don’t need them when I have you guys.. Keep up the good work!.Thanks…muah!

  6. Thank you for maintaining the Facebook Like system on your page..Hope you will continue to develop the fastest way of liking the page and the fast results of liking our page back..
    I’ve gone through a lot of research and I can say that your site might be the next top page for free facebook likes. I’m sure all twiends subscriber will transfer on your site… Keep up the good work …

    Thank you, More power and more success…

  7. I would like the option for digg a url or tweet a url

  8. the facebook likes don’t seem to work. i am giving away 9 credits for each of my pages but i am getting no likes..

    • They’re working. The Google +1 refund has given everyone an abundance of Points so they’re not liking others due ot the fact that they have so many Points. Our economy moves rather quickly and this shouldn’t last long.

      • It’s pretty difficult right now to understand that it will come back down when I haven’t had a single FB like to my page in almost 24 hours. Not one. There has to be a solution to this hyper inflation. Let us give more points for the next 2 weeks? I don’t know. Allow 1, 2, 3 … 10, 15, 20, 25? I’d gladly give away 15 or 20 or 25 points to get some new likes now. Also, if you do 15, 20 or 25, maybe you take 2 points instead of 1 so the system clears points faster? I’m just saying – I bet almost everyone would love the *option* of giving 15 and the like-r getting 13 pts for awhile…ANYTHING that clears this mess of points. Maybe run that for two weeks and just see what happens?

      • We just recently upgraded the maximum payout to 20 and we’ll see how that changes things.

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