Google Refund Error, It’s all clear now…

A certain user recently reported to me that there was an error in the Google +1 Point Refund.  I looked into the exactly refund code and it turns out they were right.  Everyone was refunded not only the points they spent on the Google +1 system but also the points they earned were given to them again.  This completely ruined the sites economy rendering it almost completely stagnant.  I have run a new query to fix the issue and it has removed the Points that were given by mistake.

We very deeply apologize for this error but we’re very happy that it was caught.  Thank you for using YouLikeHits.


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  1. hey its cool 🙂 at least youre communicating and actively adding features and whatnot – youre the best in town… well… actually this sounds cliche but its true: you are the best in the world!

  2. thanks for lovely site
    awesome feature you have

  3. Thank you for your diligence in this matter! I LOVE YLH, and it appears the sites economy is getting back to normal! Have a great weekend!

  4. No problem man 😛 i’m happy that you fixed what i said. Keep good work up ;).

  5. its bad i love google +1 😦
    i have prob pls help me i cant Adding my Twitter acc
    al alerdy posted this post “Checking out this new site” but u cant active my twitter account

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