Monthly Archives: October 2011

Becoming Premium without Buying Points

In order to become Premium without buying points you must Like at least 200 pages within 48 hours instead of 100 pages within 24 hours.  This change was made because of the amount of competition there currently is for Premium members.  It was starting to give less benefit to those that are premium because there were so many users that were premium and competing for Likes/Follows/etc.


Thank You!

Thank you everyone who has supported YouLikeHits through the best and worst of times.  We’re confident that the worst is behind us and that the server is starting to become more stable.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support through using the site, points purchases and referrals.

To say “Thank You” we’ve given those that have lost Premium days due to the downtime an extra week of Premium free (added on to the days that were lost due to the server transfer and downtime)!

New Server Growing Pains

We’re still working out all of the kinks in the server transfer.  We will be refunding lost Premium time once everything is running smoothly.

New Server

We just purchased a new server which will hopefully put all of the issues we’ve been having lately to rest.  We’re waiting for the new server techs to finish setting the server up so that we can start moving the site over.

There should be little to no downtime for the transfer.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Points.  Without your continued support none of this would be possible.


Everything seems to be working the way it should be again. Thank you for your patience.

I will be giving Premium time to those that lost it during the downtime the past few days. Expect to see that in your account soon.

Update: We’re aware that the server is acting up again and are working to fix it again.

Update 2: Everything is working well again!

Update 3: Added lost Premium time to all accounts that had Premium in the past 4 days.

Current Issues

We’re aware of the current issues with the site and are working on fixing them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Oops, Sorry

Our system accidentally sent out emails to people that already received one notifying them that they ran out of Points.  We apologize for this and we have fixed the error.  You shouldn’t receive this email in error anymore in the future.

Where did the “I’ve Liked This Page” button go?

Simple, you now have to click “Like” before it appears.  😀