2 New “Buy Points” Packages

We’ve added 2 new 50,000 Points packages for those of you that need to run big campaigns on YouLikeHits.  These packages will save you money in the long run!

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  1. a good idea:

    Could you put a option for PHOTO LIKES? everybody would come …more visitors and users

  2. i have an amasing suggest that the 50 daily point will be evry 23h and not 24 hour
    so active membre can have after 23 day a free day
    it like mafia game bonus to make addicted ppl more active on this site
    think about 😉

  3. i cant confirm any of my likes!!!!!!!!!! HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! ANYBODY

  4. When will the site active again after server maintenance? How many hours will be taken? Thank you

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