Monthly Archives: June 2012

YouLikeHits Fixes

In the YouTube Views section: If a video has been deleted, disabled or set to private it will now get removed once a user attempts to view it instead of continuing to pop up.

In the ReverbNation section: You can now add any account instead of just “Fan Accounts” to start Becoming a Fan of other Artists Pages.


Terms and Conditions

I just added a new Terms and Conditons section to YouLikeHits that you will have to agree to before you continue using YouLikeHits.  Unfortunately, too many users completely ignored our Ethics section or claimed they never saw it.  I’m hoping that this will help keep users informed.

Get ReverbNation Fans!

We have added another new section today.  You can now promote ReverbNation Artists accounts and increase your fans!

SoundCloud Update

We need to grab new information for your SoundCloud accounts in order to increase the accuracy of the Following system.  Please add your SoundCloud accounts back to YouLikeHits to continue promoting your profiles.