Payouts Lowering

Many people have been asking lately why the points given by Likes and other sections have been lowering.

Here’s why:
– When you follow/like etc 1 point is removed from the overall total points in the system.
– We used to have 7,000,000 points in the entire system with less users and we now have 5,000,000 with more users.
– Few users hold tens of thousands of points and the rest hold much less whereas in the past the points were more spread out.
– As people run out of points they will no longer show up on the “Likes” list or anywhere else.

This is something that was bound to happen eventually.  When YouLikeHits first started there were many many ways to get points into the system that weren’t already there.  Now that YouLikeHits is maturing the only points in the system are already in the system except for the ones that we give through secret codes, new accounts and/or referrals.

You no longer have to set your Payout to 10 to get Likes/Follows/etc.  The system has changed on it’s own and this was bound to happen eventually.


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  1. really u still get the same amount of likes back doing the math

  2. Do you expect YLH to be back to the normal payouts eventually? Or is it going to stay like this.

    • This is normal now. Unless I just give everyone tons of points across the board it will probably never be up to the 10 point payouts again.

      • Damn, that’s not good. I suppose we’ll all have to make the most of the current payouts.

      • It’s actually a good thing. Points are worth more now and you’ll get the same amount of likes but for less points.

      • Ahh, yeah I suppose. I haven’t used YLH in a while because of the lower payouts, but I’ll give it a try now.

      • YLH, by increasing the earn I have no issue with. What has taken place is far too many things at once whereby the earn is impossible as there are no FB pages to like. This is leading to stagnation.

        Furthermore what it is has devalued is the premium level as there are so little choices to start with that premium has no value. If you can’t like a an FB page because the system does not have any, this could lead lesser and lesser involvement from users.

        Appreciate all your efforts, but if this is to be managed like an economy, better to open the market up as it was before than choke it from involvement.

        Again, thanks for all the hard work.

  3. hey YLH THAT YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTION THING IS AMAZING I BEEN WAITING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS TO BOOST TRAFFIC!!! just hoping more people use that feature so it can be a lot more beneficial!!! keep up the great work!

  4. I guess you always have the option of buying a few points 🙂

    • The way this is now functioning you have a reduced amount of users to take your points.

      Site stats this week are showing usage down by more than 40%.

  5. iit says there are no more pages to like? whatsup with that?

  6. i’ll do just that i guess the facebook system is so much faster lol

  7. there nothing is 9 pointes what happing here?

  8. all the pointes are set at 1 ,2,3,4,and why you set stuff to 10 ?so i see it at 9?

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