Facebook Likes Verification

We are aware that there are some issues with verifying your Facebook Likes. We’re looking into the issue and hope to have it fixed soon.
Thank you for your patience.

Update: We have fixed the issues.

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  1. My question is, will youtube ever return?

  2. YLH, noticed that I just lost 7 days premium. Is the database acting up or was this manually done?


  3. Hello,
    I got an entry in my history this morning that read “Your Profile was removed because your permissions are not set to “Everyone”.” on my facebook history and my profile was removed. My facebook settings are set to everyone. Did I do something wrong? I love using YLH and introduced it to my roomate and all my friends.


  4. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Trainers/187159751364712 need likes help us out i have it set on 3 come and like my pages i am admin on all on them

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