YouLikeHits Statistics

This was a triumph.
I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

YouLikeHits is a huge success!
I’d like to share some numbers with you people.  I know you’re interested in seeing just exactly how many Followers, Likes, Views and Visits YouLikeHits has given out.  Here’s the numbers below!

Twitter Followers: 875,181
Facebook Likes: 406,482
Google +1’s (
removed): 244,762
YouTube Views: 269,815
MySpace Friends: 5,846
Digg Followers: 11,570
StumbleUpon Followers: 4,344
Website Hits: 349,867

Amazing numbers.  Lets keep it going!


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  1. First! This site rocks.

  2. yes you got it all better twend nice job we are going to work for you a long time give us free stuff like points when we Referral Link
    100Points per Referral! we get

  3. Nice work :o)

    Any plans to reintroduce Google +1’s ?

  4. Twitter says you aren’t following @xxxxxxx.

    I have some problems…

  5. Also for some from stumbleupon..

  6. Nice work. The issues with likes drying us hasn’t completed disappeared but is gaining traction again.

  7. wow i love the nuimbers thay are cool stuff nice work you all keep add to sites and get members on here


  9. Yes I’ve gotten 5 to 15 likes a day since you guys fixed this issue. Still not the same as few weeks ago but I guess it will catch up again 🙂

  10. Just got your email about your new facebook system “we have made some major improvements to the way our system works and we continue to improve”. What changes were made?? It all seems the same to me

    • We now require each user to enter a Facebook profile before Liking. This allows people to switch accounts and Like you more than once with the same YouLikeHits account but on different Facebook accounts. 😀 More likes than ever!

  11. likes cannot be verified for fan pages….

  12. Im assuming you guys are working out some bugs for this new way of doing Facebook. But %50 of the pages I am liking are not verifying once I click “I’ve Liked This Page” I Unlike Refresh do it again same deal. I didn’t have this problem before this update. If this is how it will be I can guarantee you it will drive Facebook traffic waaaaaaaay down further than it already is. Just wanted to make you aware of the little glitch not sure if everyone is experiencing it or if it’s just me. Respect

    • same with me. also, i’m not getting ANY likes on my fan pages and i am giving away the max points.

      • You and 500 other pages. 😛 When there’s 500 other pages all offering 10 Points it’s rare that you’re going to get any Likes because everyone has to Like all 500 of those OTHER pages just to get to yours eventually.

  13. well yesterday i was getting alot of likes fast.

    • That change is probably because of the new system. Previously newly added pages showed up on top before older pages. Now the older pages show up before newer pages.

  14. you should make them randomly show up.

  15. for the past hour since i added my pages i got 0 likes 😦

  16. do you think it will ever be able to add more than 5 fan pages to your account?

  17. The likes aren’t getting captured correctly. In the past 8 hours or so I got a lot of likes according to your website but my actual count on my fb page hasn’t increased by nearly as much.

    My actual fb page is only getting half the amount of likes you guys say I’m getting. not cool!

    • This is either because the users are unliking you after they Like you or it’s because they’ve already Liked you before through YouLikeHits using the previous Facebook system.

      I assure you that 100% of the Likes are real Likes and there’s no way for them to get around it. They MUST Like your page in order to get their Points. You can try it for yourself to see.

  18. enjoi great site

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