SoundCloud Update

We need to grab new information for your SoundCloud accounts in order to increase the accuracy of the Following system.  Please add your SoundCloud accounts back to YouLikeHits to continue promoting your profiles.

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  1. thanks for this new system! Love It! I never stop using youlikehits! Please add “soundcloud plays” THANKS!

  2. Whats up with facebook likes?Even with a high payout of 9 i manage to get only 20 likes in 2hrs …?..feel really pissed..

  3. I have gotten a well known Producer using this site because of the soundcloud section, and the reverbnation coming in the near future. Since you are taking FB stuff down you should make Youtube subscribers section 15 points per sub. That would be epicly helpful.

    • Oh yea, and every time I try to subscirbe to a page now it says Oops! Something is wrong with the account you’re trying to sub to or something.

  4. Hi I like Your Service

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