New Server is up!

The new server is finally up and running.  It’s blazing fast!  Let us know what you think.

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  1. yes it is faster love the speed

  2. I’m still not getting any likes hmmm how long should it take to get back to normal? like 1 week? 2 weeks? 1 month?

  3. my payout is set to 9 Points (10 points)…. I just got 3 likes in less then one hour though! maybe its working now 🙂

  4. twitter is down, when it would be up?

  5. is there any way to get followers on blogger…

  6. Anyone else having problems getting points for Stumble Upon in the last day or so?

    • I just tested it and it’s still working just fine. What issue are you having?

      • Thanks. May be a limit of how many you can add a day as you go through, follow the person then click on confirm and no points are added and the follow is cancelled. Am logged in and does work occasionally so must be a low limit a day that you can follow.

  7. i know you guys are really working hard to get twitter issue fixed, can you please tell me how long it would take?

  8. I would like to give you guys at a piece of advise. Remove the limit on how how many pages you can like, follow, visit, and how many time you can watch videos. Im going to tell you why. The first thing I think is, if there is a limit, people are going to reach this limit before they reach me and I won’t get any, likes, visits, views, or follows. If this is the case why would I invest money for points? Keep it unlimited that will drive more traffic to the site and you will soon be the best site online to build up a social network. Learn from the mistakes of the other sites. You have a HUGE opportunity here to takeover. Don’t mess it up by adding unnecessary rules or restrictions. I understand there must be a certain order. But if the FREE users can only boost 50 pages on each tab, how will the paying users get the full benefit of your site? Just wanted to put that out there. Respect

    • We only limit YouTube Views and Website Hits at 50 views and 50 visits per day. This is important right now because those take the least amount of effort and proof. The reason for this is to increase the rate of Likes, Followers and other features on the site that take more time and more effort.

      • Oooooooooooh okay I can dig it. Keep doing it big and innovating the way we share our businesses and arts on the net. I think you guys are the only ones who offer Facebook promotion at the moment so eventually the word will get out. Blessings

      • I still agree to take off the limit on Youtube and Website tabs since that is the only functions that cannot use fake profiles. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, Stumbleupon it will encourage users to make a lot of fake profiles.

        That is what happened to many are creating fake profiles in facebook and facebook blocked there api.

      • The problem is exactly that. YouTube and Websites don’t require ANY profiles and are giving the same amount of Points as those that DO require profiles. People are getting less Follows and Likes because everyones just resorting to Views or Hits.

  9. all my fb pages are deleted. should i add them again manually ? or they come again? Thanks

    • We added a limit of 5 facebook pages, 5 youtube videos and 5 websites per account. If your account had more than 5 of any of those then we deleted some.

  10. are all gone. ok i wil add 5 again. i hope i can add them again

  11. Is it possible to make the twitter function a one click to follow and get points? Would make it a lot easier to follow rather then click, follow, close and verify. Not Complaining, I really enjoy the site. Just thought if it was possible would be a benefit I would enjoy 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome site!

  12. we can’t add pages for some reason to the facebook section…

  13. I can t add sites too, always saying: ops
    We couldn’t find the page you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct URL.

  14. still cant add sites 😦

  15. unable to add facebook pages

  16. now is working fine, thanks! 🙂

  17. now it’s saying facebook likes can’t be verified

  18. it’s not verifying likes for me and no one is liking my pages i have even though i’m giving away max points

  19. Same here Facebook likes aren’t working.

  20. thankes for the fixing on the codes and i have windoes 7

  21. Twitter is not working for me at the moment. It does not verify the follow….

    • They’ve changed something that seems to break our Confirmation system every few hours. I’ll fix it and then it’ll break again shortly after. I’m trying to figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t continue breaking.

  22. Facebook not working..I do not know… i had buy points from Paypal..and now…seems wasted…1500points..and still not update…i had given max, 10 points to like page…

    • Facebook is working. You can test it out for yourself. The problem is that people have already Liked your page and no new users are Liking. Instead they’re getting their Points from YouTube Views or Website Hits because they’re easier. We’re working on ways to improve the rate of Likes though.

  23. Well..i had just checked .does facebook change? now in you like hits they asked
    “My Account
    In order to Like others pages you must have an account setup.”

    i had add my profile but it says
    We couldn’t find the account you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct URL.
    If you’re positive this is the correct URL then please make sure that your account is not restricted or private.

    My account is not private not restricted..then why..

    what is going on..i do not understand…….

    anyone please help for this issue..

    • Just enter your Facebook URL into the box and it should work. If not send me an email with the URL you’re entering and I’ll look into it.

  24. Hello,

    this is my facebook profile url


    I tried many times..but it didn’t work…

  25. Thanks… it works… i think you have to mention there one example so people will know how to put profile url…

    Second thing i need to know the new facebook system…

    is it that i had to like all other pages so my page will list on top?

  26. Twitter has a problem..

    I had tweet from youlikehits and after that verify the exact username..but still it doesn’t work…

    Says we couldn’t verify you

  27. I uploaded my own page but its not giving me any option to set pay out at all.

  28. Manage Permissions -> Anyone (13+) –> (SAVE) Also make sure that you’re not restricting Countries. “

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