Google +1’s removed

Google figured it out again.  +1’s seem to be dwindling away from many sites.  At least it lasted for a little while.  We will not be adding Google +1’s back again in the future.

Thanks to everyone who tested this feature out.

Now lets see if we can possibly get Tumblr support added.


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  1. I am trying to add my facebook page

    It says it is already added…

    Can you help me regarding this issue?

  2. I really do appreciate the many efforts put forth on your guys part in trying to make plus ones stick. It was good while it lasted. Google is just a beast! Can’t wait to see what potentially comes next with Tumblr though. Keep em comin!

  3. why do not just bring the user to the original site?there klick for +1. and not on youlikehits site. like you did for facebook some days

  4. I don’t really get it why they don’t stick… Then all the google +1 buying services must be the same?

  5. how about making it your site as anonymous referrer? i mean do you think when the people go to the site to click +1 form youlikehits… then google suspects that its some kind of auto script or service is done by doing manually. so they are removing any site is getting hit by youlikehits…. is the youlikehits being referrer or its anonymous, or set it to somehow fake referrer from their search engine google it self?? if that can be possible. just a thought

  6. Weird mine stuck fine

  7. Facebook likes are not verifying!

  8. Hello,

    Can you please give me solution for my fan page…

    I am trying to add my facebook page

    It says it is already added…

    Can you help me regarding this issue?

  9. I agree with the comment about “anonymous referrer” but not with Google. What about websites? I just checked one of my sites and glaring right at me was YouLikeHits. Maybe since I am new here I thought it would show the users IP & browser since they clicked on it.

    I know I have mentioned it before but what about a forum to discus issues like this and prevent SEs from crawling so that we can discuss issues like this freely. I’ll even Mod it for FREE.

  10. Shit, I think that my site has been banned from +1. I’ve +1’d my site with my other +1 account and the +1 count went up then I refreshed the page and it went down again. Any have some problem?

  11. I accidentally clicked twice on become premium please can you put 500 points back!! My page name is printelo.

  12. sites been down a lot recently, whats going on?

  13. Hello,
    I cant believe i have not comment hear before…. i was a former fan of twiends until.. FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE completely destroyed them……. Totally love your site man.
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