New “Twitter Tweets”!

We’ve added a “Tweets” feature to YouLikeHits.  You can post your site for others to Tweet on Twitter.  We only allow a user to Tweet 15 sites per hour.  It’s important that you don’t spam Twitter!

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  1. Can you add FB Status/Photos Likes too??Please…i think everybody want this…pleasee

  2. Great new features youlikehits, keep going like this!
    What we really need now is to get followers, plays and favorites from SOUNDCLOUD and MIXCLOUD!!!
    Everybody is looking forward for that!

  3. What link is it that we are supposed to add?

  4. i think a Retweet is a better way to promote something

    • This is basically the same thing only the person posts as themselves. It’s still going to increase the counter of how many times your URL has been tweeted.

      • Yes but this really look like a spam if you have like hundreds of people tweeting exactly the same thing, maybe add a Retweet option as well and see if people like it or not 🙂

  5. wow…. awesome! and just need to add FB Status/Photos Likes…
    Youlikehits are the best!

  6. “The Facebook Page you were liking is currently “locked” for another user.” wt is? eweri FB konfig write this

    • Another user is liking the same page that you’re liking at the same time. Just skip that page or come back to it later.

      • and what is about the add FB PHOTO/STATUS LIKES AND SHARES?Can you made this add please? i think everyone would be thankful for this

      • You can’t! Once you’ve opened it, liked it, get the locked message, if you skip it, it says “in an effort to avoid spam” blah blah blah you can’t open this page again. Once you get the “locked for another user” you can’t get those points. It’s the most frustrating thing!

      • We’re looking into why this is such a common issue. It shouldn’t be since it should automatically redirect you to another page instead of displaying it.

  7. Problem exists in all the pages






  8. Algerian user

    what does it means when i try to like a page and they said this facebook page is locked ?

  9. Plz admin tel me y the mostly pages are locked whenever i like al pages thn mostly pages are locked wts the issue?

  10. thx admin the problem is fexid 🙂

  11. Have you considered doing Pinterest Repins. There is only 1 site doing this at the moment and it’s not working properly. Repins will work better virally that followers so how about it please. Thanks.

  12. Can you make the follow a twitter thing as easy as the like a persons facebook page? Instead of having to open it in a new window, follow, close the page, and confirm it can you make it where you just click follow, and confirm it from YLH page? It just slows up my computer is all.

    • Also, how do you become ‘Premium’ with youtube subscriptions? And can you make it to where we can have a 15 seed payout with it?

  13. We’re having trouble confirming that you Liked this page. Please try Liking with both options available. If that doesn’t work please make sure you didn’t hit your Like limit and that your profile is public.


  14. Thank you .. What does it mean this word And useful Become Premium

  15. nice idea
    but we wait to new one for facebook
    click to like url 😉

  16. The tweets section won’t show my URL!!!

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