New Premium System

We’re going to be changing the way Premium works very soon.  It’ll no longer allow up to 15 Point Payout but instead will simply just put your content before those that are not Premium.  For example, if you offer 6 Points for your Facebook Page and you’re Premium then your Facebook page will be in front of all the other pages that also offer 6 Points.  We feel this will make for a much better system.  What do you all think?

Update:  The new Premium system is now in place.  You will now see “green” backgrounds to anyone’s content that is a Premium member.


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  1. This is a great idea! 🙂

  2. ETA on implementation?

  3. I don’t think this system will work, for one plain fact.

    People will be able to abuse it by lowering there cost down to 1 point.
    Maybe have it so they must have a min of 5 or 6 to be on the top.

  4. What if you get a ton of premium set to the same amount of points….is it the latest to set up the first in line?

  5. Just a suggestion:
    How about, those people who gets premium will have their points shown as they setup. Like if a user sets up payout 10, then showing it up as 10 (unlike showing it 1 point less i.e 9)

    User already paid 500 points for premium, why to take points again from each like/following 😉

    • The value of Points is already inflated because of cheaters in the past. If we removed the “taking away 1 Point” system then it’d take longer for the inflation to go down.

  6. not get any like after New Premium System 😦

  7. I think this new system will slow down likes you receive and waste more premium time. Cant be sure that your page will display first and get clicked from pp. And pp who want their page get like fast always set 10 points and no worry about losing point too much cos they can like other page and get 10 points back easily, do they dont need to click alot. Personally, I think this is not a good move!

  8. Same here. Bought premium before this change and after. Simply getting nothing.

    YLH, thanks for your work and hope you arrive to a solution that doesn’t over tax your server but yet still achieves the results we were seeing in the past.

  9. The point here is like what he said: buy points as much as you can to get your page clicked. Put much effort in clicking is not enough.It’s time for pp who have money…..

  10. Im using premium and i am not getting any likes with this new system, please change it back

  11. not geting any likes

  12. Let see when people change their payout points lower than 10. Hopefully it wont last forever 😦

  13. Working great for me with 5 pages set at 10 on non premium.

  14. Ok this is strange i have over 2 days of premium and i have over 400 credits yet i have only got 2 likes within the last 2 hours… why is that>?

  15. prefered the old system so much more

  16. Premium as well. Set to 10. Have gotten nothing in the past 24 hours from YLH.

    Added another service, while not nearly as good as YLH was, but is now providing the only likes I have been getting in the past 24 hours.

    Would love to know what to do to get my likes back on pace to what they were.

    Again, been premium for over a week now and really seeing nothing in effect from YLH.

    thanks in advance for your attention to this.

  17. YLH, is there anyway to pause, including pausing premium and then picking up at a later date?

    I looked at the help section and saw nothing. Do I simply delete the FB page I want liked and will that suspend it until I decide to add it back or will the premium just countdown regardless if I have a page associate or not?


  18. The YouTube section is sketchy. For no apparent reason it will not credit the viewer.

    It will say you viewed 120/120 and the say you didn’t watch this for time stated and give no credit, yet the video gets the viewing credit.

    Might want to look into.

  19. Unable to buy premium through points.Any update or bug?

    • It’s a new update. To increase the value of Premium we’ve made it so that it can no longer be purchased with Points. We’re looking into offering it other ways though.

      • So,now how will be the non-premium pages sorted?

      • It’s sorted in order be the last time they were Liked.

      • Huh? These changes are pretty massive. We accrue points to purchase premium and now you change the system altogether?

        It would be appreciated if you could lay down the rules so we know what we need to do or not do. Otherwise it becomes maddening and devalues the service you were intending to provide.

      • I’m not sure that this devalues the service or anything like you say. The Points you’ve been gaining are meant to go towards Likes/Views/Followers etc.

      • We can’t understand who is getting beneficial with all these changes,neither you nor we.
        Certain people may even quit youlikehits as they cant get premium without cash,which in turn reduces the like rate and the rate at which people are buying premium using paypal or google check out.
        The captcha system seemed to be awesome,but i’m feeling like all these updates on premium system are a bit harsh and hurting common users.

      • The Premium changes are for good reason. Previously the Payout was set to up to 15. This made the value of Points much less. 1 Like = 15 Points. Now 1 Like only equals 10 Points. On top of that just to GET Likes they had to drop an extra 500 Points. NOW, the only people with Premium will be those that purchase it which will be few and far between. The common user will all be on the same level instead of being forced to waste Points on Premium. The new Premium system also allows you to show up in front of everyone else for things like Twitter, YouTube and Websites without spending extra Points.

  20. Bottom line for me is that premium or not, YLH has not been sending any likes my way for over 36 hours. And I have been on premium for over a week.

    The change on the fly of the rules of engagement are not helping either, but it doesn’t matter at all if no likes are received.

    As soon as I begin to see likes for what I have outstanding only then will feel the need to participate.

    YLH, thanks for what was a great service and hope you can turn this boat around.

    • I’ve received over 50 Likes in the past 6 hours with only 5 days of Premium. This sounds like something is wrong with your Facebook page.

      • How can there be something wrong on my end? It was working just fine prior to the swing in changes. My account is currently set to premium. It is maxed to 10 points. And nothing coming from YLH.

        Another service, I will not mention out of respect to you, while no where near as robust as YLH was, is sending likes.

        My Facebook page is working just fine.

        If it is working for others, I am happy for them, but I can assure you that I am getting nothing from YLH.

      • It’d be on Facebook’s end not yours. Sometimes a few pages just wont allow users to “verify” the like because of something Facebook has changed/done. I’ve changed the way that our system sorts Facebook pages again. We’ll see if that helps.

  21. Premium is working a treat for me! I’ve been premium for less than a few hours and it’s really working. Considering you have a lot of points and a high payout, it works a treat. Thanks YLH!

  22. YLH, appreciate your efforts, but nothing. I have roughly 5 hours of premium left and lots of points, but am seeing no likes.

    If this changes, will let you know.

  23. Yesterday i buy a Premium for 24 Hour.
    I have 12 Hours left, and no change to set up my payout over 10 Points !

    At Beginn of August i buy a Premium for 24 Hour…and the Website have Problems for two Days !

    Last Week 1 buy a Premium for 24 Hour again…an the Website have Serverproblems for many Days…

    I spend 1.500 Points for nothing ! Thank you…:-(

    • If the server is down for more than a few hours we’ve given refunded Premium time. The time the server was down more than 24 hours we gave 72 hours for free.

  24. Looks like the site might be called ILIKEDHITS soon. You are almost forcing users to become premium if they want any chance of their link being clicked.
    I would be working more on sorting the PHP errors that keep occurring and page timeouts BEFORE changing the functionality of the site.

    • Forcing users to become Premium? We’re doing the exact opposite. Previously users wouldn’t get any Likes without Premium because everyone had their payouts at 15, 14, 13, 12, and 11. NOW, everyone’s on the same level. Also, you can’t buy Premium with Points anymore which will make the number of Premium members much lower making those without premium have more of a chance to get Likes and Followers.

      As for the php errors and page timeouts, please report them if you see them because I haven’t encountered any.

  25. ok…thank you 🙂
    Did you have my Accountinfo ?

  26. The system is becoming very selfish now you guys are just working for your customers that’s not good. Why don’t you lower the cost of premium ? or you can Allow non-premium members to set there payout to 15 points ! The Rate of likes are decreased 75% !

    • How is this a selfish system?

      • Kind of disappointed with this new system. The previous system work better. It’s more fair for pp who have premium time. In that system, pp have 2 options to become premium: 1. Click more in order to reach 500 points and the award for their effort is premium time. 2. They can buy Premium which will benefit YLH. People who are non premium can not complain cos they dont put much effort on clicking other’s pages. And now, after all of this changes recently. Premium users are more disappointed as they dont get as many likes as before. Non-premium users now gains more likes while they dont need to work too much. All payouts now are set as 10 + Cannot become Premium by clicking anymore + Decreasing in likes for premium. How is this system gonna go further?

      • Because now you are selling everything and at a high cost ! Everyone could not buy premium and those who will not buy premium they’ll not get likes like they were getting in past ! THink about it ! it may really Effects youlikehits 😦

  27. hey whats is this ?

    yesterday i have the choice for 500 Points to become a Premiumtime ( 24hr ).
    And now i cant do this longer ? no way for me to change my Points ? why ?
    I have over 2.500 Points, by clicking another Pages and Sites…this takes Time…my Time… an now i must purchase for a premium ?

  28. This new system is not looks good.
    Please remove this system and it’s a time waste way.
    I have not get any like and as much i can see youlikehits just focusing on buying points and premium time.
    I don’t know why but you must have to remember that if u do this kinds of thing then people must have to go from there.And those people who are not buying premium or points if they are starting to leave this website then u can’t give 1000 of like to people who came on this website with money and getting likes of something by buying points.
    Please must consider about the small worker who are just depending on giving like and getting like.I think they are the main key of progress of youlikhits.

  29. I have read all the 67 comments so far and looks like everyone is complaining about the new like system. I have advertised to many of my friends with the way the system works, but with this new system of buying points, it will not work anymore. I am not going to spend more time here in YLH.

    Please consider it again before you force people to buy points which is only good for ylh.

    • I’m not sure you realize how the new system works. We don’t require anyone to buy points or buy anything for that matter. You can still get Premium and Points without purchasing anything.

  30. you guys should all relax! somebody’s gotta pay for those servers running and programming!
    this is not a total charity you know! everyone has to make a living

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