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Our YouTube Subscribers section is finally up!  Let us know what you think and if you run into any problems.  Keep in mind that the username that shows up in your history is their YouLikeHits username and not the username they use on YouTube to subscribe to you.

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  1. the facebook section has completely dwindled to mostly 2 but mainly 1 points. this is on top of every other mintute the message of ‘there are no more pages’ popping up. i guess this means that all or most of your paid subscribers have abandoned you or similar?

    in any case, after being with you since near the begining, i now want to support you in return with a paid subscription. however, after over 18 hours i have still not had a response to my email.

    so my question is, is it even worth me pursuing this? and what kind of service will i get for any money i spend with you?

    seriously having second thoughts about it all…

    • yes i am having the same exact problem its hard to promote our artists when we can only get so little points at a time? The most you can see is 3 point payout users but its mostly 1-2 point pay out users!

    • Actually, this month alone we’ve already doubled the income of any other month already and it’s only the 17th. People are buying points more than ever because the total number of points in the system continues to drop. Every like,follow,subscription,view etc makes the system drop by 1 point. As the points continue to drop overall people that are setting their payout to 10 run out faster. They’re not showing up because they have no points.

      We get a ton of emails a day and with that we also get spam. If we missed your email we apologize. We’re working on adding a new support ticket system that will help fix this problem.

      Our service has already been used by hundreds of thousands of users and tens of thousands have purchased points. Most of which have become repeating customers.

  2. you like hits is my go to website always will be!

  3. well, i appreciate you are inundated, but the only to resolve this issue for the better usage of everyone is to prioritise those that are willing to pay.

    tbh i don’t really understand how you’ve set up the ‘economy’ but if there are no big points given out then people will eventually run out of the numbers of likes they can get since we only have a limted number available on fb as you know. then it will go back to everyone unliking those likes to start the whoile cycle again and then it’ll just be cannibalising itself.

    i don’t know, but you need to come up with something, particularly for those that are using the free system, since they’re the ones giving value to those that are paying.

    i also want to pay for the service, as i am now in a position to do so, since i have benefited and now want to give something back to you guys, but before that i need clarification on a few things, hence email.

    pls let me know what’s the best way to get in touch and i will, as i will need some questions answered before buying.

    thank you

  4. my other thought is for you as admin to introduce more points into the system, using the test pages that you create. so for all the 1 points that goes out of everyone’s allocations, maybe you should put them back into the system (which i assume you do anyways, but just in case). we all need to have a way of boosting our ‘income’ from likes somehow otherwise it is too painful the way it is now…

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