Monthly Archives: September 2011

Facebook Likes

You will not receive Points for Liking a Facebook Page unless the number of Likes they have increases.  For example, if the page has 470 Likes then the number of Likes the page has must be 471 or higher when you click “I’ve Liked This Page” in order to receive your Points.

To prevent receiving the “Cannot verify the Like” error make sure that the number of Likes the page has increases when you Like the page.


Website Reporting

It’s now easier than ever to help us cleanup the websites section.  You can now report any sites that are hosting malicious or adult content, competing sites like YouLikeHits and sites that break out of frames just by clicking the red “Report” button.

Beware of sites like YouLikeHits that are advertising through our websites system.  It’s been reported that some of them are using their sites to gain access to your YouLikeHits account.

We’re Back!

YouLikeHits is back in the office and has applied all of the Points that were purchased over the weekend.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Out of the Office

We will not be able to apply Points purchased until the 19th of September.  We will be able to take care of any server issues during this time however if something were to arise.

Thanks for being patient with us and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Database Server Down

We’re waiting for support techs to look at the issue.  This should only take about an hour to fix.

We will refund Premium time to those that are losing theirs now.

Update:  The sites back up and we have refunded 2 and 1/2 hours of Premium time.

Server Slowdown/Issues

We’re currently investigating the server issues that have been popping up lately.  We’ve had some server techs look into the situation and we’re being told that someone is launching a Denial-of-Service Attack against YouLikeHits.  We’re doing our best to prevent this and bring everything back to normal.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Update as of 9/10:  Seems like we’ve got everything under control now.  I’ve refunded 12 hours of Premium time to those that had it.  Thanks for your patience and we apologize for any inconveniences.