“Someone already added this page…”

A lot of users seem to be having trouble adding their pages to YouLikeHits because a “reseller” has already added it to their account.  We’ve opened it up so that you may add your page to your account now regardless of whether or not someone else has added it.  Keep in mind though that if someone already added it to their account and it’s still active that you may not get many likes because once someone Likes your page it will not show up again for them to Like it.

Only add Pages that you own and only add Pages to ONE account that you own.  If you add the same page to multiple accounts that you own on YouLikeHits we will ban that page from the site.  Play nice!


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  1. Thanks for this!

  2. Thank you very much for this. This was a very frustrating limitation.

    However, I can’t get this to work… I removed one of the pages from one Youlikehits account and added it to another, where I have premium in order to increase the payout. However, that page is not getting any likes anymore with payout set to 15 points. Is this not allowed?

    • What is the page you added’s name? I’ll look into it.

      • Thanks for a fast reply! 🙂

        I moved the page back to the first account and it was showing (and got) 100 new likes. I guess the only problem was that is was showing likes increase only in the YLH account, it was added to first. The page name is “Celebrity VIP Lounge”.

  3. I think this is a better topic to ask if we can go back to randomized pages for the Facebook section.

  4. It doesn’t seem to work. Pages can now be added fine if they’ve been on another account before, but the like count on relating to the fb page added to a secondary youlikehits account always stays at zero. I just got premium time, so was looking forward to this.

  5. Great work guys! I actually emailed you guys about this very thing! I really like what you guys have done since the dark times a few weeks ago 😉

    Your approach to this situation is excellent as you understand the issues we are facing but still making it clear abuse and spamming wont be accepted! Keep up the great work. Hey it might be a little slower process than it once was to follow and like but it works much better as you find yourself stopping and checking out a number of pages rather than just hitting a button like a slot machine in vegas!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I’m really liking the new feel of the Facebook Like system.

    It flows a lot better than before and site seems to be running smoother too.

    Thanks for the changes!

  7. I’m really liking the new Facebook system

    It flows a lot better than before and the site in general seems to be less laggy.

    Thanks for the updates!

  8. Likes have come to a screeching halt.

  9. My payout is maxed out and haven’t gotten any likes to show in the last 24 hours, although we are paying for likes. I think the same people are liking us over and over.

    • Hey Greg, the same people CAN’T like you over and over again. You have your Payout set to 15 and you’re not getting any Likes? What is the page URL?

  10. You like hits can you help me

    i keep getting 5 likes then loosing 5 likes over and over again


    • This might be Facebook caching the Like count. It may appear that you’re losing Likes but they’re really there. You’d be surprised at how many people tell me they have “0 Likes” but then check back later and have a bunch.

  11. my issue is the likes i’m getting are coming in slow. before it was random the order of the fan pages in the fan page section but now it’s all in order from when added to YLH. is there anyway you can make it random again?

  12. You like hits

    No i mean
    my fan page


    it goes from 1,781 to 1,785 back and forth over and over again its been doing this
    for the past 24 hours

  13. You like hits

    Iknow but i had like 1000 points which means the new ppl on this site that were liking my page ( They were from you like hits cause when you went to there wall they liked 44 pages on their feed ” an adding profile”) they were from this site ,my only question is how do i get like new likes and have them keep going away because my visitors keep saying im getting ALOT of likes but they dont show up

  14. ok ill get back to you on it tomorrow
    i have 681 points
    with 1,785 likes so its bound to get to atleast 1,790

    ill get back to you on this

  15. We couldn’t find the page you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct URL.
    If you’re positive this is the correct URL then please make sure that your page is not geographically, demographically or age restricted. On Facebok go to Edit Page -> Manage Permissions -> Anyone (13+) –> (SAVE) Also make sure that you’re not restricting Countries.

    what can I do now? I can’t add my page can you please help me?https://www.facebook.com/RealEcigs

  16. Have I been de-indexed from YLH!!
    I’ve set my payout at 10 but it seems I haven’t received any follower since some long hours.
    My followers list has stuck.

    I can see some people has offered more points than me but I believe I should get atleast 4-5 followers during this time if I’m in the list.

    Is there any way you can check if my twitter a/c is on the list or not.
    twitter : chiliwire


  17. Please tell me if you have server problems. Last 2 days I’ve received many times “The server at http://www.youlikehits.com is taking too long to respond.” message from my browsers. Thank you!

  18. Looks like things have stopped. I have plenty of points but have only received 2 likes in the last 24 hours.

    Any idea what changed with YLH?

  19. I don’t understand. I just tried to add my Facebook profile to another account of mine after switching the payoff of my Fan Page to OFF in another account. But when I wanted to add the Facebook profile to the other account I got this message again: “Someone already added this facebook account to their YouLikeHits account. If you’re the owner… ”

    I thought that we can add FB profiles and pages to more than one YLH account now as long as only one account has set the payout for this FB page. Or am I missing something?

  20. my likes are going back and forth down and up like i said

    there is something wrong

  21. YES i have around 700 points

    and like i said my likes are like this

    4 new likes then like 4 hours later minus 4 likes

    my history says i have a shit load of ppl liking me
    however i keep getting the same number on my page fans

  22. You have to use a different Facebook account.

  23. You mean I have to create a totally new FB account/profile and then add this new profile to my existing FB Fan Page as admin and then I can add this Fan Page for another YLH account?

    Why can you not just let us add a specific FB profile/account to more than one YLH account.
    This way we could add the same profile and the same Fan Pages to different YLH accounts.
    You can limit abuse when you check if the payout option is set in more than one YLH account for the same FB page at the same time.

    This would be a limit I can totally understand, but why should I not be allowed to add my FB profile to more than one YLH account at the same time.

    I just want to have the option to add my FB Page to more than one account, with only one YLH account set for payout at a time of course.

  24. YLH, I had set up 2 accounts. One was simply for Facebook and the other for Twitter and Youtube.

    I deleted the twitter account from the second account and tried to add it to the first account but it kept saying that it was being used elsewhere.

    How can I move the twitter account?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  25. it is very frustrating for me….i am giving 10 points for the users who like my page…..but eventhough no one is liking my page since last week

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