The Test

We’ve been getting some users that claim that they’re not getting Facebook Likes but they’re spending Points.  This is not possible.  Our system doesn’t give Points out unless the page is verified to have increased their Like count.

I decided to put this to the test and see how well our system does work.  Yesterday I created a local business page on Facebook for a Jewelery Store.

In less than 12 hours the page received 420 Likes via YouLikeHits and of those 402 are currently on the page.  That’s only an 18 out of 420 drop rate.

Remember that this system will only continue to strive if people don’t Unlike pages.
Please continue to support us by Liking pages and never Unliking them.


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  1. i have noticed a massave change latly.

    it use to be about 60% of ya likes stuck

    but now, i got 123 on YLH and 101 stuck on fb,

    good job, keep it up 🙂

  2. you got any plans to add google+1 button’s yet, i know other sites offer this buut they suck, YLH would be sooo much better then them, and its easy to impliment with googles callback thingy 😉

  3. just wondering, what did you do about those 18 people who unliked the page ????

  4. hey Scott, i feel your pain! manning this on your own must be a pain in the backside!

    anyways, well done on a great job and still by far the best to get likes on fb pages etc.

    however, i will say that the drop rate has only started increasing over the past couple of weeks. generally people stick and where there are drops, you know it’s to do with the verification not always working. i know, cos it happens to me and i feel bad that i have to unlike those pages!

    in respect to you creating a page, it’s good that you only lost around 18. i on the other hand, have been experiencing some weird stuff. for example, yesterday i must’ve had about 1200 points more or less through out the day/night. normally i would get a lot of conversions, but instead i’ve seen my numbers actually decreasing!! of course, it catches up afterwards, but overall, i am actually down on my likes.

    like i say, this is a recent phenomena, so i’m not making this up or anything as i really do appreciate this service. however, people need to be made aware that for it to work to EVERYONE’S benefit, they have to stop unliking immediately after they acquire their points.

    anyways, my pages have been transformed beyond beilief, so overall i am one happy bunny. so thank you, and thank you to all those people who have supported us.

    my best, Jenny

  5. guys, i would like to make a suggestion to everyone.

    as we are all seeking to increase the number of likes on our respective pages, it seems in the rush to get more and more of them we’ve forgotten a key thing with how the viral concept of fb works!

    as most of you will know, the more ‘likes’, comments and shares you get on the pages, the more they get picked up by friends of those that are engaging with them. this then increases the likelihood of growing your numbers organically and have a much better chance of creating a sustainable page.

    so my suggestion to everyone is that when you like a page, just go to the wall and simply like the most recent post by that page. if even a handful of us do it, we will get such a buzz going for ALL our respective pages that it will more than compensate for the loss of many followers here or anywhere else. and it will not take any more than a few extra seconds!

    i’ll start by example. when i log in next you’ll see my name appearing on a lot of pages (jennifer chandler).

    Scott, what do you think? worth an announcement? (will definitely improve that community feeling we have going here)

    • been watching out for ya name all day and never seen it once

      • that’s cos i’ve only liked about a 100 pages! all the 9 points have gone, so just waiting for it to re-populate. i’m around… 😉

      • my bad. i meant about 30-40, not a hundred. *sorry, a little tired*

      • oh what the heck, i’ll do as many as i can over the next half hr. the 9’s are back now… 🙂

        here’s a few pages where i’ve liked and then liked their most recent post/link: plane jane travel, ernest lim, fabuirito, smokoo france, top 50 cool stars etc…

    • oh ill keep an eye out again then, but im down to the 4 pointers now lol 😦

  6. I confirm. I, too, since yesterday, is not received …. points earned and lost. In fact, I noticed that instead decreasing. The reason?

  7. i have a problem, i have been using this site for a week or 2 now, and now my brother wants in on it too,. but i know ya only aloud 1 account here per person, will i get banned if i sign him up his own account, and if not can i use ma refural link on him 🙂

  8. Hi @all:
    strangely… in the last 30 minutes 11 user made my page Like. No Like was counted!
    I like this side and the service very much.
    Please not wrongly understand, perhaps gives it an error…
    Sorry for my bad english…

  9. Hi @all:
    in the last 30 minutes 11 user made my page Like. No Like was counted!
    I like this side and the service very much.
    Please not wrongly understand, perhaps gives it an error…?
    Sorry for my bad English…

    • Hey Steven,
      The reason for this is because YouLikeHits was backing up History data. It “looked” like they all Liked at once but in reality it was backed up Likes spanned over about an hour or so. They just queued up.

  10. thank you so much 🙂
    you do a very good job here…

  11. add website section is not working, can you please fix it

  12. I have had 2200 likes on a page according to my points over the last 2 weeks, and that has translated to only actually 1200 likes on page. Either you have an insane drop rate, or some are not counting. What can you do about this

    • We can’t do anything about it. Sounds like people are Unliking your page. All we can do is make sure that they Like the page before they get their points. After that we can’t do anything to verify that the Like sticks.

  13. when i click on website in my settings i see a blank page, any problem from my end?

  14. This site has greatly helped my non-profit spread the word and helped affect positive change within our communities. Thank You

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