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  1. Dear YLH, More names of people indiscriminately unliking instantly (happy to provide proof if required):

    Binh Tomas
    Oscar Alvarez Carbajo
    Mukul Shaikh
    Bin Knight
    Beatriz Santiago Calvo
    -Pipo Pipo-
    Selina Suarez
    Yaa Simmons
    Beatriz Martos Lopez
    Amanda Junquera Calvo
    Bò Kidz
    Ariel LLempen Sandagorda
    Álvaro Blanco Salvador
    Naseha Khan
    Ben Bướng Bỉnh
    Cleverlearn Ama
    Bego Alvarez
    Donald Le
    Nusra Alam
    Ahmed Ali
    Virgo Twenty-three
    Rb Narsian
    Faraz Ahmed
    Zaid Hussain
    Dan Tanner
    Polo Wert
    Quynh Dang
    Man Chan
    BinDevil Vicky
    Bily Ocho Nueve
    Allstreet Europe
    Carole Keelan
    Ronny Pettersen
    Tôm Lê
    Chau Bao
    Zoten Dinh Deschain
    Sejuti Rasha
    Bin Anh
    Chát Đêm
    Sam R.F. Wilson
    Phoebe Marshall
    Hải Vân
    Milk Phạm
    Ramzi Aydi
    Nhân Nguyễn Bảo
    Lý Trần Thanh Vân
    Mariana Claudius
    Zetvi Sheptian
    Aquarius Lee
    Trân Lam Ngọc
    Hollow Skulls
    Anh Dung Hoang Nghia
    Angela Mye
    Nguyễn Nguyên Thoại
    Hồng Lê Lê
    Bondhu Sobar
    Tujhfgj Jhghjghk
    An An Nguyễn

  2. really shouldn’t have to do this as it’s so time consuming and annoying, not to mention a waste of my hard earned points! i think you should take points from these people and compensate us as this is not fair.

    anyways, more names of ‘unlikers’ below. thank you

    Hoangpham Td
    Anh Thu Nguyen
    Kim Yến
    -Vietnam Realvn
    Hiro Ohsawa
    Yousuf Ali Yousuf
    Ngọc Trâm
    Thủy Trần
    Jayson Niño M. Cadion
    Jennifer Charles
    Thaonguyen Nguyen
    Yulita Youll
    Isla Sophia
    Hà Nguyễn
    Hoang Minh Thang
    Selina Suarez
    Yaa Simmons
    Kim Anh Nguyen
    Huynh Kieu Cong
    Rubayet Shahi Dip
    Bé Kún
    Quoc Hung Quang
    Bé Xù
    Ngo Viet Khanh
    Virgo Twenty-three
    Người Cùng Quê
    Thỏ Fifi

  3. YLH, please could you put captchas on all pages, it will help block out users that like and unlike immediately.

  4. @Laura Nouril, I’ve question…you like my fp page and unlike it after 3 days???.. why.. is it for cleaning up your FB page perhaps?? Your name has been mentioned before on this forum, as one who also unlike pages…

  5. Capthas will just cause genuine users to stop using the site. There has to be a more clever way to stop these thieves (of points).

  6. sorry Obi i must of accidentally clicked the unlike your page!

  7. @Obi I must of accidentally Unliked you Page!

  8. @Laura np 🙂

    YLH… why dont setup a trap to catch those who unlike pages… Once ppl know there’s a trap.. they wont easy risk their account..

  9. no, it’s pretty simple: YLH just need to enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards those that unlike. the best way to prevent abuse or accidental occurances is to see if the names come up more than two times. that way we’ll know that people are taking the piss. i am seeing the same names constantly abusing the system, and causing me headaches in the process. i would seriously give that due consideration, as i’d hate to be a paying customer right now with this level of abuse. and nothing personal, but the majority of

  10. oops, didn’t finish what i was writing. i was saying, nothing personal and no offence meant to anyone in particular, but the majority of my unlikes come from the Vietnames guys and girls. don’t know if it’s syndicate operation, but the number is significant enough to entice others to do the same, which is now happening too!

    the main thing is we can prove the unliking activity, so should be fairly straightforward to action. now it’s up to the admins to take the appropriate action on behalf of the community.

    my two cents

    • We’re constantly doing everything that we can possibly do to stop these people. We’re deleting hundreds of accounts every day, banning IP addresses, banning email sites, increased security measures, banning passwords from being used and more. Unfortunately they continue to make new accounts with new Facebook accounts [sometimes the same names] with new IP addresses.

      It’s not exactly easy to track them down but we are successfully catching about 300 or so accounts per day on average but it’s a constant game of cat and mouse.

  11. YLH, most of the unlikers are from vietnam . They are selling accounts with points on

  12. YLH, that’s great to know if you are taking such proactive action.

    as for the link above, how can someone offer so many points for so little? and if it’s not legit, how can they do it?

  13. It IS Vietnam. They’re still pissed about the movie Deer Hunter. Just ban all IPs from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Problem solved.

  14. YLH, why not locked the account’s ip’s.. so the cheater cant sell his/her accounts. So its no use to steal all those points and unlike pages whatsoever anymore.

  15. ok, how about taking their points and re-distributing them? again to be sure you got the right people, we the community can regularly provide the names of those unliking. at least you’ll hurt them where it hurts!

  16. some more names:

    Hien Vo
    Ngoan Pham Viet
    Christiana Grima
    Kimberly Jaramillo
    Ác Quỹ
    Abhishek Arora
    Bac BaRa
    Aaron Nguyen
    Trân Lam Ngọc
    Ly Nguyen
    Nhi Phan
    Tran Phung Hung
    Lê Hoàng MêDinh
    Miko Cheung
    Francisco Javier Torres Martinez
    Kenthull Menthull
    Jafrin Hasam

  17. more unlikers:

    Qing Quansheng
    Madu Tiga LmpRaChi Dong
    Toni Aza
    Fabien Sanchez
    Xanh Lè
    Oanh Nguyễn Thị Kim
    Dayat Villaz
    Nguyễn Quý Vượng
    Fitrie Eembem Ajj
    KomEng Cash Ter
    Dinda Kirana
    Hasibur Rahman
    Rieeni Anggraini
    Ami Nanuko

  18. Unlikers ( proof on request )

    Oanh Nguyễn Thị Kim
    Fitrie Eembem Ajj
    Rieeni Anggraini
    Dinda Kirana
    Xanh Lè liked
    Princess Mary
    Fabien Sanchez
    RaChi Dong
    Dayat Villaz
    Toan Hoang

    Well its no use..they keep coming ..i’ve set my payout on off untill this clear up

  19. YLH, emailed you, not sure the best way to contact you.

    Let me know.

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