Happy New Year! Free Points for EVERYONE.

We wish everyone a successful new year!  We’ve given 150 Points to everyone on YouLikeHits!

Thanks for making YouLikeHits your #1 source for Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube Subscribers and Website Hits!

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  1. You are welcome! Thank you! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. i love it too free pointes back to 50 happy 2012 you all

  3. Thank you and Happy New Year

  4. Thanks guys, happy new year! 😀

  5. Happy new Year to you and Thank you for your surprise gift.

  6. and post more youtube stuff i am look for likes

  7. Why has YouLikeHits suddenly become sataurated with people all offering 9 to add,like,follow them??? Earlier today it was sitting around 2/3 then it jumped and now I havn’t had a click in hours????

    Its almost like huge amounts of points have been given out which in turn has effected YouLikeHits point value believe me unless you do something about this soon you will see your traffic half in 7 days mark my words I work in SEO and some thing has gone terribly wrong here

  8. Yea you gave 150 points to everyone that can’t have caused to much disturbance providing the system works fine with you giving 25 points away each day per user and we dnt see this happening every day.

    IS this what YLH is going to be like from now on I have not had so much as a like in hours now, the site no longer works its pointless now and when the system evened out and everything was like 2 points with the occasional 9 pointers.

    I am worried this will pretty much destroy most of your user base as I imagine less then 10% of Facebook Pages are even getting exposure

    • We’ve given out large amounts of points in the past. It will stay like this for a few days and then go right back to the way it was before. Right now everyone has 150 points to spent even if they haven’t logged in recently. The daily points require them to login.

  9. they no longer have a StumbleUpon account or you were following them before using YouLikeHits you have a problumes

  10. i follow them and i do not get my points why

  11. and i set my thing for twitter and i not people follow me sad i have set 3 you all join me

  12. Wow that was a surprise!!! 🙂 Thanks guys

  13. thank u so much and Happy New Year!

  14. thank you 🙂

  15. Why add a Captcha code to confirm “I’ve Liked This Page” ?

    Add to that the Captcha Code isn’t working properly for me, it shows the same image for me everytime , the correct tab to click can be any one of the three , i am having to click all buttons to verify.

  16. really dissapointed at the lack of any acknowledgment to my posts and emails from admin. i guess it is ok to be spewing disgusting racial and religious bigotry via the YLH platform!

    since this is falling on deaf ears, can i ask all the members NOT to like any racist pages? you’ll be doing it for a few points, but these sick individuals will use your name in furthering their hate and prejudice.

    absolutely shameful of YLH to allow these vermin a voice here!

    • how is it YLH fault, have you see the amout of pages on here, would take weeks to check them all, go moan at facebook, they are the ones hosting the page afterall

      • hey, i get that. and i don’t blame ylh entirely, but when blatant expletevies are used against a group of people, their race or beliefs, IN ENGLISH, i think it’s only fair that they are raised!

        i realise there are thousands of pages, and that’s why i have emailed the links as well as post them on the forum.

        and fyi, fb have been notified as well, but they are getting their likes from here, hence i’m raising it.

    • Who cares. Can you read arabic? I can’t. And many pages are in Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc. with no idea what they are saying.

      Almost every page could offend someone. Avoid those that offend you and move on.

      • no i can’t read Arabic or Chinese, so you’re right, there could be pages i’m signing up to that promote hate speech. but i’m not talking about those, rather the ones that are in ENGLISH! these are the ones that need to be stopped.

        i hate racist scum, and will defend anyone who is being attacked with vile language for the colour of their skin or belief or sexual orientation.

        we can all turn a blind eye, but that would be be wrong, and i am trying to get the admin to deal with them correctly.

  17. yer that cade bit is bloody annoying, whne ya liking 100’s of pages a day you dont normally even watch what ya doing most the times, geuss ill just work on twitter followig now, as its to annoying now

    • YLH, it is an absolute pain and really have no idea why it is even necessary.

      Since captcha was implemented likes have fallen off dramatically.

      Was hoping we would see a return to the performance seen in the past.

      Thanks for the site.

      • Likes are still coming in at a high rate and the chance of them “sticking” instead of unliking is much lower now. The reason for captcha is to prevent those that were running automatica “like then unlike” scripts.

      • likes was sticking for me since you added the fb accout username bit, for every 350 YLH send i on avrage keep about 340 of them now, the stick rate was GREAT

      • It’ll be even better now!

      • YLH, can’t say I noticed unlikes to the point where this needed to be implemented. If your goal is to get likes to stick that is an uphill battle as these are all artificial likes to begin with.

        Regardless, thanks again for the site and wish you a prosperous New Year.

      • We actually have multiple reasons for adding captcha and unlikes were just one of them. People were using scripts with multiple accounts which caused the crashes on New Years day. People are also using scripts to resell accounts. This will help prevent any of those sorts of cheating and ensure that the site will continue to operate.

      • YLH, certain you have your reasons, and wonder if there isn’t other ways to head off the abusers and not inconvenience the majority who are not in this group of abusers.

        Also, hopefully you have found ways to monetize this service, for when it is rolling along, is simply the best.

        Thanks again.

  18. if You haven’t heart the term inflation – well that’s it.

  19. Hello,

    I know this is not the place to ask this, but I’ve already contacted webmaster@youlikehits and have not received a reply.

    I am unable to login, or cancel my account and start another. I get this message: “Uh Oh!
    We couldn’t find an account matching the username and password you entered.”

    I know that my password is correct, but it will not accept it. Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you fix it?

    Thanks for any help with this!

    • This sounds like you were deleted.

      • If I was deleted wouldn’t I be able to create a new account? I tried to but a message pops up and tells me that I already have an account and cannot create a new one.

        Any advice for this? Thanks

      • Actually, Could you go ahead and delete me entirely and I’ll set up a new account. I can’t log in to delete the account myself. And can I still get the 150 free points?

  20. how come facebook like are not working?

  21. Since new year’s I haven’t seen any likes on my FB account or my history? I even tried increasing the points offered. Please advise, thanks.

  22. Sir,Unliking has been increased…. more than 25% unlike.My payout is 5

    • Unfortunately there’s no way to prevent this or find out who is doing it and who isn’t.

      • But if you are interested, you may develop a way..
        Eg- you can add the recently earned points of a user to his “wish list” and later(10 min) after checking via an automated method you can add the points to his account

  23. 17 likes out of 42 worked.All others unliked!

  24. new problem even when i like a page the “I’ve liked this page” button is not seen so i cant click it and loosing points.can u look into this matter soon

  25. YLH why did you stop the Captchas?

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