“Buy Points” page update!

We have increased the prices of the Points Packages available.  The reason for the price increase is because we now offer Premium time with each package.  This is a huge value considering each Premium day normally costs 500 Points!  Even with the price raise we’re still much cheaper than our biggest competitors!

Thanks to everyone who has purchased Points in the past or is planning on purchasing Points in the future.  You guys rule.


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  1. Hey! The twitter feature was down for 12 hours when I was Premium. That’s not fair at all!!!

  2. Hello I m facing problems in DIGG followers…

    From last 24 hrs.. i hardly got 46 followers.. and this is first i add my digg account… why happen this..

    My premium time is remain for 2 hrs.

  3. ok.. can’t you do marketing of youlikehits to other sites like Myspace , Stumbleupon, Diggg.

    currently results of facebook is great.. but we hope we could get same results for Digg also.


  4. Site is Down!

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