Get ReverbNation Fans!

We have added another new section today.  You can now promote ReverbNation Artists accounts and increase your fans!

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  1. Thanks youlikehits!!! LOVE IT! 😀

  2. Yeah, this is great!!!
    Will be the next step to add Mixcloud?

  3. Facebook is showing the same pages twice in a row and then often says “the page cannot be found” when you click to skip.

  4. SoundCloud Plays ….AMAZING!
    From better to better ….we will forget very quick the facebook likes….

  5. youtube subs are not working

  6. I can’t add my ReverbNation Fan Account (no problem with the artist page).
    This is the page

  7. Perfect, thanks …now it works!

  8. bastian akhil

    thanks a lot buddy!!you’re amazing youlikehits!!

  9. I think we should be able to fan with an artist page, label page, and/or a fan page. Now, I image maybe the confirmation could be what made you guys choose to have people use fan pages and not label or artist pages too. IF so, if you can look into a way to make it work, great, if not, you guys still did a wonderful thing here.

    P.S. Facebook is beginning ot succ anyway, and all these rules they come up with makes it even worst. So soon I believe people will not even care much about likes anymore. They are becoming the new Myspace slowly but surely.

  10. Lets see, you’re removing Facebook Likes and have yet to address the uselessnes of the YouTube subscriber section (the two most important things here).. Sorry, but once the facebook likes are gone, so am I. if you’re not going to address the YT subs problem like you did with the facebook issue by allowing 15 credits to dump out some of the queue, then what is the point of sticking around here?

  11. There should be a page to get instagram followers, that will make up for the people you lose from the facebook portion.

  12. Another idea: Klout. Get +k and +influencer … those would be useful. 🙂

  13. No page exist in facebook section i mean i am getting that error

  14. Hi Youlikehits, I am having trouble with my Google + 1’s. I put both my Google + music pages on the website and it says people are plus 1’ning my pages but when I go to check if my plus ones went up they stay the same.Also to make sure I didn’t post my links wrong, I plus’d 1 myself in my google plus settings section and it worked fine for myself. Either I am having a lot of mass unfollowers or I’m doing something wrong?? Let me know if can help thanks.

  15. i dont understand the purpose of allowing a fanpage to be added to Reverb Nation and not a artist or label? what sense does that make? lol

  16. There is a problem also with myspace: someone create multiple myspace account just to friended and immidiatly un-friended users here.
    In this way I have already lost some points.
    They register accounts with random names like 120489776 and 582686451.
    Please fix that, thanks

  17. Add Instagram Followers Next Plz That Will Be Great Even Thou Fb Owns It Add It Still Plz

  18. were is facebook like ????????????????????????????

  19. How can i get in contact with you,, cant be right you ban all my websites ? got nothing to do with YLH

  20. And now i cant even login,, Whats up YLH ?

  21. Hey, my tweet and website is not showing up. I waited the required hour, yet still nothing shows up after adding it. Please help thank you

  22. Hey do you think we might get a Google Places option soon?

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