Slowness and Crashes

The past few days we’ve had some pretty long loading times and a few times the site crashed.  Looks like we got it all under control now and the site seems to be loading faster than ever.  We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.  Thank you for your continued support!


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  1. Great Job. 🙂
    Some times when I am going to like some pages over 5 points am getting
    “We’re having trouble verifying the Like. Make sure your account is completely open to the Public and no Privacy settings set. If your profile is Public and this continues to happen then please use a different Facebook Account.
    Then skip this page.”

    ops something wrong with the page you are trying to like.

    Why am getting this when there is no problem with my account?How can I overcome this?


  2. Hi YLH,
    I can see that the fb pages that I have already liked via YLH load again at YLH.Then I have to skip those pages.

  3. this user ( ) liked many times my page and than unlike it again…..please do something…

  4. Hi,
    I noticed that something is wrong with visiting websides: In the moment, when the points are calculated – You will receive 1 Points in 1 seconds, than: We couldn’t locate the website you’re attempting to visit.
    This happened in more than 80% viewing.

  5. yeah, i’m getting like a 10% success rate with facebook section trying to like pages.
    It won’t confirm, it won’t like, it shows the 90 seconds message..
    the old system was FAR more reliable

  6. i also get this crap nonstop
    Something is wrong with the page you’re trying to Like.


  7. G+ does this every time i add somebody to a circle
    We’re having trouble verifying that you Circled this page.

    can somebody point me to a tab that actually works?


  8. Yeeeees….. “Ku Ro” ( did it again and again and again….please do something…:(((

  9. Hi YLH, I can’t seem to add the Facebook Page, it spills out an error on me. I do have the code in my info section of my page but it still won’t allow me to add the page. Could you try adding it for me? My username is mostwanted27 and the Facebook Page link is:

  10. i can’t log in to my account…. 0_0

  11. I’m having the same problem as KM BAPPI. It’s really irritating to like a page but then it gives you an error when trying to confirm the like and it does not give you the points for it. Is there a fix?

    • Make sure that you’re actually Liking the page. A few people reported that if they just click the “like” button it’ll look like they’re liking the page but it doesn’t actually stick.

  12. The facebook section is taking soooo long to load everytime.. and it keeps giving errors, after I have already liked the page… but do not get the points for liking it! What must one do in this situation? UNLIKE? cause I dont like doing that.. but I am not going to like pages and not get the point credit for it… its not fair…

    • I’m not sure why it’s taking you so long to load the Facebook section because for me it’s instant. Make sure that you’re actually Liking these pages and that their Like count increases after you Like them. This will ensure that you receive your points.

  13. Hi, I cant add my facebook page, I think someone added it to my place (maybe another of the amministrator) because I got the message with the code to enter in the info, I did, but nothing happened: my page is not added, saying “successfully added” but when I go there in the facebook section there is not the page! Please con you fix this problem? I’m the only owner of that page!

  14. I cannot add my page. it keeps on telling me another user is using my account.

    • This means that someone else is using that page. You’ll have to prove ownership by adding the code it asks for in your Facebook pages Info section.

  15. comeon everytime i try to like a 9 points page in the facebook section i get “the you took more than 90 seconds to like the page” but it only takes me 3-5 seconds.


    hey why my all account can’t opened????
    I got a lot of customers complain and I really lost a lot could you please tell me about this??


    Can I get my points are forfeited?
    thank you,,,,

  18. “How a 21 year old…..” web site is fake and it cannot be reported or skiped!
    Please do something with this SCAMer.

  19. fuuuuuuuuuu
    i hate facebook like system already! it is the worst service here!
    i must start liking from 2 pointed pages. then i will get randomed points 9-8-7-6
    but this is nothing! when i am trying to like high pointed pages i am always uneable! :@
    i am getting error messages or 90 seconds error. i must like and like 2 pointed fucked pagessssssssssssss
    i prefare to use another like exchange systems. they are working nice and have page update scripts too. here is not any more to work. i must waste all day to receive about 50 points and lost my nerves
    good bye old youlikehits!

  20. Uh Oh
    You’re refreshing this page too often….. but, Visiting web pages don’t work at all.
    Maybe in 20% only pages with 1 point.
    What is wrong?

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