Important Google +1 Information

Some people have been reporting that their +1 counter is not rising as much as their clicks are.  We assure you that each click is legit.  However not everyone has their account set to public which is why not all clicks raise the counter.

If you’re +1’ing other pages please make sure to go to “” and make sure you have it set to “Enable”.


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  1. i still have the same issue so i change the payout to off because im just loosin points but i m still losin points even if the payout is off.So i removed the url

    • Check your History page to see where the points were going. If your Payout is set to off it’s not possible to continue to lose points.

  2. i think its a bug
    pcrio2 +1’d your site, مجموعة مدارس الحمري! 8m 50s ago
    [Google+] Mahamo101 +1’d your site, مجموعة مدارس الحمري! 9m 5s ago
    [Google+] DarkLight1991 +1’d your site, مجموعة مدارس الحمري! 13m 21s ago
    [Google+] md5diablo +1’d your site, مجموعة مدارس الحمري! 16m 19s ago
    [Google+] tdphotodesigns +1’d your site, مجموعة مدارس الحمري! 17m 16s ago
    you see?im loosin them even if the payout was set to off

  3. I’ve got a big score: 308,410 points. I have not used my account to increase “like face” for me
    And now my score is: -308,410 point. Worse still delete account
    You said to have evidence proving my “hack point,” but you never showed me
    I think it’s great score, so that you have given no reason for my sins, to all my efforts have gone
    Now I can not continue with less than no score

    My ID:leduc266

  4. No one is liking my utube video i have payout to maximum i.e. 10 but still no one likes plz help me

  5. I did not use to automate the “face” and “twitter” as you say,
    Even automation is how I do not know anymore
    Please provide more convincing evidence for me instead of lying from you
    You have and will make the members try to reach a high point to be afraid
    You should know that to get the score above, i and my brother have been working to
    So, take evidence more convincing for me, I’m very angry

  6. To the dude above, beat it!, you got busted, who would have like 300.000 points unless you did some wrong you tosser! Here’s a new one for you, wanna cheat at least try and make it look for real, Why should any one prove you anything? Who ever runs this site does a pretty good job and if it was me i would just ban you.

    Anyway heads up for this site that have been the number 1 since the beginning

    Love the site and seriously just forget about dudes like the one above, webmaster of YLH is wasting way too much bandwidth and time answering stupid folks who can’t even admit it when they where caught cheating…

  7. Hello YouLikeHits,

    Please Try To Control “”Facebook Economy””.

    Please Sir…

    Every One Set There Payout To 15 That Making Difficult To Get Likes.


    • We really can’t do much about that but to tell people to start liking pages. The more likes going out the less competition there will be.

  8. Hello! I am the admin of the following page – We are a non profit environmental NGO but I am unable to add the page to my youlikehits account – “natashan”. The other admins of the same page are also unable to add it to their accounts. Whenever I try to add, I get the error “You can’t add this page because it’s already been added by someone …”. I can assure you there is no other Youlikehits account linked to this page. Kindly rectify this and please add the above page to my account. You can know more about our NGO at the above facebook page or on our website at This is my 3rd mail to you so please help!! thank you.

  9. Oops
    Someone already added this page to their account. If you’re the owner of the page you can claim it by temporarily putting “YLH169452” in the “Info” section of the Facebook page and then try readding the page. Once the page verified you can remove this code.
    wahat ????help me plzzz 😦

  10. Thank you so much!! Appreciate it!!

  11. Please please made a option for FACEBOOK STATUS AND PHOTO LIKES….please :)))

  12. The results are ridiculous for Google +!!

    1° site: 23 clicks for 3 G+

    2° site: 23 clicks for 2 G+

    3° site: 24 clicks for 2 G+

    4° site: 24 clicks for 1 G+

    I stop right now this massacre. USELESS!!

  13. Hello,
    This section does not work and I think I found the problem…. You have to configure this section in the same way you set up “Google + Circle” for Google to count the “G +1” … (you have to vote directly on the page not only with the button)..
    I just did several tests and is the only way that works …

  14. The last comment of “User” prove that there is a problem…
    I do NOT have these +1’s, despite what is writing “youlikehits”. Period.

  15. My G+ appears to be working fine – Just make sure you have a Wibiya Bar with the G+ Box installed on it. Just reinstalled mine today and the G+ count is exactly what shows at “u like hits”.

  16. Someone has figured out how to “un-G+”, I have not had single new added G+ since my earlier blog post (at 4:06 – two hours ago) and now I have lost 20 (yes 20) G+ from my site in the last 2 hours. What the heck is happening??

  17. Actually, a more sinister senario would be that someone has figured out how to “steal” someone else G+ for their own site–is that possible??

  18. After going back and reading all the info about G+ on your blog, it appears it is the big G that is somehow removing the G+s from people’s pages. I have stopped any payment for G+ for now with idea that I can maintain the +s hat I still have.

    Do you know if Ggle removes any of the G-Circles that you receive thru your site?? It seems that if people are in your circle, then you could simply exchange G+s much like people exchange links! Not exactly sure how to make that work, but it should be doable.

  19. I didN4T have a lot of G+ with this system (see previous messages).
    But i have less now (0, 1). They decrease!

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