Removal of Google +1

Well that didn’t last long.  I guess nobody can really outsmart Google.  They are the God of the internet.
We’ve removed Google +1 features because many users were noticing their +1’s getting removed again.  We did our best to create a system where that wouldn’t happen but Google figured out a way to prevent this system too.

We have refunded all the Points that you spent on +1’s minus the number of Points you received from +1’ing others pages.

If you purchased Points via PayPal or Google Checkout exclusively for our Google +1 feature please feel free to email us at for a refund.

Thanks so much for bearing with us and experimenting.  We’ve got a great community and we wouldn’t be able to offer our services if it weren’t for the such great community support.


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  1. Well that’s really terrible, maybe it was too early for such a system, it is understandable what google guys are doing, they’re trying to build a respective image for their +1 system.

    But in the end, maybe it is better to have one bullet-proof rating system, I hope they make sure to stay it that way. 🙂

  2. Oh, and thank you guys for providing this short pleasure, at least there were a few +1’s that didn’t get removed I hope they stay that way 🙂

  3. I don’t see a refund on my account just yet, but Im assuming it will take a few hrs?

    Thanks. Sorry that it didn’t work out.

    • If you didn’t receive a notification in your History page that says you got a refund then the # of Points you GAINED from +1’ing other pages was higher than the number of Points you SPENT on getting +1’s. This means you didn’t get a refund. 😦

  4. Guys, I lost 25% of all those clicks. But 75% success rate against google is amazing! You should definitely get back that service! When we can expect to get it back?

    Actually I would LOVE to use it even with 50% success rate. Just warn users that they can get not all clicks and thats all. Please get it back. Waiting for response 🙂

    • If it does come back it will have to be at least 90% accurate. =P We’re looking into what our choices are.

    • Well yeah, I had like 50-60% success rate, but I also think it is pretty much worth it!

      Maybe you should put up like a notice for people to not overdo it, and somehow rarefy their +1 clicking. At first I setup my sites with 10 points and about 70% of my +1 were gone the other day. Then I chose 2 or 3 points for my websites (I’m no tight-assed 🙂 ) And now almost all of the +1’s stayed 🙂 Also I tried putting inner pages of my websites instead of my root domain, because that is more natural I think. Maybe if people follow these tips, and try not to be greedy, we can have a better success rate and all be happy 🙂

  5. I have seen another website who are going to give google +1.
    But i am still unconfirm how it’s going.It’s exactly a same website like youlikehits,twiends but there google +1 feature is working.Can you like hits somehow solved this problem.

    • We’re looking into other possibilities.

      • but try to add like box for every page so people can easily like any page.
        Because youlikehits use a time waste like system.
        I think using likebox is a better solution for facebook like.
        I hope youlikehits take some immediate step to solve this.

      • We can’t use the Like box because Facebook has blocked our referral.

    • or not only that if youlikehits can add like box for every facebook page then people can easily like all page and not only that it can be a super fast to complete all like.
      I hope youlikehits add likebox for liking a facebook page.

  6. It would be cool to add alexa rank to websites tab somehow (basically just making people have the alexa plugin while surfing websites)

    @roshidiu – There is a fine line between making it easy to get points and making the likes/followers (or whatever) and protecting users by making the likes/followers look legit.

  7. As some +1’s do seem to have stuck, although not many, I’m happy with even 10% success rate as there is no alternative !

    Well organic growth of course, but i’m lazy 😉

  8. This site has turned out to be nothing but a hack! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  9. That’s why google is GOOGLE.

  10. I tried the Google+ again after my first ones dissapeared but this time I also ran the Websites view and google + at the same time. I then stopped the google+ and let the Website view run so that the ratio of views and clicks looked natural. I only did this for a few but the google+ likes are still there.

    I think any system you use will need to make the traffic look realistic for the google+’s to stick

    • Yeah, maybe some sort of +1 throttling would’ve worked but I don’t want to keep trying things out and have them disappear. 😦

      • You could always put a caveat on it saying that the +1’s may not stick and no refunds if they don’t and a recommendation to mix the +1’s with views. That way it’s up to the users if they want to take the risk

  11. Same here, i dont got the refund.. my acc is “TheCrazyest”. regards.

  12. has its +1 up, they are using the method of redirecting every user to the website page and then manually finding the button and then +1’ing it .Will this method work?

    Well Google is very vary of mass +1’s becoz they r trying to integrate it into their search algorithm , so they dont want fake sites showing on top of searches

  13. Site does not open.

    “The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address”


  14. Something is wrong with twitter! Haven’t got any followers for more than 11 hours now although I’m using premium. What’s going on? I’m losing precious time!!!

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