A Few Changes

We’ve made a few changes to the site as I’m sure you can see!

– You can now see your Points/Premium time from all settings pages and the history page.
– New accounts now get 50 Points after activating.
– You can now add up to 10 Facebook pages to your account instead of just 5.
– You can now add up to 5 Twitter accounts to your account instead of just 3.
– Added the “Ethics” section, please read and follow!

We’re always interested to hear suggestions and idea’s that will help better YouLikeHits.  Let us know what you think!


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  1. fantastic, really pleased to see these changes. i know we will all benefit, so thank you for your continued hard work. great job! 🙂

  2. one suggestion i’ve been making, which i think will help everyone, and take the strain of ylh, is to actually ‘like’ something on the page they just liked. it will help to grow these pages organically and make it a lot more legit on fb, and perhaps be a good thing for ylh in the long term. i know not everyone will have the time or inclination, but i think if encouraged, it may help a lot. just my thought on the matter…

  3. I referred youlikes to a friend but I didn’t get my 50 referral points!

  4. lovin the new changes, not seeing the left bar on the history page REALLY buged me lol just not enough to complain about it, but i was close a couple times lol

    if you givin 50 free points to new members wouldnt it only be fair to give em to ya current members too 🙂 [heyy cant hurt ta ask lol]

  5. great changes!

  6. I wonder if I invite my friends through the Referral , I get points for that?

  7. I added my twitter with no problem but can’t figure out how to add my twitter business accounts to gain follows for those pages. Thanks!

  8. I cant set payout to this page https://www.facebook.com/AKai.SkiLLs
    but for other pages its working fine!!Kindly check and tell me whats wrong!!

  9. the problem still exists! maybe people are using softwares or name generators to churn out different fake names and hack in to YouLikeHits to steal all the 9/8 points facebook fanpages ! Here is the huge list of fake names i keep seeing in my history list!

    Kip Pardue
    Shona Button
    Iga Mentari
    Ahmed Mubashir
    Bảo Phương
    Milan Urbancic
    Irina Pak
    Widya Walesa
    Pretty Redd
    Yudi Bredest
    Shariful Hasan Khan
    Amy Schlappi
    Elvira L Milan
    Janesca Maria Martins Pinto
    Klay De Smet
    Omar Ahmed Kheder
    Austin Ladusky
    Stephanie Riley
    Cristina Spataro
    Eric Patterson
    Khaled Nassef
    Alyssa Jillaine Romola
    Vicky Evans
    Mike Price
    Matt Viscuse
    Giorgi Wiqarishvili
    Katie Webber
    Jami Hoffman Barretieri
    Sam Barker
    Moona Lila
    Wawan Setiawan
    Ajay Jawas
    Rock Present
    Priti Sehgal
    Mohsin Arman
    Aaliyan Sajid
    Darmindra Arumugam
    Sameera Khan
    Phan Lê Duy Anh
    Manikandan Jagannathan
    Quay Choding
    Adrian Smith
    Lori Johnson
    Brian Gibson
    Kjwj Quỳnh Diệp
    Max Witherspoon
    Tự Học Anh Văn
    Samila Mat Zali
    AllFor Bimmer
    Jessica Cole Toms
    Ha Anna
    Kjwj Quỳnh Diệp
    Margaret Ellett
    Catherine Ooi
    Ralph George
    Zoey Clyfland
    Ruchika Dutta

    • This sort of thing will always happen on any site like this. There are some people that are greedy. We’ve been banning hundreds of IP’s a day and it seems we’re only just scratching the surface.

  10. none of the name look authentic!

  11. How would it be, if each user must confirm his account here by mobile phone?

  12. the changes are great, it seems to be going in the right direction now


  14. I think it would be better for everyone if the “points system” was changed. I mean 1 like should equal 1 point. 1 facebook user can only have 5000 friends or liked pages. It’s not fair when a user gives 9 points to like his page and another gives only two. In the end, it’s still one like that is gone. I’m sure it would decrease the number of people unliking pages it it was changed.

  15. can you pls take the fb side of things to the way they were? i am not interested in 1 or 4 points! this has now become painfully slow and even more time consuming.

    • I really agree with you, the Number of users have drastically decreased and very less people are there with high points pages. This is becoming a more painstaking process, which might end up reducing the sites popularity. I also suggest changing back things as they were, the number of people now have decreased very much

      • Here’s the thing though. Nothing really has been changed. We simply stopped certain bots and deleted people who had 80+ YLH accounts who were dishonestly gaining points.

  16. ok, now you are just being ridiculous if you’re trying to tell us nothing has changed. puerile…

    • Nothing has been changed that would effect the way the site should work for people that aren’t cheating.

      Like I’ve said before. The only reason that there were so many pages offering high payouts in the past is because they were owned by people who were cheating the system with over 90+ YouLikeHits accounts and they had bots setup that would Like a page and immediately unlike it just to get Points so that they could get Likes for their own benefit.

  17. it really annoys me when people start talking like they’re addressing children! first of all, YOU encouraged EVERYONE to sign up to as many fake accounts as possible (if i remember correctly, you “didn’t want anyone complaining to you if their real accounts were blocked by FB”. this was WRITTEN on your homepage!!

    with this kind of invitation, you would be foolish to think that people would not take advantage. especially as you came in the wake of the demise of twiends, so a lot of people were desperately looking for alternatives, myself included.

    now, as for being greedy, i appreciate that a lot of people, or maybe a few perhaps were. but surely that’s down to you to sort out and not penalise everyone else by tarnishing them with the same brush, such as what you are implying and doing now?

    anyways, i have posted this on the forums and i have written emails to you about it, so i will only say this once more as i am fed up of trying to give you feedback without any thanks. there are a LOT of people on here who have followed all your instructions to the tee, and in fact are trying to help your business by supporting it. you would be foolish to ignore their comments and feedback, whilst continuously treating them like idiots!

    you can do whatever you wish, since this is your site. but just don’t say “nothing has changed”, cos it clearly has. some of us have been on here right from the start and it’s not cool to treat us like we are complete and utter muppets.

    you have a good day!

    • I’m not sure how exactly you took my responses as an insult. I don’t mean to sound like i’m talking to a child, I’m just trying to be clear on what exactly has been changed.

      Nothing at all that effects the average user was change. I’m talking about people making multiple YouLikeHits accounts NOT Facebook accounts. It’s always been a rule that someone can only have a single YLH account but the cheaters with over 90 accounts were the reason that there were always 9 point payouts.

      Thank you for your suggestions and as always they are read and considered.

  18. and that’s exactly my point> your whole proposition HAS changed. and i am your average user!

    irrespective of anything you say, the fact remains that i have seen a massive change in how people like and unlike pages. the mass drops (or ‘unliking’) have been taking place over the past few weeks. this only started as a result of people not seeing any 9 point likes available.

    they continue to do so, because you’ve created an environment where people are not getting value for their clicks. not sure how those that are actually paying for them are finding them either.

    i have always given max payouts across all my pages, because i could recoup them by liking others. and aside from dropping about 5-10% of these pages (some were just too stupid to be a fan of), i have retained ALL my likes. and i know a lot of other people on here have done the same, since my pages reflect that. and THAT’S the way it’s supposed to work.

    right now i see 1 out of every 5/6 likes sticking. and that my friend was NOT how it was!

    anyways, i’ve done my bit so all up to you. good luck with it all. i am still grateful for the service, so will just go along with it for as long as i need to/can.


  19. Has another change been made? I can’t log into my account. It says I don’t have one. Two of the other moms who work with me are having the same issue, and probably the others are also but I haven’t spoken with them yet. We each have a separate account set up and are using the points to help grow our company. I assure you these are not fake accounts. We can temporarily friend you on Facebook so you can see our activity. Please advise. Thank you.

  20. Hi at all :

    I keep very often the message :

    Something is wrong with the page you’re trying to Like.”


  21. @Jennifer:

    I think, it´s not permitted !
    Several user ( 5-10 Users ) and the have one and only the same fan Page to like.

  22. If that’s the case, then I misread the rules. YLH, would you please clarify? Is there a limit on the number of users who can give points to a single page? Each user is liking other pages without unfollowing so pages offering points are benefiting.

  23. @Jennifer:

    Different user are not the problem.
    The problem is, if a user has several accounts, and all accounts have the same fan PAGE.

    In the past it gave user with up to 90 accounts!

    If you have several accounts, then you can liken naturally also several times the good sites with 9 points.

    Individual user can liken however only once a Site and earn points.
    And there the problem lies…

    If you had to be a group of different people since, then this is correct, this is my opinion ?!

  24. I got the 50 points for activating and then entered my twitter account to follow others.
    Instead, the system immediately sent 4 follows to that account which I don’t even want to

    I wanted likes for facebook, but didn’t get a chance to even set that up in the dashboard
    before it auto-bought follows for twitter and my points dwindled down from 50 to 42 which means 8 points were wasted.

    How do I get my points back and how do I prevent the system from purchasing follows without my authorization in the future the way it did with those 8 points of mine spent without my authorization?

    It simply said to enter an account on twitter to follow others and *not* one that I wanted followed, yet when I entered the one for me to use to follow others, it began spending my points to get follows instead, which I did not want.

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