Premium and New Facebook System

Premium is a new feature on YouLikeHits that will help you increase the activity towards your content.  You will be able to purchase Premium time at a rate of 750 Points for 24 hours.  When Premium you can set your Payout to 15 instead of 10 which will put you above anyone who’s not Premium.  If your Premium runs out your content will automatically be reduced to 10 Points Payout.

New Facebook System
We were having some issues when we first released the new system but most of them have been resolved.  You should be getting Likes again!  Keep in mind that Likes will more than likely be slow because there is actually over 500+ Facebook pages that are ALL offering the maximum payout of 10 Points.  This means that people have to Like all 500 before even getting to those pages that offer 9 Points.

The best way to get more Likes on YOUR page is to start Liking everyone elses page.  If you can take their Points from them then your page will start moving up the list and fewer pages will be taking up the top spaces.


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  1. A good idea is to change the facebook profile. Make another one and then you will be able to like all the pages with 10 points again!

  2. Wanted to change from 9 to 10 Points my pages, came error:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/newaddfacebook.php on line 118

  3. it also does not let you add pages

  4. A good tip for admins: create a few facebook profiles and use them to take out of the system a big amount of points. In this way we are going to receive likes and the “economy” of the site will be healthier. You must do something like taking out some points out of the system because it’s going to be blocked soon.

  5. can not add facebook page, and unable to like till i add my page, any solution?

  6. When I click like nothing happens. I’ve already added a facebook account. Maybe the browser? I’m using the latest from Opera. 🙂

  7. The pages i have liked before they are coming again and again. Please remove your new facebook update it sucks.

    • This is because it now detects Likes based on profile instead of YouLikeHits account. We have no proof that you liked those pages before because there was no Facebook account attached previously.

  8. Awesome Idea About the premuin scott

  9. Not getting likes after your new update It was better before.

  10. i am here i liked all facebook how do i get pointes

  11. like i post on the facebook pages and i get points like that are do i have to unlike the page and like agen ?

  12. i think this site create some problem this page this page not loading browser says

    No data received
    Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this webpage later.
    Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

    Please solve it fast every time its say this

  13. Please give me solution for this problem ……. Thanks

  14. i can’t add a page. i get “We don’t support this type of Facebook content. This page can’t be added because the URL listed is not a Facebook Page.” the page is perfectly a Facebook fan page URL….

  15. Twitter is not confirming… lol Don’t we sound like a bunch of whining babies 😀

  16. Oh yeah and the Premium was a GREAT IDEA the New Facebook system is FIRE! Great Job guys keep it up!

  17. Good Work YouLikeHits now its going good.

  18. more traffic is required on the website do something about it and bring more people =)

    • We do our best to bring in new faces. We’ve already got a very active userbase though. Try sending out your referral link to your friends!

  19. The Premium feature is a joke. I’m barely getting new followers through youlikehits.although that my payout is set above the average people. Moreover, the site is down or not available sometimes so precious time is wasted as Premium is only for 24 hours. Only 21 followers during the last 12 hours, are you kidding me? I clearly waste 750 points to use Premium and the results are not good at all. I guess it’s much more useful for facebook and not twitter.

    Extremely disappointed guys!

    • The site hasn’t been down since we added Premium to the site except for the 5 minutes when I restarted the server. Try putting the payout to 15 instead of 12. Others are Premium now too and even at 12 Payout you’re still not at the top.

      • I’ve put the payout at 15 during the last 4 hours of the Premium and I only got 17 followers through YLH. Wasted 750 points! I wonder if I will get more followers as my payout is back to 10 points.

      • I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out the way you expected. Premium can certainly be a gamble. I know that those that use YouLikeHits for Likes are seeing great results with Premium though.

  20. Seems to be working wonderfully for me! I am getting more likes than ever before! You all are amazing!!! Thank you soo much!

  21. Sorry to post OT but I think one thing that would be cool to see would be a more complex history system. Specifically I would like to be able to filter out things I have done for others and only see the progress on my own pages… if that makes sense. Anyway that is a suuper small detail but everything on the site is great!

  22. Twitter has a problem..

    I had tweet from youlikehits and after that verify the exact username..but still it doesn’t work…

    Says we couldn’t verify you

  23. facebook likes cannot be verified

  24. My twitter account still not verify? what is reason?

  25. Hi But Somehow I Cant Add My Facebook Account!! Please Help Everytime i Put my account profile link It Say ” Your account is either private or doesn’t have a shortcut URL set on Facebook. Please set this shortcut URL or remove the privacy.” …My Account Is Not Private I Checked…HELP!

    • Log out of your Facebook account and then attempt to view your profile without being logged in. You’ll see that it says “Romano only shares some profile information with everyone”. That’s considered Private. You need to make sure that you share all information to turn off the Privacy.

  26. I Did…Everything Is Clicked On “Everyone” …I Dont Know Whats Wrong Damn

    • Me neither. It’s still private. 😦

    • after you go to privacy settings, go to “Connecting on Facebook
      Control basic information your friends will use to find you on Facebook. View Settings”

      then click on “view settings” and select everyone on “See your likes, activities and other connections”

      it’s on a different section of facebook than just the privacy settings… understand?

  27. YouLikeHits Can you please turn premium to 600 points 750 are way too high 😦

  28. I’m loving the Premium! how long will it be there for???? 1week??? 2 weeks?

  29. Still Cant Add My Facebook Account I Basically Tried Everything…Please Admin Find An Alternative Way For Me Please

    • Go here “” in any browser while you’re not logged in. You’ll see that it wont show your full profile because it’s still private. Make sure that you go to the Privacy Settings and then “Connecting on Facebook” and change it to Everyone.

  30. Hey I GIVE UP! …everything is on “Everyone” etc, damn it

  31. Hey I GIVE UP!, everything is clicked on “Everyone” etc, admin find an alternative to link my fb account

    • It’s worked for thousands of others. You must be missing something. Did you go to the “view settings” page under “Connecting on Facebook”?

  32. If you add country select option i think its much beater for select country likes.Please think this option.

  33. Yes I Did Admin, Everything Is On “Everyone”, so0 can u find me an alternative way please

  34. Premium worked perfectly for me – twitter is working great Facebook is working great for me. Premium worked like a dream btw – i got well over 200 Facebook likes and a ton of twitter followers as well (around 90 I think but I didn’t watch it as closely). Just thought I would report that I love the new system

  35. Good work… everything seems to be running brilliantly. 🙂

    However, can you possibly do something about the top 4 or 5 websites entitled ‘Vanity Box’. It might just be my browser, but I get thrown off the page immediately and therefore gain no points, but the user presumably gains a hit each time.

  36. hello! I have noticed people cheating on the FB with same person collecting points with mutiple facebook accounts. Guess it’s easy, since you can remove the FB account here and add another. I think this should not be alowed as it allows scamming!
    I feel like I am cheated out of my points that I paid for.

  37. perhaps that’s where the difference in perspective applies. I consider this advertising and I hope people who see my pages like it and stay on the page if the content is to their taste an interest. I would like to get my page across to as many people as possible. It’s art and community (charity) related. So consider this; if one person is hogging my seeds. liking- to get the seed and liking from 5 other accounts tthat defeats the purpose- no? Also if that same person after a few days clears all his/her like activities by unliking to make room for more seed hogging- my like rate drops — whose loss is it? mine! your customer! who is actually paying for these seeds- as a result, who would be discouraged to buy more seeds. Therefore ultimately your loss. This is my feedback. Think about it.

    • I’m not sure you’re using the correct type of site if that’s your goal. Unfortunately every single person that is Liking and visiting your page on YouLikeHits are only doing it so that they can promote their own content and get more Likes/Followers/Views/Hits. More often than not they’re not interested in actually checking out these pages or profiles and instead are simply trying to get their own content socially boosted.

  38. Just a feedback with the hope that the system can be improved! 🙂

  39. After liking some pages, it shows, “We couldn’t verify the Like. Unlike this Facebook Page and then refresh this page to try again later.”


    • They sometimes happens because the # of Likes the Facebook page has doesn’t sync up with our server. This happens if someone unlikes that page between the time you first open the window and officially confirm the Like.

  40. help Your account is either private or doesn’t have a shortcut URL set on Facebook. Please set this shortcut URL or remove the privacy.

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