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We’ve added a new Google+ Profile/Page “Add to Circles” system.  Google+ is google’s answer to Facebook.  People can add your page and your profile to their circles which are equivalent to “friends” and “likes”.

This new feature is in beta and may be very buggy.  Let us know if you experience any weirdness or issues.


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  1. Great. That is something i very much wanted! you guys always rock!!!

  2. I haven’t been able to verify that I’ve circled a page as of yet.

  3. Hi youlikehits I want to add my account and I get this message You can only add 5 Facebook accounts to your YouLikeHits account total. This includes accounts that you have removed in the past. I just want to keep my old facebook account please I need your help.

    Or can you transfer my Premium time to another account. I have 15 days of Premium I dont want to lose it. Please let me know.

  4. i cant use facebook i cant hit the like butten on the site not on page wow pleas fix this

  5. Some more fake Accounts!
    Nibbles Best
    Mohak Shroff
    Phùng Lân
    Hoithao Vn
    Gi?i Tr? H?iAm
    Kai Itt
    Billy Joe Royal
    Kathy Arrix
    Duyên Anh
    Tommy Roe
    Annie Ta
    Ty Pennington
    Otto Fekonja
    Daniyyel Felipe
    Chander Subramanian
    Adrienne Hew
    Minh Thái
    Iam Noal
    Ekstra Cica
    Dane Williams
    Umer Shaikh
    Helje Marie Thorsdatter Svensson
    Kim Thư
    Lee Taemin Maknae
    Cánh Cụt
    Alice Manzoni
    Gokuz Brutaly Innocent
    Ngân Lê
    Afgan Kawe Dua
    Dung Nguyen Anh
    Umer Shaikh

    • we’re all having the same issue. what i do is ban the people that like and unlike your page so they won’t even have access to it in the future. instead of spreading everyone’s names in a public forum, just ban them from you fan page. i’ve banned like 40 people so far and it has worked for me to avoid unlikers.

  6. Otto Fekonja is NOT Fake Account! I’m real person, and this is my real account!

  7. Laura Nouril, be easy enough to stick your name on this list if that is all the confirmation you are going by to declare someone elses name as fake! Let YLH sort it out the right way!

  8. i’m gonna join Laura and fwd some names that have been repeatedly cropping up on my history (and taking my max payouts!):

    Nguyen Thai Nguyen, Pjmas Nguyen, Lực Nguyễn, Sleepy Lee, Phan Đại K, Nguyen Trang, Shannon Sharpe, Tiểu Chiến Thần, Bo Carrot, Tiến Hồ Chí Minh

    there are others, but these are the most regular ones constantly showing up!

    people with these accounts, please stop taking my points and then unliking my pages, it’s not fair and using up my precious points!!!

    ylh, you need to get these people on your radar as this is not the first time they’ve done it.

  9. ok this is really begining to piss me off! in the last five minutes of me putting some points out, every single one of my page has been liked and instantly unliked. this has been happening throughout the whole night that i’ve been monitoring the activity, and is very tiring. my pages are jumping up and down like a bloody yoyo at the moment! i can’t like enough pages in one go to accrue enough points to leave the system for a while as after ten pages or so i have to refresh the damn thing. so i’m tied to the bloody computer day and night!

    Scot, i have sent you an email. please read and respond. the whole idea of ylh is to keep people incentivised to like pages, particularly those of us that are using it for free. but if we are not looked after, i don’t see how you will continue to monetise this as anyone paying for points is not going to then start liking pages for more points. it’s us the masses who keep this going, so you guys really need to start thinking about keeping us motivated. and right now for the first time since i’ve been with you i am feeling very unhappy.

    please do something otherwise a lot of people like me will start turning away. thank you

  10. there need more people on twitter help me you all set to 10 pointes o i get pointes thankes

  11. It’s simple, you need to monitor if the page that person liked is still in ther facebook list where the liked fan pages are… so only thin you need to do is to compare every time person logs in then run thru the list and compare it to the history of liked pages…

  12. I have a slow internet connection so I am really struggling to cope with this 60sec like and confirm thing … I ended up like to many pages for no points … Kindly do something either increase the time or remove this thing please …

  13. the cannibalising effect has begun. behold the downhold spiral of YLH!

  14. Hi everyone,

    When I follow the Like link facebook open a page with this message:

    ” Warning

    The website directing you here was not a Facebook page. If you entered your Facebook login information on the previous site, you will need to change your password.
    To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit our Security Page. You can also check out the phishing Wikipedia article.”

    What should I do ?

  15. Hey there,

    Recently i am facing this problem with your website.please can you fix it or tell me what’s the problem.


    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  16. But why?? can you please tell me how can i again access please help.

  17. Hello!
    Google+-Add url doesn’t accept my website. Is it a temporary problem? Can you add it for me?

  18. theres a problem with liking facebook pages

    Something is wrong with the page you’re trying to Like.

    pops up with every page

  19. same here 😦

  20. I am also getting problems with liking pages

    Something is wrong with the page you’re trying to Like.

  21. Hi,

    Why I can’t add a facebook page? Pls find herewith the URL I want to place,  pls kindly check & advise .


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