Facebook Accounts

We’ve added stronger requirements to Facebook Accounts that are added to YouLikeHits for Liking pages.  This is to help prevent fake accounts being made on Facebook and increase the number of likes given from main accounts.  Newer Facebook pages will get errors explaining how to prove that their page is real and used frequently before actually being added to our system.

Because of the new requirements everyone’s Facebook Accounts were removed and will need to be added again. Facebook Pages were not removed.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience this may have caused.
Thank you for using YouLikeHits!


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  1. why do i loose my points but my likes on facebook doesn`t grow ???!!
    for example i have on my youlikehits account for my FB page 1120 likes , but on my FB page i only have 680 likes !!??

  2. My privacy settings are set to public but it is not leting me add my profile here.

  3. YLH should take those users their points back !! is it not possible ??

  4. i mean if you buy points, then you should get your likes for your money !!!

  5. Ly Nguyen Chien Thang

    I can’t add my facebook account again. Please help me. Show me the way to add it. Thank you so much

  6. Hi, I use it regularly for days facebook and http://www.youlikehits.com/

    now he says

    My Account
    In order to Like others pages you must have a Facebook Account connected to YouLikeHits.

    Facebook Profile URL:
    Add Facebook Account

    Your account is either private or doesn’t have a shortcut URL (Username) set on Facebook. Please set this shortcut URL or remove the privacy.

    but my settings are public. Appearance news thanks

  7. On facebook /profile.php?id=10……………..

  8. ok! I try No problem so far. I inform you later … thanks

  9. Ok! Perfect now! Thank you!

  10. YLH Please tell us who is eating up our hard earned points because in these days we are not getting likes as your’s setting board show.A HUGE DIFFERENCE

    • We can’t track who is and who isn’t unliking after getting their points. However, we’re doing our best to prevent fake accounts and accounts created by the same person. This will certainly lower the chances of people unliking after getting their points.

      We also made some huge changes to the system last night that are mostly behind the scenes that will also help. You should see a much higher rate of success now.

  11. Please keep it up your good work We love you we with you

  12. great to tighten things up, so genuine users with pages will no doubt benefit. one thing i will say about the number of likes versus the number of fans: a lot of times i am having to like pages but they don’t verify so i have to unlike them. i’m sure others are finding that too, but having said that, i don’t see how that would affect the points though. in any case, keep up the good work guys. this is an invaluable service and i for one am very grateful for it… 🙂

  13. oh i also wanted to ask about the statistics now on the ylh. are those numbers being generated through ylh? i’m assuming that is the case, but be great if you can confirm. thanks

  14. this account for example ( Mai Phuong Tran) is listed in my YLH history list, but i have no like on my page with this account !!!!!
    i`m gonna help you find out who is eating up our hard earned points !!!
    maybe other members can help finding out too !!!!!!

  15. Ruồi Giấm, Yok Nguyễn, Thanh Pc, Oliver Hardy, New Gingrich, Manta Bajelyte, Jack Pham,

  16. and another account eateing points : Abegail Pascual, Ciara Harris

  17. I need help, when i like a page it says that
    an individual person can like only 5000 friends or pages, i have 3500 friends, now what i do i can not like more pages, what should i do????

  18. wow i never knew there was a limit on page’s (i did on friends tho)

  19. im using often the hits and my hits are so slowly going up, why?

  20. Is its allow insert new account? my limit is end 5000 likes and friends, now i am unable to like me, is its allow to enter my other account which is also mine account have less friends i.e 45 friends..

  21. Why the loading speed is so slow after liking the page and waiting for other page, the loading speed is so slow, plz fix it.

  22. hi ylh, i’ve been with you from the begining and only recently have been seeing a trend for people to like a page and then immediately unlike once they’ve collected their points. unfortunately it seems that people are getting too greedy and begining to break the trust that we all put in others to act with a common interest where everyone benefits.

    i realise that you don’t have much power to stop people doing this, however, i think maybe posting an alert to everyone will help and (hopefully) stop a lot of these people doing this.

    the whole idea of this site is to encourage genuine people to like and for their likes to be reciprocated, whether paid for or not. if we don’t put a stop to this now it will disintegrate into chaos and no one will value the trust we have all built up in using this site, and everything will fall apart.

    please issue a general statement of good intent and let’s stop these people from ruining it for everyone else.

    thank you and keep up the good work…

  23. add website option not working, any issues?

  24. The issue is in the loading speed of the facebook pages, really too slow.

  25. Hi @all:

    This week I lost many Likes, round about 100 Likes.
    I think this is a problem with the limit of 5.000 Likes per User.

    Many user delete their old likes, this is not good!
    For Example….If 2,000 User reached this limit, then we lose also 2,000 Likes.

    This is an not-ending cycle.
    A second account is not permitted.

    What can we do?

    • There’s nothing that we can do. The 5,000 limit is a Facebook limit and not something that we have set. A second account is not allowed because it’d just create more ways for people to cheat.

  26. YLH is there anyway of stopping people liking and then unliking your site ive lost nearly 200 points today my likes are going up then down ive had 4 likes for said 200 points im fuming i know its not your fault but is there anyway to stop this as its spoiling it for the genuine fans on here
    I Agree with jen above post a statement of intent YLH hoping u can sort this out

  27. a lot of people are complaining so much here. YLH is free! if you don’t like losing likes, then don’t use the site! i’m getting 30 likes or so a day, then 5 unlike my page. that’s still 25 free likes. Imagine if you were paying for Facebook ads. They are useless.

    • Some people do pay for YouLikeHits but the problem is that we can’t prevent people from Unliking. It’s just not an option at all. We do however have multiple systems in place to ensure that the Like is actually made before taking the Points away. If you get a message saying that you got a Like in your History then you did indeed get a Like. What happens after that is out of our control.

  28. yes i know that some people do pay, but i bet the people complaining don’t pay.
    as far as the verification, is there an issue today? it seems the i’ve liked this page is not working.

  29. This is my list of people who liked me and then disliked me TODAY !!!!!!
    So maybe what you can do is to CLOSE THEIR ACCOUNTS !!!!!

    Raphael Lauand Claussen
    Pedro Paulo C. Silva
    Daniela Dé Mendonca Jonathan Tableros Trujillo Shimaa Karim
    Sam Al Rshood
    Sabdi Eneli Reyes Serrano
    Robin Robert Antoniuz
    Maranda Mauney
    Caso Solis
    Chrizz Rodríguez
    Jocelyn Cruz Lujan
    Jarrett Ricker
    Ben Walroth
    Jeffrey Graham
    Amy Olsen Adams
    Chasity Waller
    Bilal Tuncay
    Caner Yağız
    Esra Kıyıcı
    Paige Hakim
    Okan Nayir
    Tit Beo
    Phong Mai Phú
    Trần Trung Hiếu
    Rất Kỹ Thuật
    Le Trung Hieu
    Vu Trung Hieu
    Trung Hieu
    Nguyễn Trung Hiếu
    Nguyễn Trung Hiếu
    Phạm Thu Thủy
    Bui Minh Duc
    Le Thang
    Diệu Linh Chan
    Hưởng Nguyễn Hữu
    Nguyen Phuong Huyen
    Vikhoa Kylin
    Hung Le
    Alice Tran
    Thang Ti
    Cá Vàng
    Sơn Thanh Lê
    Cherry Pum
    YThien Long
    Jahdasia Warren Brown
    Peter Huy
    MeOz Brin Bring
    Linh Sa
    Sonia Sharmin
    Nhi Gia
    Iedha Laha Andeshubel
    Tiểu Anh
    Tony Lane
    Lamont Thompson

  30. for some reason i can’t see people who like my page anymore 😦 facebook made a change. does anyone know how to view people that like your page?

  31. There is an error .

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/halo/public_html/youlikehits/likefacebook3.php on line 3
    I cannot connect to the database because: Too many connections

  32. thanks !!!!

  33. Here i have more accounts for you, that liked and then disliked today !!!!
    thanks for blocking them !!!

    Lina Tran
    Lina Nghi
    True-Lina Thao
    Daniel Corson
    Lina Nguyễn
    Lina Speed
    Ksir Makoza
    Nguyễn Minh Hoàng
    Pham Minh Hoang
    Minh Hoang
    Peter Minh Hoang
    Phan Minh Hoàng
    Ho Minh Hoang
    Alberto Botelho Botelho
    Mohmmed Saied Mohmmed
    Rock Engneer

  34. Toho Shinki
    Kahi Jiyoung Park
    Nguyen Tam Khoi
    Lee Taemin Maknae
    Kpop Koreanpop
    Mua Thu Vang

  35. Ken Linpark
    An Quynh
    Ánh Betong

  36. People have to either unlike pages or create another fb account. There isn’t another solution. The longer youlikehits is around, the more the problem will happen because a lot of us have used up our limit of likes. Pretty soon the well will run dry and the YLH oldies won’t be able to like pages any more. The only way around the problem is to drop the requirement of having people set a username on their profile. Even if our pages have “fake” people on them, it doesn’t really matter in the great scheme of things. Because the “real” people on fb will see all the likes and think the pages are popular. It’s human nature to follow the popular crowd, and they will like the page.

    • We encourage people to add other facebook profiles to their youlikehits account to stop this problem from happening. However, we do not allow people to make a new youlikehits account.

      • But adding another facebook profile won’t work either. It’s a catch 22 situation. When you changed your facebook requirement, a profile page can’t be added to YLH unless the profile has a username in it. Facebook won’t let you set a username unless you verify the account with a cell phone. I only have one cell phone, therefore, I can only verify one account. My only option would be to unlike all the pages I liked on my verified account in order to keep liking more facebook pages on YLH because I have reached my maximum on that account. I don’t want to unlike anyone because I love the idea behind a community of people joining together to help each other with their pages. So now I can’t participate in liking more facebook pages on YLH because I can’t add another profile page with your new requirement. Is there another solution that I am not seeing?

  37. you still can see who liked your page !!!

  38. @jazzy, Those people may not be doing it with ill intentions. Maybe they are at their maximum of likes and are not able to add another profile to YLH.

  39. but this is no excuse for me to dislike the pages !!!!

  40. This is what I am trying to say. I just tried to add another facebook profile to YLH. This was the message I received: “Oops Your account doesn’t have a Username (Shortcut URL) set on Facebook. Please set a Username. [Click Here to set a Username]”

    So I clicked on the link to set a username and was taken to facebook. This was the error I received there. “Your account must be verified before you can set a username.
    If you have a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages, you can verify via mobile phone. If not, please try to register your username at a later time.”

    That leaves me with one option, which is to unlike all the pages on my facebook account with the username so I can add it to YLH because of your new username requirement. I reached my maximum of facebook likes on that account.

  41. if everyone here would unlike all the pages … then everyone has to start at 0 again :-))

  42. and another list for YLH … this is from the last 30 hours …people disliking my page …

    Loren Aysamy
    Joseph Patel
    Scott Pino
    Văn Quang Lương
    Guram Beridze
    Dana Ivey
    Tony Daglish
    Raja Ravi
    Print Elo
    Erika Jayne
    Bucky Dent
    Ananta Duarah
    Raihan Khan
    Swaati Varshney
    Chao Arup Gogoi
    Rupa Upadhaya
    Rj Angarag
    Bikash Bokalial
    Himango Changmai
    Melina Fisher
    Mark Henry
    Iam Noal
    Lukas Lã
    Anh Vu
    A Lầm Lầm
    Hoa Lê
    Minh Quân Nguyen
    Tuan Cuong Nguyen
    Hoang Quan Nguyen
    გაგა ვარდანიძე
    Cá Vàng
    Dusty Craine
    Ahmed Mubashir
    Sophia Hartlein
    Silla Balla
    Dezi Dezomits
    Stjepan Hrvoj
    Dennis Darkwing Knuth
    Denise Corwin
    Dawn Lester
    Sami de Marchi
    Samantha Verdugo Trejo
    Guy Smith
    Ahmed Midou
    Ái Lê
    Nikotine Jacob
    Chuck Stojakovich
    Bùi Thùy Khánh Phương
    Rock Present
    Ryan Kelly
    Alan Lets Go
    Kauai Vacations Home Rental

  43. I’m Alan Lets Go. I rarely use that Facebook for YouLikeHits…it’s my personal family page not my marketing account. What’s your link?

  44. I´m sorry alan, but this is what my YLH history says
    [Facebook] Alan Lets Go liked your page, ………………! 1d 20h 31m 8s ago

    but i can`t find you on my page list !!!!

  45. I must have been logged into that account when I was on then. I’m so sorry about this. I know how it is when people unlike your page that’s why I’m a bit shocked that I used the wrong account. If you send me your link I will like and never unlike it because I know how it is losing likes. My apologies.

  46. no problem alan… 🙂 everything`s cool !!

  47. Okay, thanks a bunch.

  48. can you show me how to see who likes my page? a few days ago facebook took away the ability to see who likes your pages.

  49. Appreciate all you are doing on the fly to get this rock solid, but I was away and my account saw the target facebook page I wanted to get likes to deleted from your server. I had to add it back in and lost 7-8 days of premium.

    Also, Facebook is giving problems getting a unique facebook name for the personal account that is used to give likes. It keeps stating they are busy and try in a few minutes, this has been going on since late last night.

    So right now I have lost 7-8 days of premium, can’t get more points or give likes.

    Thanks for your help.

  50. Hello!

    Is there any way ,if I want facebook likes to my facebook fan page, from my country?


  51. my list for today:

    Ernest Leung
    Sami Jan
    Alyssa Jillaine Romola
    Brian Gibson
    Quay Choding
    Anima Draconis
    Brandon Madison
    Sarah Jayne Druce
    Thùng Tranh
    Nguyen Anh Tung
    Saima Alam
    Danh Tran
    Sangeeta Deka
    Amit Ahlawat
    Diego Leonardo Alfonso Avilán
    Lori Johnson
    Marcel Entrich
    Charm Imfeelinmyself Williams

    • Are you making sure that you check the time of the like too? Some users have a different account added to YouLikeHits than the one that they like you with on Facebook.

      • what do u mean with time ?? these are the last names i have on my YLH history list ….

        Ernest Leung liked your page 4h 19m 1s ago
        Sami Jan liked your page 7h 5m 49s ago
        Alyssa Jillaine Romola liked your page 7h 33m 37s ago
        Brian Gibson liked your page 7h 38m 13s ago
        Quay Choding liked your page 10h 15m 28s ago
        Anima Draconis liked your page 11h 28m 42s ago
        Brandon Madison liked your page 12h 23m 17s ago
        Sarah Jayne Druce liked your page 16h 24m 28s ago
        Thùng Tranh liked your page 1d 13h 14m 25s ago
        Nguyen Anh Tung liked your page 1d 13h 29m 24s ago
        Saima Alam liked your page 1d 14h 40m 59s ago
        Danh Tran liked your page 1d 16h 8m 39s ago
        Sangeeta Deka liked your page 1d 16h 9m 31s ago
        Amit Ahlawat liked your page 2d 1h 54m 7s ago
        Diego Leonardo Alfonso Avilán liked your page 2d 2h 2m 24s ago
        Lori Johnson liked your page 2d 2h 21m 50s ago
        Marcel Entrich liked your page 2d 2h 29m 24s ago
        Charm Imfeelinmyself Williams liked your page 2d 4h 14m 44s ago

  52. I can’t add my FB account! Why?? can you fix this problem for me.
    username: anngo267
    FB url: http://www.facebook.com/lovek53
    I didn’t dislike any page
    Someone already added this facebook account to their YouLikeHits account. If you’re the owner of the account please email us at webmaster@youlikehits.com with your account username and the facebook URL.

  53. my list for the last 24 hours::

    Ngân Lê
    Lee Phương
    Marthin Aritonang
    Hilo Vulcans
    Selina Truog
    Trang Nhung Hoang
    Javi Ortiz
    Kathy Arrix
    Mohak Shroff
    Anna Phan
    Giới Trẻ HộiAm
    Duyên Anh
    Cẩm Hương Huỳnh
    Tinh Duong
    Nguyen Viet
    Kim Loan
    Kjwj Quỳnh Diệp
    Tự Học Anh Văn
    Hoithao Vn
    Ha Anna
    Phùng Lân

  54. my list for today:

    Hoa Vu
    Quoc Hoan
    Tiến Hồ Chí Minh
    Albee Bụng Bự
    Dung Nguyen Anh
    Đỗ Quốc Cường
    Văn Nhựt
    Trucy Nguyen
    Hong Quan Pham
    Que Nguyen
    Nguyễn Kim Qui
    Bảo Phương
    Raja Kanna
    Teena Smt
    Mike Glennon
    Qalanjo Cadey Love
    Sally Martin
    Helje Marie Thorsdatter Svensson
    Najwa Mohamadi
    Nathalie Borg
    Lilian Li
    Mel Blake
    TechWeb Web
    Sven Gutenberg
    Umer Shaikh
    Pete Bratach
    Lili Severiano de Rosas
    Dani Yoraz
    Sơn Nguyễn
    Chuah Yee Pin
    Omar Mina
    Eneida Carneiro Lobo
    Cassandra Daniells
    Jock Meston
    Cassandra Thebeau
    Mắt Điên
    Kim Thư
    Cánh Cụt
    Ngô Tường
    Phan Lê Duy Anh
    Ro Ni

  55. i tried to see the people who like my page but i can only see the last 20 people who liked it.. not all….facebook made a change..

  56. YLH, appears some of the changes have thinned out the herd. Points are minimal in the new YLH economy. Liking FB pages are few to find and sometimes it comes up as 9 points, you click and then another FB is shown giving 1 point.

    Tried the Youtube section and after viewing the video, it states that the video can’t be found even though it was just watched and loaded.

    Websites came up the same, waited the 30 seconds and then it said that this website can’t be found and gave no points.

    Now, no FB pages are showing up at all to like.

    Thanks again for the service.

  57. new list today !!! still long ??!!! they don`t stop unliking !!!

    Shannon Sharpe
    Lana Przybylski Stachowski
    Freya Tan
    Pauline Bulens
    Megan Ryan
    Joseph Vo
    Candy Liar
    Thanh Tâm
    Justin Ká Xấu
    Lùn Dễ Thương
    Khắc Tuân
    Berneice Hilly
    Melle Hindoch
    Ula Kaznowska
    Dang Truong Giang
    Huong Quynh Hoang
    Shlomi Levi
    Hai Yen Nguyen
    Nanang Maulana
    Play Acoustic Tùng
    Jonny Dubowsky
    Nguyen Thai Nguyen
    Viet Dung Doan
    Nguyen Trang
    Phan Đại K
    Bo Carrot
    Sleepy Lee
    Pjmas Nguyen
    Lực Nguyễn
    Lim Ah Kow
    Mathew Kuun
    Carmela Klinsky Pacheco
    Prashant Dahal
    Loi Duc Le
    Misha Gutzler
    Maria Garcia
    Kiều Anh Bắp
    Nguyễn Minh
    Akramul Alam
    Tana Larson
    Eric Roberts
    Sabrina Jhon
    Travis Richter
    Phuong Luu
    Sheila Palmer Feldman
    Bonna Trần
    HaTrang Hoang
    Jesse Björn Buckler
    Ed Roland
    Tania M. Keys
    Anne Brooks
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Hannah Salwen
    Dương Đức Dũng
    Burts Reynolds
    Susan Samarakone
    Kelly Knapper
    Harvey Collins
    Little Richard
    Zoey Clyfland

  58. todays list :

    RadisKumar Srip
    Mai Le
    Felicity Nawamuj
    Margaret Ellett
    Bill Beyer
    Bạch Sa
    Ninh Anh
    Freeman Nguyen
    Tien Nguyen
    Lặng Lẽ
    Trà Thu
    Nguyễn Bỉnh Trung
    Charlene McElheny
    Rap Rock
    Khoai Tây Chiên
    George Labatia
    Matthew Stafford
    Ngo Ngoc Phuong
    Ngọc Cò
    Manh Hung
    Akash Kumar
    Alex Yan
    Ray Stevens
    Bayal Sané
    Nancy Martinez
    Cecil Embrey
    Rajnarayanan Muthu
    Pyn NgOk
    Ramon Sweeting
    Vũ Khắc Tuận
    Hương Cốm
    Kelvin Sheppard
    Daniel Olarte

  59. my list for today :

    Ralph George
    Sayid Cali
    Phong Lê Hùng
    David Appiah
    Shariq Hassan
    Vivek Ghadge
    Mandar Tawte
    Jewel Melissa Bullard
    Aamir Maqbool
    Zain Waseem
    Louis Wade Sullivan
    Andre Akt
    Matheos Taniwel
    April Bagwell
    Zantiago Orozco
    A.j. Styles

  60. my list for today :

    Lê An An
    Ngoc Duyen
    Bờm Lão Gia
    Bonny Love
    Phuong Duong
    Châu Bé Nhỏ
    Evan Thỏ Ngọc
    Huy CHau
    William Banks
    Cristina Julia Dalia
    Hưng Hí Hửng
    Nguyen Thu Phuong
    Jade Luu
    Amie Phan
    Yen Pham
    Pham Nghi
    Hieu Tran
    Thanh Huyen Nguyen
    Thai Tran
    TyTy Nhtv
    Aiman Al Ali
    Roktim Bhuyan
    Tanky Dmysteriousboy
    Thanh Toan
    Erick Carlsted
    Joe Hickey
    Jayme Ranalli
    Kailyn Johnson
    Jill McDermott Storms
    Christa Hardin
    Amanda Johnson Bruno
    Minh To
    Vickie Webb
    EljuanSassy Middlebrook
    Jassim Al-maleky
    Lan Anh Pham
    Tui Mún Noel
    Loan Lí Lắc

  61. my list today:

    รักหนุกปายวานวาน ชัดเจนสองแ�
    JanDi Chan
    Aleah Sushannah Cristal
    Tùng Lê
    SarahTerror Lette
    NIxy Liu
    सागर राउत
    Mario Sexton
    Samir Sawant
    Martin Meer
    Ron E. Dickinson

  62. my list today

    David Anthony Clicker
    Khurram Akhtar
    Charles Tubbs
    Steve Winfield
    Quan Hong Luong
    Adsence Clicker
    Nomi Jutt
    Gail Topete
    Jasmine Mydear
    Ayuri Tari
    Angel Reena
    Wu Wu Vu
    Chau Tuan Sy
    Aditya Hazarika
    Khaplangkaai Axomiya
    Saket Sinha
    Modi Nakib

  63. just wanted to know if you still notice my list and block these members ???!!

  64. new list today:

    Eva Stacy
    Soren Siebach
    Ahmed Swehli
    Lindrit Afc Ramadani
    Dane Williams
    Huma Khan
    Michael Reyes
    Aidan Sherman
    Ad Clicker
    Robert Kubat
    Beejay Idealism
    Jame David
    Deborah Keyatta
    Sona Gupta

  65. All of the sudden I get this?

    “We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Make sure your account is completely open to the Public and no Privacy settings set.
    Then skip this page.”

    What do I do? It was working perfect.

    • How many Likes/Friends do have on the Facebook account you’re Liking with. If it’s pretty high then you may have to use a different account now because Facebook has a “limit”.

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