New YouLikeHits Server

Sometime today we’ll be transferring YouLikeHits to a brand new server that should be able to handle the massive amount of traffic we’re getting now.  I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  I will be adding Premium time to those that have had it during this time and didn’t receive the full benefit.


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  1. Thanks for the update and the forthcoming upgrade of the server. Good news.

  2. GREAT news!

  3. when will the site be back up?

  4. We’re waiting for the server to finish transferring.  There’s a lot of files and its talking awhile.

  5. sounds good. any ETA?

  6. It’s now up.  May take time for DNS to update for everyone though.

  7. Ok cool. I still see “YouLikeHits is moving to a new server!
    We’re currently in the process of moving the entire site to a new server. This may take a few hours and we hope to return faster and more stable than ever!” but i’ll keep checking

  8. ok good im sure EVERYONE can agree noone has gotten any likes in the past week because of this mishap , , look foward to testing out the new server

  9. Once more people are seeing the new server I will be restoring a few days of Premium.

  10. oops i didn’t see the site was working again for me 🙂

    do you think now since there is a faster server we can have the fan pages for facebook as random again? maybe everything as random?

  11. That’s a definite possibility.  We’ll see!

  12. Anybody getting hits since the move to the new server?

    Nothing so far for me.

  13. I just bought premium. I think it would be cool if those who have more than 5 pages get to add them if they purchase premium.

  14. yeah that’s cool. i have about 7 pages for my company i promote. i have to promote 5 for a while, then the other 2. would love to pay some money to be able to have all 7 at the same time

  15. Is server update complete?
    Is it like we must get premium to get followers?
    I dont have premium now and havent got any followers… Absolutely nothing!

  16. It can take up to 24 hours for your ISP to update.

  17. I haven’t given the premium time out to those that missed out on their purchased time due to the downtime.

  18. Hi, I can’t login since server upgrade. Says password not right for username. Then when I click on forgotten password and put in email addres it says not recognised email address. Anyone else having the same problem?

  19. ok great notice work fine for me

  20. Try clearing your cache.

  21. Tried deleting cookies and tried on Firefox and chrome. Site not even loading now. Can you let me know if my account chivvy is still active please, thanks. Rob

  22. Why Does It Say The Website Its Down ???

  23. When I try to login, it says “We couldn’t find an account matching the username and password you entered.” Can you please restore my account?

  24. Here is what it say when I try to access YLH: “Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found “. I did clear cache and flush DNS. Why? 😦

    • I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work for you and a few others. There are currently over 340 users logged in at this time… I’ll continue looking into it. Let me know if it starts working.

  25. 1st: YLH – Thanks for the great product! Thanks.

    2nd: I’m having the exact issues as several others. To quote Larry:

    “Here is what it say when I try to access YLH: “Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found “. I did clear cache and flush DNS. Why?”

    I’ve tried it in 6 different browsers.Here’s the message I get from “Chrome” & “FireFox”

    Click ====>

    • Hey David, i’ve looked into the issue and it looks like some internet service providers have not updated their DNS yet. You should be able to get back onto YouLikeHits within 24 hours or less. Keep me updated if you get on!

  26. 1st: YLH – Thanks for the great product! Thanks.

    2nd: I’m having the exact issues as several others. Unable to bring up YLH page. I too cleared cache and flushed the DNS (ipconfig /flushdns).

    I’ve tried it in 6 different browsers, all to no avail. Here’s the message I get from “Chrome” & “FireFox”

    Click ====>

  27. It seems that the history is down?

  28. The new server feels great!

    You can really tell the difference with the Twitter tab, much smoother and a lot quicker than before. Almost no loading time at all between likes.

    Was curious about the Premium Time reimbursement during the down-time, and when it will kick in.

    Many thanks for having one of the best sites around, Keep up the good work guys.

  29. YLH, thanks for all your hard work and providing an amazing service!

  30. I think previous server is better than this! Please Re-Update for fast. This server is not fast. it take 1 Minute for Loading when i like facebook page. Hope this changes acquired soon

  31. YLH, seeing a heavy slowdown for the past 18 hours. I’m on premium, max to 15.

    Any idea why? Thanks again!

    • Not having any issues with our 3 pages all set to 15 payout.

      There are tons of people who are premium now and offering 15 payout though so it could just be the # of competition.

  32. im stuck again with only 2 likes in 16 hours with a 1000 payout

  33. still slower then balls

  34. you are getting reports of slowdown from many ppl again something is up

  35. No, i have a payout of 1000 only generating 2 likes in 16 hours

    other users are reporting the same thing

    just their computers?

    i would def pay for the points if i knew and felt secure my likes wouldnt take 5 days to even get to 24 , I dunno if the server is down or not

    • There’s a difference between a slow site and slow output. We recently gave everyone who had premium within the past 3 days free Premium which has certainly increased the competition for Facebook Likes. This could be the reason for the slow outcome to those who don’t have their payout at 15.

  36. YLH, it is taking longer for the site to load.

    Also, likes have slowed down dramatically with almost none in about 4 hours.

    This is a server side slowdown, not user side.

    Regardless, great job with this.

  37. OK, thanks again for the hard work!

  38. Hi YLH, think this is my new daily check in… Sorry.

    Still running at less than 1/2 of what we were seeing with the old server.

    Premium member, maxed out at 15 for Facebook likes.

    Let me know if there was an interruption in service or facebook made some changes, etc.

    Also, is it possible to alert users not to spam the pages they like, maybe with a little call out on the page? Thanks!

    • I don’t believe it’s the new server that’s causing your issues. There are currently 222 Facebook pages that offer 15 payout. That’s a lot of competition. That means that people have to like through all 222 of those pages before even getting to the pages with a payout of 14.

  39. I guess the new youlikehits server is running slow.,.

  40. running slow for me too

  41. Is the new server closed again???? because im getting this error

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/header.php on line 4
    I cannot connect to the database because: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

  42. I cant access the new YLH server 😦

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