Third times the charm?

We’re going to give Google +1 another shot.  This time with a different approach.

We’re pretty confident that this one will work a lot better however we will not be refunding Points this time around.  We’ve added a big red warning label stating that any Points spent will not be refunded in the event that +1’s start getting removed again by Google in the future.

If you’re a risk taker than feel free to invest Points in the new system which should be up very soon.

Update:  It’s up!  Try it out if you dare. 😉


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  1. I’ve added the code just as before, but this time around the system is unable to verify. Has something changed?

  2. I used the new code, but it still not verifying

  3. hi wen put this code my google +1 botton not work for my blog
    and if remove last line for your code

    it worked but not verified
    any help :

  4. I can’t verify either. Not sure if I’m doing it in the right order. What code do you mean? Thanks, Rob

    • There’s a code on the “verify” page that you must use on your site.

      • Ok, I’m just clicking on the buttons to get points. When I follow the correct procedure, points are not being added to my account after clicking on the +1 button on the site in the popup window. Have tried several and no joy. Thanks.

      • You must not be following the correct procedure then. 😛 Go to the Google +1 page, Click on a site, Click +1, then click the REAL Google +1 button in the new popup window if you’re successful you will see a new popup that says “You got +[x] Points for +1’ing this site!”. If you don’t see that popup then you’re doing something wrong or clicking the wrong +1 button [some sites have multiple].

  5. Hi

    1st of all – i love your website!!

    it helps to rank my project so well 🙂

    but, please add under as there are published websites that haven’t got +1 buttons published or they are hidden on their websites, for example

    otherwise – you are doing a great job and i hope that you make enough $ from this project 🙂

    • If the +1 button isn’t on the page then these people are cheating and will have their accounts disabled. If you spot any hidden +1 buttons just let me know. On this site the +1 button is at the very top.

  6. I click on +1… Then I come back to YLH tab and click next…… No gain in points!!
    Is it working for you or what, missing points from +1 😉

  7. Hi,

    I’m trying to change the size of the button but keep getting unverified, can you maybe add the attribute size=” ”


  8. i known this but if put your code in my blog google +1 botton stoped and not worked, i cant show google +1 counter

  9. no bad thanks pro 🙂

  10. but i dont known why to force url verified

  11. OK, thanks. I was trying to be clever and have popups blocked on Firefox but allow YouLikeHits as an exception but it didn’t work. Now working.

  12. Hi there,

    I copied the code into a div (to place the button where I want it to) without modifying it and YLH cannot verify it. The code is there and the button is there, but I does not verify the website.

    What could be the reason for that?

  13. Ok I figured it out. It had to do with the plugin wp-minify that minifies javascript. So for all of you who have problems and this plugin. Just deactivate and verify then. After the verification is complete you can go back and activate the plugin again.

  14. I’ve got a good feeling that these +1’s are going to stick. With the previous +1 system they didn’t show in my Google Analytics, but now they do. 😀

  15. cant verify the site. try several time. something wrong it does not work. DOES NOT VERIFY!
    Please Fix it

  16. I think the thing i like about you guys, that you never give up lol

  17. Are they for real?

    Usengec –
    Nasil Yapilir? –

    After adding +1 – the srcipt don’t run and get this report = “We couldn’t find the site you’re trying to +1.” …

    if we just giving them ‘free +1 and more site visits’ while we got nothin, it’s un fair….

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