Free Points, Every Day!

You can now get 25 free points every single day just for logging in!  Just click on the green link on your home page once every 24 hours.

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  1. wow…this ist nice…thank you 🙂

  2. new stuff i am not get likes help me i have to set 2

  3. I add points frequently but they deplete almost as quickly and I don’t get any new likes to my facebook page. In fact, my ‘likes’ are depleting too. Now when I click “become premium” it says “You’ve GIVEN AWAY” 24 likes.” What does that mean? This has been happening for several weeks. What’s up with that?

  4. once or twice is ok, but repeat offenders who keep on liking and uliking pages should be blocked or banned here. better still, if they’re reported, there should be bloody penalised and the page owner compensated from their points!

    i’m getting tired of the same people taking my bloody points!

    • I’ve already banned and deleted over 300 accounts today alone. We’re always on the lookout but they’ll probably never be completely stopped because they’ll just make a new account and use a proxy to get around the IP ban.

  5. How do you figure out who is un-liking? IP band is not the solution because the people who are using VPN to access facebook such as in areas where facebook, twitter, youtube is blocked if you keep on doing ip bans their vpn might sometimes get ban. The culprits will always find way out the only people who will suffer are the loyal users.

  6. ylh, thanks, that is re-assuring. i understand it will never be a foolproof system, but letting people know that you are doing this pro-actively will stop a lot of people from being tempted. prevention is always better than cure, so good to know you are on the case! cheers for that..

  7. what happens if you hit that 5000 limit thats probably why some are forced to unlike

  8. Thanks guys for another great initiative in the YLH economy!

  9. I taked free 50 points and Like 5 pages but my points depleted quickly and I don’t get any new likes to my facebook page. This is not unlikes problem. When samebody like and ufter this unlike my page I seenig like and unlike on my page statistics. After using YouLikeHits service I see nothing on my page. What is the problem?

  10. YLH, why are you allowing racist bigotry on this site? you need to delete this and ALL their related pages:

    i am shocked at the use of language and ignorance of these scumbags. i have reported them for abuse and i think everyone else should too!

  11. merry Christmas every body have a nice day with your family

  12. it would be nice admin if you could allow me to add a twitter account? it says i have already added the most possible but i cant remember the usernames for the accounts.

    Can you either tell me the usernames for the accounts i must use or give me another slot for my new twitter.


  13. Why change it to 25 I think that 50 really helps the economy. I know you don’t have to give us anything so I am not trying to demand or complain honestly. I just think that 50 point every 24 hours is not too much and not too little to help boost the amount of point in circulation.

    Mu Respect

  14. that was very unexpected how the free points got lowered to 25? but still grateful but i thought 50 wasnt too much or little

  15. i liked at 50 points bring it to that

  16. hey admins, why are you allowing ylh to be a forum for racists and bigots? i have written in to you and linked the site above but they are still on here and their numbers are multiplying thanks to you. these racists are ranting and you are giving them a podium and a microphone! this is making me sick to the core.


    please respond!!

  17. I have another problem with people reporting my website for no reason.

    Please review my websites and you will see there was no reason, once again for them to be reported. It is only one right now.

    Username: OGKEYS

  18. this page….

    redirects you to a page asking for your facebook login info

    dont fall for it!!!

  19. wow . .very good . .

  20. Pls help. Whenever I like a facebook account to get points, the number of points should go up, right? Why does my points keep on going down.. I just liked 3 facebook accounts and earned 12 points, then continue to like another but the points jump down to 3.. Then it will go up when I like another, but then goes down as well when i like another facebook. My points is adding up but continues to go down as well when i Like a fB account.

    What happened to the points? It goes down and not adding my points after liking a facebook account?

  21. thanks very much for the free points , and another thing can’t we report a facebook page to be blocked on youlikehits?

  22. Hello friends,
    how I can increase the fan on my page, but the majority of fans to be Moroccan.
    thank you very much

    • We don’t have a feature at this time to restrict by geographic location.

      • that would actually be very easy to implement, as fb shares the account location using the graph, could also cross reference with a ip locator … with the amount of members on this site i think you would have a decent amount of traffic from all areas. its maybe somthing you should considor. i personally would like more likes from the UK

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