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We’re aware of the current issues with the site and are working on fixing them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Hi Guys
    Hoping you get everything sorted soon as this site is totally awesome ok when you went down i was in the middle of premium time will i get this back also when you got back up i went premium again and have only had a couple of likes and intermittantly the error message keeps appearing will i also get this premium time back sorry to be a pain as i said awesome site my address is if you could look into it thx guys

  2. Two issues I see today:

    1.) Losing points and not getting any likes…

    2.) Cannot remove pages from Fb settings

  3. same

    1.) Losing points and not getting any likes…

  4. same here points going down no likes at all

  5. Yep likes are going down like 1 person every 15 min this is scary

  6. also you can’t remove / add pages, or change the points you offer per like

  7. not getting points, though it shows you have got points but the points not increase, please fix it

  8. Losing premium time. Not gaining likes for over 24 hours.

  9. Premium time not being added – hope you can fix this.

  10. my history is showing over 50 likes in the last 8hrs but not registering on my page

  11. pleas post on this like this page i am on the page post your problum here too

  12. I have this issu
    “Individuelle Facebook-Nutzer können höchstens 5000 Freunde und Seiten haben. Um die folgende Aktion durchzuführen, musst du einen Freund entfernen oder das “Gefällt mir” einer Seite entfernen, mit der du bereits verbunden bist.”

    I take round about 4.200 Likes 🙂

    Any change to break this limit ?

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