YouTube Update

We are still working on the YouTube section. We are currently in the process of removing the views section and adding a subscriber section instead. We will post an update when it is ready for testing.

Thank you for your patience.

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  1. i keep getting this message when i try to like

    We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Try clicking “I’ve Liked This Page” again.
    If that doesn’t work then click the green “Like” button and unlike the page after doing so hit “I’ve Liked This Page” and then repeat.

  2. nevermind its fixed

  3. Im am having trouble with the site today i am getting this msg when likeing pages
    & confirming likes

    this page does not exist keeps popping up for alot of pages I think its an error message that and sometimes there are no pages to like now pops up sometimes

  4. no its just an error message that pops up sometimes

  5. wait was is this?
    Steves Peeps was removed because your permissions are not set to “Everyone”.

  6. hey i re added ,myself back for some reason i was removed it said this
    Steves Peeps was removed because your permissions are not set to “Everyone”.

    but my permissions are set to everyone anybody can write on my wall

    so i re added myself back

  7. o wait never mind it may have been because i banned someone who tryed to spam me LOL

    I unblocked them so far everythign works for now =)

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