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Facebook is currently experiencing issues on their backend which is how we verify Likes.  You may get an error that says something like “Something is wrong with the page…” until they fix their issues.

This is not something that we can fix.  We’re waiting for them to fix their own problems.


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  1. i was just going to report this as it’s only happening on the precious few 9 and 8 point pages with me!

    the other thing i want to raise again is the way the pages are ordered. without sounding like a broken record, can you take it back to how it was originally, as in the pages appeared in order of points and not randomly like they are now?

    and one last thing fyi: over the past few days i have seen people taking my points and then unliking the pages right away almost 95% of the time. this is the complete opposite to anything i’ve witnessed before.

    if you don’t fix this issue of the points system and the pages appearing in an ordered system, you will find that people like me will start to do the same thing, i.e. like a page and then unlike. and if that happens with everyone, this whole thing will just go to pants.

    do something before it’s too late!

  2. YLH, I posted questions on an old thread and sent an email but maybe this is a better way to reach you. I believe my account was blocked in error, as were the accounts of several of our mom volunteers. We each were using YLH to build the company we work for. Each of our accounts are real. I offered for each of us to friend you on FB so you can see our activity. We are also happy to skype so you can see we are real. Another user pointed out that our violation may be that we were all giving our points to the same pages. Is that the case? Is there a limit on the number of users who can add the same page? Please advise. We don’t want to break any rules and would like the ability to use YLH again. Thanks!

  3. i love the new Facebooksystem…its go verry fast…thank you…

  4. Hey I would like to add my facebook profile but I can only see “You can only add 7 Facebook accounts to your YouLikeHits account total. This includes accounts that you have removed in the past.” What can I do?

  5. seems not to be adding the likes now, was working for a while, but does not seem to add the likes….anybody else getting this ?

  6. YLH, when you select the FB tab FB pages show up, then you click on one and then nothing appears.

    This has been ongoing for the last 15 minutes.

    • That’s not happening on my end at all.

      • Hmm, I click the facebook tab on the main page. That gives me rows of facebook pages to like. I click LIKE and then it moves to another page that does not display the rest of the process.

        Been on YLH for months now and never saw this one before.

  7. hi ylh the new system of facebook pages likes is great why you removed and go back to old system this was easy plz provide new if possible…hit direct like and next pages thats was great

  8. hi,

    just wanted to know if you still notice my list and block members that like a page and then unlike ??!!

  9. Hey YLH why you go back to old system.that direct Like button was awesome.it will raise your traffic like charm seriously.If you can do something really.


  10. i have a 2 point payout in my settings … and had 900 points on my account … now i have 890 points but only 5 likes in my history … how can this happen ??


  11. don`t let them eat your points !!!

    todays list of members unliking my page:

    Steven Trieu
    Dianna Miller
    Rajendra Clicks
    Robort Lussi
    البجم الدولى
    Ronald Kwan
    Danielle Basirico
    KiiMii Makaveli
    Imran Hashmi
    Reshma Karim
    Duong Nguyen
    Demir Ahmeti
    Merlin Chowkwanyun
    Thanh Ngo

    yesterday list:

    Eva Stacy
    Soren Siebach
    Ahmed Swehli
    Lindrit Afc Ramadani
    Dane Williams
    Huma Khan
    Michael Reyes
    Aidan Sherman
    Ad Clicker
    Robert Kubat
    Beejay Idealism
    Jame David
    Deborah Keyatta
    Sona Gupta
    David Anthony Clicker
    Khurram Akhtar
    Charles Tubbs
    Steve Winfield
    Quan Hong Luong
    Adsence Clicker
    Nomi Jutt
    Gail Topete
    Jasmine Mydear
    Ayuri Tari
    Angel Reena
    Wu Wu Vu
    Chau Tuan Sy
    Aditya Hazarika
    Khaplangkaai Axomiya
    Saket Sinha
    Modi Nakib
    รักหนุกปายวานวาน ชัดเจนสองแ�
    JanDi Chan
    Aleah Sushannah Cristal
    Tùng Lê
    SarahTerror Lette
    NIxy Liu
    सागर राउत
    Mario Sexton
    Samir Sawant
    Martin Meer
    Ron E. Dickinson

    • Very well maintained list 🙂 I haven’t quite got to that point yet. Still think managing by exception would work well … like a user driven warning system that flags users to YLH attention if they receive too many unlikes?

  12. I’m glad that i’m not the only one seeing name on my history list that like and unlike my page or Fake names!

  13. One thing people are failing to realize is that with the only pages being seen giving such low points only, everyone is being forced to like more pages to get their points built up which in turn is making people reach Facebooks limit faster forcing people to have to unlike.

  14. if you reach your limit, you can make yourself a new FB account …

  15. yo youlikehits how come now on the facebook section there are only 1- 2 point payouts? doesnt really help to gain any points fast like when we could see the higher paid accounts on here first ordered by highest to lowest? just wondering whats going on with that?

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