Google +1 back!

Google +1 is back now!
It’s setup a little bit different than before but should be easy enough for most people to setup.  It will not work with all types of sites but anyone who owns their own site should have no issue adding the required code to get started.


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  1. Hi and thanks for readding +1
    I’m being unable to add the +1s…
    Please check
    It’s just as you ask, but it’s still unverified. please check if there’s anything wrong. Thanks!

  2. Nice article. Actually Google+ is pretty simple to use it. I had used it for my blog.

    I give you one Hit button on your G+ 😉 please give me too 😉 LOL


  3. It’s not worked wth WordPress…. 😦

  4. Nice… i love “+1” system.

  5. how can i get Google +1 service on blog…????
    help me i am trying to verified with blogger but it doesn’t verified help me out… 😦

  6. Oops
    We couldn’t verify the +1 site. Make sure you read the directions carefully and correctly entered the code and at the correct URL.
    We didn’t find the correct code at

    The code was copied and pasted…

  7. Just one question. Do I also need the Google +1 button/script in a separate file like you explained when I have the Google +1 button on my website already?

  8. same like tenis player

    We couldn’t verify the +1 site. Make sure you read the directions carefully and correctly entered the code and at the correct URL.
    We didn’t find the correct code at

    but file exist

  9. Sorry I don’t know if my comment went through. Just a quick question.
    What happens if we already have a +1 button on our website?
    Is that a problem and second question – do we still need the plusonexxxx.html file?
    I guess we do so that you can verify and count the +1 right.

  10. Not being able to view youtube videos…. Please check in!

  11. Hi,
    I’ve read the instructions very carefully but this link that is given to add the code doesn’t exist.

    Would really love to get the +1’s.


    • When I went to the site to make sure code the was correct it gave me an error saying that it’s currently under maintenance. Try approving the site again once the maintenance is over.

  12. Will do.

    Thank you!!!

  13. Ok, the site has completed its maintenance.
    I entered the given link so that I could add the code but still it says it doesn’t exist.

    I hope there’s a way to do this.

    Thank you!

  14. I understand now.

    Thank you

  15. I followed as you said to get verified. One get verified but the other one doesn’t.

    Please check:

    Thanks in advance!

  16. thanks man
    but how to verify with blogger like

  17. Both Twitter and YouTube are acting up not sure if you know

  18. My site isn’t able to be verified but going straight to the html file the buttons show up fine.

    • Yes, the button shows up fine but the coding is not the same. Go to the link you posted, right click and go to “View Source”. You’ll see that the coding has been modified.

  19. Please discard my posts. What I removed and added again and verified. Everything works good! Thanks for providing this wonderful service. I appreciate it.

  20. Create a file an HTML file at your website at this URL:
    I don’t know what to do

  21. Create a file an HTML file at your website at this URL:
    I don’t know what to do.
    Is it not worked with blogger?

  22. Please fix facebook likes its very slow now.

  23. I can’t get the Google +1 to verify and I have it setup.

    • You added extra code to the page. The code must look exactly like it does on YouLikeHits.

      The code you need to remove is “”.

    • Just removed and getting same results….

      • Not sure why you changed the coding but there’s also a “

        ” and a “

        ” in there that needs to be removed. The code must look EXACTLY like it does on the Verifying page. Please do not modify the code at all.

  24. When I’m adding my site to google plus feature I’m getting this error please help

    The URL you entered is not correctly formatted. Please include “http://”.

    • I have the code EXACTLY and still not verifying:

      body { background-color:transparent }

      function callthis(plusone) { if (plusone.state == “on”)
      { alert(‘You have successfully +1d this site!’);
      window.location=””+plusone.href; }
      if (plusone.state == “off”)
      { alert(‘”Oops… You already +1d this site.”‘);
      window.location=””+plusone.href; } }

    • What is the URL you’re entering?

  25. Admin can you please make your google plus feature like its in this website

  26. Or make it like your facebook feature that page opens in a new tab, But please change this one.

    • We can’t make it like the Facebook feature because every website is different and would place the +1 button in different positions. Our users would have to go looking for the +1 button on these sites and it wouldn’t work out.

  27. Hi there YKH,

    I have set up everything as it is written in the instructions but I still get this msg:

    We didn’t find the correct code at Your code is 1520 characters in length and it should be 632 characters in length.

    Please advice !




    • There is some sort of “CloudFlare” code added on the end of the code. Make sure you remove this coding. [Looks like it might be a plugin that needs to be disabled.]

  28. For people having issues getting it to verify, know that there’s tons of things that will modify the code html once it’s on the server, even after you’ve uploaded it correctly. The likely culprits are plugins (especially javascript, html minifiers) and content delivery networks (in my case Cloudflare, which refuses to stop modifying it even in development mode).

  29. I have a blog on Blogger. I have read it in above comments that it is not possible. But i had a idea that if I put the file on a .tk domain and then redirected it to my Blogs Url (Using URL Forwarding ) ,can then i be able to get +1’s on my blog

  30. hi l pasted the code in the arbitary html text in wordpress but it still can not verify the code

  31. l dont know whether l did it well but this is the link l pasted the code in C:\Users\isaaca2\Downloads\plusone.html

  32. is there any way you can help. there should be a way out

  33. g+ is decreasing to 30 from 40

    • This is probably due to people removing their +1’s or having ALL of their +1’s removed by Google. It’s starting to look like if someone +1’s too many sites in a row they will get them removed. I may have to include some sort of daily limit like only allowing someone to give out 50 +1’s per day. I’ve got 400 clicks and 367 +1’s. A very low number of +1 loss.

  34. Yep all +1’s starting to disappear :o(

  35. * 😦

  36. Oops
    We couldn’t verify the +1 site. Make sure you read the directions carefully and correctly entered the code and at the correct URL.
    We didn’t find the correct code at Make sure you entered the code exactly.
    Help me pls

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