Pinterest Followers!

We now support Pinterest Followers.  Let us know if you encounter any issues with this new section.

Update:  Fixed the error that said your profile was already added.

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  1. That’s a welcome feature !

  2. I emailed this to you guys 7days ago as well.

    It would appear that number of likes on my profile under manage facebook pages says I shold have 876 likes as of May 9, 2012 9:28am.

    However my page only shows 778 likes (close to a 100 count difference).

    Another concern is that the history for my facebook likes seems to get stuck and or flip-flop back and forth between accurate numbers.

    For example, When I hit 715 likes it satyed at 715 and flipped back to 715 even after five addional people liked the page. That is only one example of this accurance, it has happened so many times through-out the history. With this in mind I would like to know why this keeps happening.

    Is a glitch or is there a technical explaination. Either way you might want to look into it.

  3. I’ve found one already, it says, someone has already added your account. Being as there are only 3 profiles displayed I find that hard to believe !

  4. It says my username has already been added. OGKEYS

  5. Waow good admin 🙂
    I have a little problem, sometimw when i subing the youtube it say invalid user what is the reason?

  6. I added my Pinterest username but its saying someone already added it. How can some1 else add my username in his/her profile…

  7. Hello,
    The section has errors … tells me that someone already introduced myself and there are only 4 users … I get the following:
    Someone already added this profile to their account.

    Please help me

  8. Thanks, I was doing it all wrong,I’ve got the hang of it. You guys are great!

  9. hello my point is got down, but i cant recived any like my page. see that.

  10. Getting the same problems as others, when you try to add your username it tell us that someone else has added it already.

  11. i also encountered a problem like @keys039 experienced 😦

  12. hey admin please reply.
    Are you going to add youtube views ?

  13. Youtube is doing promblem here is

    You’re not Subscribed to ejforehand or YouTube hasn’t updated yet.
    Make sure that you are logged into sajihex and that you’re subscribed to ejforehand.
    Also make sure that “Subscribed to a Channel” is checkmarked on this page.
    Then click “I’ve Subscribed” again.

    I sub the channel and it say error on every subs, plese fix the error


  14. Same here. Would explain why I only got one subscriber in two hours at a 10 point setting.

  15. Also please bring the features of youtube video like 🙂


  16. where is the YouTube Services Like Views,Likes And Comments :O
    And Will Facebook Be Removed :O :/

  17. Now this problem em:
    We couldn’t find the channel you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct username. “

  18. Your website visit section is a shit !!! I spent 1000 points with a payout of 6 points per visit and do you know what I got ? 2 visits !!!!!!! The number of points is decreasing but no visits on my websites !!!! I even sent you an email but you ignored me. Shit service, shit support.

    • That’s not true. Check your History page or Website Settings to see how many hits you got. Analytics doesn’t count them.

      • Well…it count it, but only 1-3 people even if I spend 1000 hits. I checked in Adwords, piwik, apache log….there is no clicks. All this because of the programs I think. there is autobot for website clicks and nobody visit the website. You should do something for that.

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