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YouLikeHits Economy

New Maximum Point Payout!
You can now set your Payout to 20 instead of 10!  This is a little bit more costly to you but you will get more attention than those that set their Payout lower.

We have decided that the new Maximum Point Payout didn’t have the desired effect.  It ended up just diluting the value of Points and only temporarily boosted Like activity.

Not getting many Likes?
Quite a few people have asked me why they’re not getting as many Facebook likes since the Google +1 refund was given.  The reason for this is because everyone got a pretty hefty amount of Points back from the refund and most put them right into their Facebook Page.  Tons of pages now have their Payout’s set to 9 or 10 and fewer people are Liking because of their new abundant amount of Points.  Luckily the YouLikeHits economy moves rather quickly and this problem should fix itself naturally and users will go right back to getting their normal amount of Likes.  With the new Payout change it should move even quicker.

New Restrictions
We took another step to help fix the above issue by limiting the number of facebook pages, youtube videos and websites someone can post on their account to 5 at a time.  Previously there was no limit and many users were abusing this with over 20+ facebook pages listed which took up almost an entire page for their own benefit.  With a 5 page/video/website limit there is no room for everyone elses content too.  We’re continuing to make improvements to the overall experience of YouLikeHits!

YouLikeHits Updates!

StumbleUpon has been added!
You can now get StumbleUpon followers though YouLikeHits!  This site is a great way to get your website, facebook pages, twitter profile or anything you’re trying to promote checked out.  People surf websites and random and “stumble upon” your site.  It’s mostly targeted traffic and the more followers you have the better your chances are that your stuff will be stumbled upon! to create an account today!

MySpace is coming to YouLikeHits
Our next addition to YouLikeHits is MySpace friends/follows which should be added to the site sometime tonight or tomorrow!  MySpace has changed a lot over the years but it’s still a great source for businesses and bands to promote themselves.  MySpace is no longer just a place for friends and they’ve even adopted a “follow” system for certain types of profiles.  With that being said MySpace is still very popular around the globe and is sitting in the top 85 most visited sites on the planet and the top 45 most visited sites in the United States [based on Alexa].  If you haven’t been on MySpace in a while now might be the best time to pay an old friend a visit.

I said “I’ve Liked This”!!!
Some users seem to occasionally get an issue where a Facebook Page was telling them that it couldn’t verify the Like.  We’ve added some new features that aren’t noticeable to the user but actually run in the background that will prevent this from happening in the future.  It may still happen but the chances of it happening are a lot lower now.

Facebook Page Views
If you were here for when the Facebook section was simply just giving Views instead of Likes then this update is for you.  If someone Viewed your site during that time they didn’t have to Like the page but were still listed as Liking it in our database.  That means that when the “Likes” came back to YouLikeHits they couldn’t actually Like it again because the system thought they already did.  All of the Views that were registered as Likes in our system have been removed and the users that “Viewed” your pages can now “Like” them.

Google +1 (plus one) Removal

Google is removing +1’s
You know that trendy little +1 button that everyone’s going crazy over?  YouLikeHits has been dishing out thousands of those +1’s to our users.  We were the very first site of our kind to adopt such a system and starting today users have been noticing their +1’s slowly drop to almost nothing.  It seems that Google is actually removing any +1’s that were not given from the original site.  For example if your site is “” and you got a +1 from “” then your +1’s will probably be removed today.

Because of this we will be removing our +1 features on YouLikeHits.  We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused but this is out of our hands.

We have refunded all of the Points spent on the Google +1 section of YouLikeHits.  You can check your History page to see how many Points you got back.

Replacing Google +1 on YouLikeHits
Fortunately we have been developing new features for YouLikeHits and will have a replacement for Google +1.  We’re looking into adding StumbleUpon Followers and possibly even MySpace Friends!

YouLikeHits Blog

The YouLikeHits Blog is here! 
I now have a way to communicate with my users on what’s going on with the site!
Make sure to bookmark this blog because in the event that YouLikeHits is having issues this blog should still be up because it’s on a separate server.

The State of Google +1’s
I’m a huge Google fan.  I absolutely love the +1 system and YouLikeHits has already offered out over 120,000 +1’s as of the time of this blog posting.  The problem here is that Google +1’s affect search rankings.  I’m not sure that Google will like false +1’s or +1 exchanges.  I will be removing our +1 system within the next few days to prevent any issues with Google.

The State of Facebook Likes
As you know Facebook doesn’t like us giving incentives for Likes.  However, without incentives then there’s no real reason to keep Facebook support on YouLikeHits.  I’ve readded the Like incentive.  Which means for now you can get Likes again instead of just Views.  If Facebook wants me to remove it this time I will probably also remove the entire Facebook feature as the “Views” system was just creating a massive amount of Point trading instead of anything actually productive.

Google +1 Replacement
With Google +1 gone we’ll have Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube and Websites.  Here at YouLikeHits I love to have variety.  It’s an interesting thing to see how social networks can come together through our system.  With that being said i’m looking into adding brand new sites to the mix and a couple of them are looking promising!  Keep an eye out for new little icons in Your Settings section. 😉

New Points Package!
People have been asking me quite a lot to add more packages with more Points.  Those of you that have asked have had your wishes granted.  There’s now a 5,000 Point package for the low price of only $35.  That’s only 0.7 cents per Point.

Reporting Framebreakers and Protected Twitter Profiles
We’re working on a new [Report] system that will allow you to report framebreakers, bad sites, adult sites and twitter profiles that are set to private/protected mode.  These sites and profiles disrupt the flow of the site and are not welcome here.  Those sites and profiles will be permanently banned if found and reported.  Fair warning!

1st Blog Secret Code
We now have a Secret Code system which will give you Points for a successfully redeemed code.  You can find these codes anywhere on the internet so keep your eye out on Blogs, Forums or the Social Networks!
Go to and enter the code: 1stblog
There you go!

Thanks for reading and I will be posting more updates in the future!  Thanks for using YouLikeHits!