Monthly Archives: December 2011

Free Points, Every Day!

You can now get 25 free points every single day just for logging in!  Just click on the green link on your home page once every 24 hours.

Payouts Lowering

Many people have been asking lately why the points given by Likes and other sections have been lowering.

Here’s why:
– When you follow/like etc 1 point is removed from the overall total points in the system.
– We used to have 7,000,000 points in the entire system with less users and we now have 5,000,000 with more users.
– Few users hold tens of thousands of points and the rest hold much less whereas in the past the points were more spread out.
– As people run out of points they will no longer show up on the “Likes” list or anywhere else.

This is something that was bound to happen eventually.  When YouLikeHits first started there were many many ways to get points into the system that weren’t already there.  Now that YouLikeHits is maturing the only points in the system are already in the system except for the ones that we give through secret codes, new accounts and/or referrals.

You no longer have to set your Payout to 10 to get Likes/Follows/etc.  The system has changed on it’s own and this was bound to happen eventually.


YouTube Subscriptions

Our YouTube Subscribers section is finally up!  Let us know what you think and if you run into any problems.  Keep in mind that the username that shows up in your history is their YouLikeHits username and not the username they use on YouTube to subscribe to you.

Free YouLikeHits Points!

Occasionally we like to give our active users some free points to show our appreciation and to boost the economy of the site.  We’ve given everyone who’s active 50 free points!  Thank you for using YouLikeHits!

Facebook Likes Test

We ran another Facebook Page likes test today and we’re very happy with the results.

We created the page at 4:16pm CST with only 1 Like.  With Premium and a payout of 10 we were able to get 725 Likes by 4:16AM CST which is only 12 hours.  YouLikeHits registered 746 Likes on the site so there were only 21 people who Unliked.

725 Likes can turn your Facebook page into something people can trust.  It’s perfect for “social proof”.  People tend to have more faith in a business that others “Like”.

Facebook Pages

Facebook is currently experiencing issues on their backend which is how we verify Likes.  You may get an error that says something like “Something is wrong with the page…” until they fix their issues.

This is not something that we can fix.  We’re waiting for them to fix their own problems.