Facebook Issues Fixed

I’ve received well over 50 emails [not counting comments on this blog] about the Facebook issues people were having earlier today.  Rest assured that this was a minor database issue!  We’ve fixed the problem and from what we see the only issue was that it was not recording the History of Likes.  Basically, when someone Liked you they got their Points, you got your Points taken away and they had to actually Like your page but the History never recorded on your history or theirs.

Everything should be back to normal now.  Let us know if you have any other issues.

Any Points spent on Facebook Likes within the past 12 hours [minus the number of Points earned from Liking] was refunded to everyone’s account!  If you didn’t receive a message in your History about the Facebook refund then you received more Points from Liking others in the past 12 hours than you had spent on Likes.


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  1. I have 728 Point in myaccount and also I have a premium time.
    Please add my premium time and also my point has gone .
    Please add premium time and my point in my account…My id is roshid2

  2. How about, who lost the points? I bought my first premium today and someone liked my page more than 15 times!!! All my 15 points were lost- for no likes! Please do something to get our points back us! Please!


  4. Hi,

    Anyone know of a website where I can get Facebook like’s for my website ( not a Facebook page ). Maybe youlikehits can start a service like that 😀 ?

  5. tnx for the point

  6. Hello,

    there are many porn sites are in Website views , Youtube videos , facebook page..

    Please remove them

  7. Hi there I keep on getting this Error from facebook “The website directing you here was not a Facebook page. If you entered your Facebook login information on the previous site, you will need to change your password.”

    How to solve it? Thanks in advance

  8. Today I bought Premium time 6 hours and it”s gone why? Please do something!!

    this is my page name “Printelo”

    • We recently changed how the Premium time was calculated and some users lost some time in the exchange. I’ve added 24 hours to your account. Thanks. 😀

  9. I am trying to add my facebook page


    It says it is already added…

    Can you help me regarding this issue?

  10. Facebook is not working again….Its giving points, but its not auto-advancing to the next page anymore.

    It displays “The page you are trying to like no longer exists”

    Then you have to RE-CLICK facebook…and start over.

    • Hmm, seems to be working just fine on my end. Not having any issues at all.

    • Facebook works as I am still getting points for liking a page, however John is correct about “The page you are trying to like no longer exists” message. It won’t allow you to advance to the next page and you have to re-click the Facebook tab after every page like in order to continue. Just a heads up.

  11. I see way to many can not verfiy likes, its like 2 out of 10 now.

  12. I noticed that getting likes is a lot slower today than yesterday for Facebook. I went to the Facebook pages and all the pages are in the same order even after you refresh the page. A few days ago they were all random arranged… Can you make them like it was yesterday again please?

    • Hey Alan, we did change the order in which pages show up. Previously it was random but it was causing the site to become slow and sometimes crash because of how often the table had to be randomized. [the database takes longer to generate randomized results].

  13. I think there is a problem with your fb likes again, some are credited while some are not.

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