Facebook Page Removal & Twitter Following

Facebook Page Removal
Some users are getting a message in their History stating that their Facebook Page was removed because the privacy settings were not set to “Everyone”.  Some of these were removed in error and you can simply add your page again now.  The bug will not remove your page anymore.

Twitter Following
We just found and fixed a bug in the Twitter following confirmation.  In the past there was certain occasions where a user would Follow someone and the Confirm button would simply not confirm the follow.  We found what was causing the error and it should not happen anymore.


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  1. I am still 50% less likes than I should be, fb settings show I should have 50 on a page, but less than 30 are registered now, i read in an earlier post that this was sorted, but seems not to be.

    Best regards

    • This sounds like people have unliked your page after they Liked it. Unfortunately we can’t prevent that.

      • As soon as I added the page 50 likes/points worth was taken, and 30 showed up on page, was quite quick, over a period of 30 seconds or so, dont think they had chance to unlike.
        I am totally aware of the problems you have been having on this site for the last few weeks, and the work you guys have been doing is great…
        Will keep an eye on this….thanx again..

  2. hi YLH can facebook delete my Facebook account for being on here and haveing facebook likes ?

  3. Why is my website listed as “banned?” There is nothing remotely inappropriate about my site. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1312535/

    • Hey Beth,
      Websites are automatically banned after being reported a certain number of times from different users. For some reason users started reporting your imdb page. I’ve removed the ban and set it up so that it will never be banned again.

  4. i am get this Individual Facebook members can connect to a maximum of 5000 friends and Pages. To do this action, you’ll need to remove a friend or unlike a Page you’re already connected to.

  5. Thank you so much for fixing that!!!


  6. Hey guys I have a ban on one of my websites which if you have a look it is COMPLETELY legal. I sent an email but never received a response. My user name is OGKEYS

  7. i get this alot i dont knw if its a error

    We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Try clicking “I’ve Liked This Page” again.
    If that doesn’t work then click the green “Like” button and unlike the page after doing so hit “I’ve Liked This Page” and then repeat.
    You skipped Imagine-Nation: Photography & Vid

  8. my facebook say Account Temporarily Unavailable why do it say this ?

  9. I noticed my youlikehit twitter stats is say i’ve earned 837 followers yet i’ve got only 500 or so ppl actually following me, i know its not youlikes fault but the ppl who press follow and then unfollow after and I got a message for those users i’m going to do the same back you y’all.

  10. you should remove twitter accounts with send request to follow approval. because they never lose points and just hog the top places on twitter follow page!

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