New Server

We just purchased a new server which will hopefully put all of the issues we’ve been having lately to rest.  We’re waiting for the new server techs to finish setting the server up so that we can start moving the site over.

There should be little to no downtime for the transfer.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Points.  Without your continued support none of this would be possible.


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  1. Good luck YLH hope the transitions a smooth one awesome site

  2. I hope that this time you will got top position.My best wishes always with you

  3. hi guys ive had no likes today and its running really slow 4 mins to like 1 site do u still have issues

  4. Thanks for the great site but its down since yesterday! I get errors all the time.

    “mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/history.php on line 79
    You have no Recent History.”

    History gone, no likes either! site doesn’t refresh or respond.

    You should move to a VPS considering the traffic you are getting now!

  5. im having exactly the same problem as baror i know u have moved servers and its goin be tricky im premium and had no likes at all today and it really is slow 4 mins to like one site
    best regards

  6. Can’t get anything happening on the site.

  7. Now the website is very slow,

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