10% OFF Points!

How does 10% off sound on a YouLikeHits Points package?
Here’s how to do it.  You will get 10% off if you purchase Points on YouLikeHits through Google Checkout using the coupon code “porcelainsky”.  This will only work on Google Checkout.

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  1. I’m sorry but didnt find a section from solving issues.
    I’m trying to add my “twitter” account but it keeps on saying ” already connected to another account”. I dont know whats happening.
    Its true that it was linked to one of the other account but I’ sure that I’d removed from there.
    I dont have access to that ID now.
    The twitter account I’m trying to add is “chiliwire”.
    YLH ID : axcer45
    Please help!

    • Your twitter can’t be removed entirely from any account. It can only be removed to make room for another account and can’t be switched between two youlikehits accounts.

  2. There is a problem ”Ive liked this page!” Button is not working please fix it.

  3. I’ve got an issue my points are disappearing without them being used, my history doesn’t show them being spent and I haven’t gained any likers etc. I wouldn’t buy any while this is happening.

  4. Also, I keep losing points as well as the “I’ve liked this Page” button not working.

  5. Hi! What happen to my points, once i get credits instead of adding it was subtracting my points, i can’t believe it because i did not see more likes on my page equivalent to the points i currently have, just this morning i had 900 points but i notice instead i get added points it subtracting ..please need to know about this..

    Hope you can answer me and fix it… thank you..

    • Hey Anne, you should’ve received the Likes even without receiving the notification of receiving a Like in the history. The system was failing to record a history of any Likes but was still giving real likes out.

  6. purchased the 1,250 Points + 5 Days of Premium 3 hr ago still none in my account how long does it take?

    • Thanks for purchasing Points. You can find this information on the Buy Points page, “Your Points are not added automatically and will be added within 24 hours of purchase.”.

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