Monthly Archives: May 2012

Facebook Pages

Facebook was down for roughly 2 hours earlier today and many Facebook pages were automatically removed from our system as a result.  Our system will remove a page if we can’t grab the information needed from the Facebook servers.  Since their servers were down no information was being grabbed.

You should be able to just add your pages back again without issues now.


Get SoundCloud Followers!

Many users have been requesting that we add this feature and here it is!  You can now promote your SoundCloud profile with YouLikeHits!

New “Twitter Tweets”!

We’ve added a “Tweets” feature to YouLikeHits.  You can post your site for others to Tweet on Twitter.  We only allow a user to Tweet 15 sites per hour.  It’s important that you don’t spam Twitter!

Important Google +1 Information

Some people have been reporting that their +1 counter is not rising as much as their clicks are.  We assure you that each click is legit.  However not everyone has their account set to public which is why not all clicks raise the counter.

If you’re +1’ing other pages please make sure to go to “” and make sure you have it set to “Enable”.

Get YouTube Views and Google +1’s!

We have added the new “YouTube Views” and a “Google +1’s” section!

Any suggestions on what else we should add?

A Few Changes and Updates!

We recently fixed an exploit in the Websites section that was allowing some users to gain points without actually viewing the website.  This is no longer an issue.

We also redesigned the YouTube section again to no longer require an active YouTube channel.  Let us know if this works better.

At this time our Facebook section is currently still up and working correctly.

Lowered Points Prices!

We lowered our prices on the “Buy Points” page!  Thank you for supporting YouLikeHits.

Pinterest Followers!

We now support Pinterest Followers.  Let us know if you encounter any issues with this new section.

Update:  Fixed the error that said your profile was already added.

We have added LinkedIn Shares!

We just added LinkedIn Shares to the site.  Let us know if you run into any issues while using this new section.