New Premium System Explanation

I feel a lot of users are confused about how the new Premium system actually works and how it is beneficial to the site and to you.
Each Follow, Like, View, etc used to cost around 15 Points because of the old Premium system.  They now only cost up to 10 Points.
With the new Premium system you will show up before everyone else that has the same Payout that you have that is not Premium.  Users can still become Premium without buying packages using real money by Liking 100 Facebook Pages.  They can do this as many times as they want per day which will increase the # of Facebook Likes given out.  Currently Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular features on the site and this might switch from 100 Follows to 100 Likes to balance activity.

YouLikeHits goal with this change is to increase the value of Premium, increase the value of Points and to increase the amount of Likes.


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  1. We understand what new premium is all about ! Youlikehits is no more public site it’s turning to V.i.p Site. People who spend money they will get benefit of youlikehits but remember it will not go for long time as i have seen that from the day you launch this new premium system.Many people are not using youlikehits. I saw a bad Effect of new System Before it was over 400-500 people always only and now you can see only [281 Users Logged in to YouLikeHits]. Please it’s a humble request change the System Before youlikehits Die !

    • Did you even read the post?

      • Yeah i always ! what i mean to say is that the Rate of likes is Decreasing after this new launch ! so many people against this new system ! if you do survey about this new change then you’ll find around 80% youlikehits members against it !

      • There’s not much difference between the new system and the old.

      • heyyyyyyy ! now i got it – 1st i was thinking that i could not buy premium without Money but it’s great idea ! we can buy premium by liking pages ! Thank you and i am so sorry 🙂


        1.Tell me how many times should i buy premium if i liked 1000 pages can i buy 10 days premium at same time? is it save ?

        2.Can we have 2-3 accounts on same ip address ? Actually i have Wi-fi connection and my brother is also want to join youlikehits ! i use my pc for youlikehits and he’s using Laptop connected to same internet connection ? REPLAY ME ASAP

      • 1) Yes, if you like 1,000 pages within 24 hours you can get 10 days of Premium.

        2) 1 account per person. So if your brother and you have an account that’s fine but if you have 2 accounts then one of them may be deleted.

    • Thank you.. 🙂

  2. Well, with previous system I just need to click 55 likes to become premium. Now it’s 100 likes. 😦 At least better than nothing

  3. Ok…i need 100 Liking Facebooksites ( round about 900-1.000 Points ) for 24h Premium…400-500 more Points than before…its ok…

    But…it is possible to unvisible all Facebookpages, that i liket ?
    It is better and faster to see only “unliket” Pages…


  4. thank you… 🙂

  5. Thank for updating. But why not count 1 likes for people who view youtube vids, and websites. If you only count likes for facebook, there will be no one views youtube vids or websites anymore 🙂

    • There are much more pages than there are videos and websites. But like I said if the other areas of the site need activity then it could change from Likes to Views or Websites.

  6. It is okay. It is showing 9 points when I set it 10!

  7. The counter for Youtube videos is not working at all, it stays at zero and no points are allotted for watching the video.

    Was acting funny last night as well but in a different way.

    This is the only tab open for me, so it’s not that.

    • Yes, we were planning on removing the videos last night and replacing it with subscriptions but then decided to try something new before removing it completely. We’ll see if the change we made will create more views or not.

      • Cool idea, adding more time to the YT vids just might do the trick.

        I also like the way you brought back the premium through FB points, very creative way of solving the issue.

        Also, it looks as though YLH’s has 636 users online atm. That’s Amazing. Congratz guys! Keep up the good work.

      • Hrm… seems as though the YT counter is on the fritz, speeding through the 120 seconds in about 60. Then it says “You already viewed this Video”


      • Ok YT vids are working normally again and I am receiving points once more.

        Please disregard last statement.


  8. I can not find any captcha, it were working till yesterday. Is something wrong with my account?

  9. Nice new concept implementation…After liking 100 pages do we become premium ??. How do we know that we have liked 100 pages ? Any method to find this out and how to find out that im in premium mode ?. plz reply

    • All you have to do is click the “Become Premium” button to see how many Likes you’ve given out in a 24 hour period and click the “Claim” button to become Premium after getting to 100!

  10. Don’t you think it could be noticed by Facebook as being “unnatural” that someone likes 100 pages in one day ? (with a risk of being penalized) ?
    Many other sites warn people about the fact they should be carefull not to abuse the like (or follow) system. Are they wrong, and is it dangerless to like a lot of pages in a short period of time ?

    Besides, I don’t understand why you limit the number of pages one can visit in a 24h period, while authorizing to like a huge amount of pages…

    Yet, it’s a great thing to increase the amount of likes, so keep doing great like that 😉

    PS : Sorry for my English 😀

    • I don’t believe that facebook has a problem with Liking 100 in 24 hour period but if anything starts happening we’ll change the incentive.

      Also, we don’t limit anyone or anything on YouLikeHits. You can like, view or follow as many pages,profiles, etc as you want.

  11. The new system is starting to make some sense now.Just one question though.After 100 likes I’ll have the option of going premium but will points collected from 100 likes be deducted or they can be reused for my page likes.I hope my question is clear.

    • All you have to do is click the “Become Premium” link to see how many Likes you’ve given out in the past 24 hours. If it hits 100 then you can click through to claim your 24 hours of Premium.

  12. what happened to the captia system?

    • I removed it until we can either add captcha to all of the sites sections or have a better system in place. It was brought to my attention that we have some users that can’t read captcha for certain reasons [even blind users] and this is not something we want to limit for them.

  13. Experiencing the same with the YouTube counter bieng stuc at zero

  14. Also is there anyway to get these websites out of there who flip before 30’s redirecting me to another page? And also not giving me my points?

    • We’re going to be adding a reporting system in the future but for now you can just let me know of the names of the websites that are breaking the rules so that I can remove them.

  15. Can you also fix the twitter in which after following each twitter account we need to skip it to get rid of it from the page?

  16. One other thing I wanted to add about the new premium system. I think the new way is AWESOME! the only critique I have is that you shouldn’t take points. Those tax points end up being a waste and I honestly think they would do better in circulation. If all those points are in circulation I believe it would only boost activity all around for everyone.

    Just a thought

    Keep doing what you are doing!

    Much Respect

  17. Not sure where to post this, but since I signed up for YLH, one user seems to have liked my page over 20 times. They immediately like and unlike.

    Not that YLH can enforce likes to stick, it would be appreciated if we could block a user from liking us that is simply eating up our points, as in this case some 20-25 times.


    The user shows up as Brit (the picture has a chubby blonde female wearing a green shirt, if memory serves they claim to be in texas, but could be incorrect). I do not recall the last name they are using.

  18. Is it even possible to unlike and like?

    • Of course it is. Just click the “Like” button on YouLikeHits again to open up the Facebook page. On that page just click “Unlike” and then close it out. Back on YouLikeHits either click the “Facebook” tab or refresh the entire page and the page you just Unliked will show up within a minute or so. (Pages have a 1 minute timeout after a Like attempt)

  19. I had made 101 likes in the past 24 hours, used it to buy premium but it’s also taken 500 points from me 😦 I never bought premium in the past because I didn’t want to waste HOURS of collecting points. I thought that by buying them using the facebook likes credit system that was all it took?? I’m gutted. What a waste of points.

    • There was a bug earlier that took 500 Points AND 100 Likes. If you got caught by the bug just email me at with your YLH username and I’ll give you a 500 Points refund!

      • Cool… thank you. Apart from that, I do like the new premium system. I’m liking more pages and getting more likes in return so it seems like a good move as far as facebook is concerned.

  20. I have a question about premium…do you need 100 likes and have to pay the 500 points for premium or what because I had 200 likes or so today and when I clicked “claim premium time” I lost 500 points….can you let me know…..thanks

  21. I think that the new Premium system is an AMAZING idea! This is one step towards success for YLH as it greatly incentivates people to liking others’ pages and also gives an opportunity to those who participate to get more likes.

    Thumbs up from me, this time 🙂 VERY well done!

  22. great service admin i think you have done a great job in keeping the site in order and i think this new premium thing will work out well, it makes people put the effort in which is good

  23. Hello Tina,

    I had done this..But still it shows same.

    I do not what is issue..Help me out..


  24. Hello,

    When i a m trying to add this facebook page

    It says “We couldn’t find the page you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct URL.”

    i had removed Restrictions also.. But still not added.

    Anyone please help me out..

  25. wish i could help friend but i dont know either, just make sure you have no restrictions on the page

  26. I sent a email a few hours ago to get a refund for the 500 I lost to Become Premium how long does it normally take?

  27. YLH today is too slow. There are many pp online 😦

  28. It is slow today i agree, think its because more and more people keep signing up which is a good thing but i hope the speeds improve

  29. And now the site keep loading forever when I try to click on Facebook tab

  30. ylh to slow this day….. 😦

  31. I cannot connect to YLH right now??? 😦

  32. I’m getting this message…..

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/header.php on line 4
    I cannot connect to the database because: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

  33. Site is down!

  34. YLH, are you going to correct the loss of premium time of the site going down?


  35. I have to say, I did prefer the premium where you spent 500 points and you got 24 hours of premium. Liking 100 pages, in my opinion seems hard. Oh well, I’m sure it’s just as effective 🙂

  36. YLH, are you around today? Still seeking to see if you are going to restore the lost time to premium due to the site going down.

    Please let us know.

  37. Hey guys!

    That screen shot is showing a problem with getting Likes verified when “Liking” Facebook pages. I have tried several and most all fail. Only about 2-3 have passed through out of 36. If I manually go to FB and like the page then FB lets me. So I know its not FB.

    Also, you need a better way to report problems. If you have a way it should be on the website.

    Sorry for the mini rant. I still love your service!

  38. After trying the new system for a few days here are my thought: The new system works Ok but Likes increase very slow compared to the old system. Right now I have over 500 points in my acc and have added 1 fanpage in that acc (set at 10 points, always keep premium time over 3days). Likes increased very slow. I refresh YLH page each hour and only get 1, or 2 likes. Likes only increase fast when I first add it to my account. At that time I got over 40 likes an hour. But when likes are close to 100, they come slower and at 150 you only got at max 8-10 likes an hour. I really dont understand why likes come super slow when my page reach 150 likes whereas there are over 700 pp online. Any solution?

  39. the new system is working great for me….I’ve got over 2000 likes over 3 pages since yesterday…much better than old system imo

  40. I emailed about my lost points a few days ago and I’m still waiting for a response?

  41. Well I also like a lot of pages everyday which makes this new system even better because I’ve already built up a few days premium time. Why does that matter though?

    • Cos YLH said the more premium days u have the more likely your page show up to everybody. I just wonder if my 3 days premium is enough?

      • hmm not sure about that…wasn’t it the other way around. People who’s premium time is ending soon will be ahead than one who still has loads. I have to say I’ve already built up over 2 weeks premium time in these last few days..loving this system

  42. Here are my thoughts, this new system is poor imo… i have 15 days of premium on my account and i am not getting that many likes, getting like 900 likes in 3 days which is poor considering the effort it takes to get so much premium…

  43. This new system is working wonderfully. Getting more likes and the users logged in are also increasing. Way to go You Like Hits ! 🙂

  44. why is the site so slow… anyone else having this problem?

    • Slow as in slow loading or slow as in slow like income? I’m not having problem with either.

      • Well im getting a moderate amount of website visits but i dont seem to be getting that many likes on my fanpage… only got 900 over 5 days :S

        And yeh the site was slow for me yesterday but its working fine today.

        Nether the less its a great exchange

  45. it takes a couple minutes to load each facebook page to LIKE.
    Very slow.
    the websites and youtube dont seem to be as slow

  46. 2 things YLH.

    1. I still haven’t received my 500 point refund. And i have sent 2 emails.

    2. I have a idea. Do you think you could do as far as Fanning people for points? Do you think you could confirm that a person became a fan of someone and point them for it? Also would be another good one.

  47. I keep getting this error:
    mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: User halo_ylh already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/likefacebook3.php on line 3
    I cannot connect to the database because: User halo_ylh already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections
    What should I do?My premium time is being wasted

    • This happens when there are many users online and it’s on a user to user basis. This is not a site-wide downtime and your Premium is certainly not being wasted.

      • 2 things YLH.

        1. I still haven’t received my 500 point refund. And i have sent 2 emails.

        2. I have a idea. Do you think you could do as far as Fanning people for points? Do you think you could confirm that a person became a fan of someone and point them for it? Also would be another good one.

  48. Umm hello? I’m still waiting for my points refund, or at least some sort of reply.

  49. the website is to slow now. why? is it because there are more than 750 users online? please speed it up it takes really long between when I click i’ve liked this page to the next page that I can like.
    thank you

  50. likes are becoming slow again for the past 2 days

  51. No i mean i havent gotten any likes in the past 24 hours

    with a 700 point payouy

    its has nothing to do with settings my page allows anyone from any country at any age to like it

    • same here :-/

      normaly i have 6-10 Likes per Hour…in the middle 8 per Hour.

      In the last 24 Hour i have only 46 Likes…round about 2 per Hour !

      And Yes…i have manage the Permission ( Age / Countrys )…

      • I am having the same issue as well.

        Only received 42 likes in about a 20 hour period while on premium.

        Seems very low compared to before, what has changed?

      • Nothing has been changed. I believe the site is just getting too popular for the current configuration and is causing slow load times which is discouraging users.

      • can you give us more time to become a Member ( 100 pages like ) ?
        I think 24 hour is not enough…i need more time to click 100 pages 🙂

  52. so increase in the active users will make site slow?????

  53. I do agree with Tina Verma.
    admin,after you lunch new system for
    premium stage,my twitter follower was decrease.=(

    i think you should open the old system which is
    the members can pay 500 to get the premium.

    i am so disappointing with the result and the
    performance of new premium system.

    100 facebook like to get premium??this is not
    fair for website,twitter,youtube.

    please consider about this admin.

    i can agree with your new system if it can give me
    better result=( =( =( =(

  54. From the past two days the site has got very slow and not getting likes at all. Please see to this and get it rectified. Not getting likes at all .

  55. Thanks for speed up YLH I love you so much
    You are great

  56. hi i mailed u earlier im desperate to get this sorted im losing premium time and likes

  57. Getting very very few likes from past 24 hours. I’m on premium with my payout set to 10 points but still getting like 8 to 9 likes per day. What could be the problem?

  58. I think there is something wrong with the Premium system. Sections must have pagination. It’s OK that Premium members appear first (in the Twitter section for example), but if there enough Premium member for filling the page, the other members will never be shown. I clicked on “Click here to load more”, but the same members are allways shown. Maybe that button is not working properly. Am I right?

    • The “Click here to load more” page will only load more pages if you’ve already liked/followed the pages that are already listed. If you haven’t then it’ll always show the same users.

      • I understand. But Premium users are constantly reciclyng, so new Premium users will take those places.

        I’m not a frequent FB user. There should be another way of becoming Premium, like spending some points.

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