Google +1 Issues

Some users are reporting that a significant amount of their +1’s gained from YouLikeHits are disappearing.  We’re monitoring the issues and we’re working on some fixes to make sure that it doesn’t continue.  We’ll be changing the way we handle +1’s to help make them less mass +1’d and appear more legit.  We’re going to use an external window instead of an inline frame for +1’s and we’re going to require users to wait a certain amount of seconds between each +1.


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  1. Not getting points for +1

  2. Sounds good. Yeah I dont see any of my +1 on google.

  3. yeah he is right.

    Not getting points…

    please check once again.. it shows on new window that you got points but you are not getting points.

  4. let me check once again

  5. it is still not working…

  6. also why you had to change a lot things everyday.. can’t we have one stable versions wid your rules and restrictions

  7. The points are going through – but for me i had to refresh the page approx. 10 seconds after the like to see it – unlike other YLH things that update it automatically in front of your eyes.

  8. they removed google +

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