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A lot of people seem to be confused with how the referral system works.  Basically all you have to do to get your 50 Points is to give a friend your referral link to sign up.  You will get a notification in your History page that says that you got a referral and the referral will display “Pending”.  If the person you referred becomes active on YouLikeHits and actually starts using the site you will then get your 50 Points and the History page will show “Approved”.


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  1. If, as you say, a lot of people are confused by the referrals system then i don’t think this explanation is sufficiently helpful.

    “All you have to do is give a friend your referral link…” ok. but confused people probably don’t know what this is or where to find it or how to do it. directions for cutting & pasting the link in the top-right corner of your ‘home’ screen in yellow into an email and sending it to the friend, and that the friend should click on it and sign up helps more.

    I did it a while ago, but as yet have no conformation or anything ‘pending’ in my history nor free 50 points, though my friend is now using it. how long is it before any of this happens?

    • I believe my explanation is sufficient. Your friend obviously didn’t use your referral link correctly otherwise you would’ve received a message in your history saying “[Friend Name] signed up using your referral link. Pending” Thousands of other users are referring people just fine but a few questions have risen about the “Pending” and “Approved” system which is the reason why this blog was posted.

  2. Could you give me a clue as to what she did wrong? she clicked on the link (the copied yellow link) i sent her which prompted her to sign up, which she did. was there another trick? we must’ve missed an instruction somewhere. ‘A lot of people being confused’ to ‘a few questions’ is progress.

    • Depending on where it was sent it could’ve lost the referral detail linked in the URL. If she doesn’t have a browser that supports cookies that could also be the issue.

  3. He is right.
    Your referral system not working.

    • It’s definitely working. Thousands of referrals are going through without issue each week. They will NOT work if the person you’re referring is on the same network as you though.

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