New Server Upgrade!

We’re moving YouLikeHits to a brand new server.  The bill is going to be much higher each month but the speed and reliability should be worth it.
Thank you to those that have been purchasing Points.  Without you this wouldn’t be possible.

The site should be back online within a few hours time.

The server upgrade is taking longer than expected and is telling people that their accounts don’t exist.  This should be completed soon.


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  1. Nice job!

  2. And btw maybe you can do something new, let’s say like this

    like autosurf but you can like it, and you dont have to close tab, open new tab, just like in that tab..

    also for website, after you get points, there must be “NEXT website” same for facebook etc..

    i think you got it, maybe you can do it?

  3. I assume that your server upgrade is the reason I can’t log in and that the site indicates there is no account associated with my email address. I’ll check back in a few hours… Hope the transition goes well for you.

  4. I’d love to see auto surf too. Don’t know how you would deal with frame breaks and redirects though.

  5. is that why we can’t like fan pages ?

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