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I just added a new Terms and Conditons section to YouLikeHits that you will have to agree to before you continue using YouLikeHits.  Unfortunately, too many users completely ignored our Ethics section or claimed they never saw it.  I’m hoping that this will help keep users informed.


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  1. You May Not:
    Create moe <- Hello and excuse me correct the moe to more

  2. Thank you for doing this!
    I’ve seen some questionable stuff in the past that I was unsure of.

  3. FB LIKES ! 😀

  4. can we expect instagram followers/likes ?

  5. Hi, I sent an e-mail for the webmaster a few days but it seems he is away, because he didn’t answer me. My website was banned 2 times, do you know any explanation? my site doesn’t break the rules. Thanks

  6. Um I know this is irrelevant but, will there be anything for http://juggalobook.com/ ?

  7. question is there a limit to videos you can like a day.. Ive seem to have reached a limit .. just errors out now.

  8. what about a section where people can vote for songs on coast2coastmixtapes.com. cause currently artists who submit have to then solicit votes from people on fb and twitter heres an example http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/audiodetail.aspx?audioid=83029

  9. Hi ylh. i have more than 1 account in ylh and i want to delete them and to have just 1 account, how can i delete them?

  10. why isn’t my fb account on there? i didn’t break any rules

  11. Your new Facebook system has AMAZING potential for a massive marketing strategy!

    Brilliant YLH! Simply Brilliant!

  12. Something We Need Is The Ability To Auto Change Views !!
    I Want To Start Getting Credits And Letting The Computer Just View It For Me !

  13. Please Respond Because I Like This Site Very Much But I Need The Ability To Earn Credits While Iam Not Using The Computer

  14. I’ve seen the facebook likes are back but i don’t get any likes comparing to what i used to get is it because of the new system?

  15. Please Respond About AutoMatic Youtube Views

  16. Only 5 Likes in 2 Days…

    I Said You That You Should Change your Settings Likes “”Addmefast”” See The Result…
    No One Is Using Please Help…

    Youlikehits You Was The Best Prove Them Again….

    • Works fine for me. I have had over 100 clicks in the past 2 days. Perhaps you need to like pages as well. It uses up others points. And then enable premium time!

      FB Likes works great…!

  17. Yes my Facebook payout is at 10 i have 700 points and still no likes..had 122 likes the first day and then nothing…5 or 6 in the last 2 days…it’s not working like it used to.. there must be something wrong

    • Same Can With Me Buddy….

      Admin Is Not Responding To Us…
      Reply YouLikehits why that so…

      You show that you have 2025 Users Online But No One Is Using Facebook…

      Damm It…

  18. everything seems to be messed up because the youtube and fb are bothed not working like they use too

  19. Thank You YLH. You are the best and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  20. “Your site must have at least 1 Like already to be added. If you already have more than 1 Like then please make sure you’re entering the correct URL.”

    I definitely have more than 1 like, yet it is not allowing me to enter the URL.


  22. I cant add any youtube account… it says “Oops
    We couldn’t find the channel you’re attempting to add. Make sure you’re using the correct username” the account url is correct.. whats wrong?

  23. I have a question about Become Premium with Points
    premium for what?…facebook??

  24. Hi, I hope you read this. Though about doing it for Facebook subscribers? There is only one other site that does it, but nobody uses it really. With your fansize, the new feature would be a hit ❤

    • Not sure if this will be something worth adding. Thanks though!

      • Have you not seen those pictures on Facebook, where the uploader posts a comment on the photo saying like my comment, the subscribe for thousand friend requests. Ever since subscriber has come out, everybody has gone mental over it. Celebs are now using personal Facebook pages with subscribers on instead of like pages. It’s merely a suggestion, I just wanted to hear your take on it 🙂 P.s major lover of the site, have been for a long time.

      • Sir i have a suggestion. how about facebook like pictures and comment pictures for new add-ons.

  25. Maybe I missed a memo somewhere but how is it that fb likes are back/still here?

  26. could you put 15 payout for the youtube section, it’s getting a bit slow

    thanks 🙂

  27. oh, and set a limit per day cuz it’s burning lot’s of credits

  28. yes a 15 payout for facebook would be great too…i’m not getting any likes and it’s getting a bit annoying

  29. Sir. i think you have a problem in your new system. Facebook like. please check.. thans=ks!

  30. i lost 10 youtube subs in 1 second :/

  31. Last time I will speak on this. I believe your choice to add reverbnation fans was great. The problem here I see is. Not many people have Reverbnation fan pages who have artist pages. So what I believe is going to happen, and which is happening, is people will make fake reverbnation fan pages. If we were able to just fan with artist pages and/or label AND fan pages, I believe the activity in this section would increase, as well as the benefits.



  33. Hey, I have some requests, eheh:
    1) are you still working at soundcloud plays?
    2) can you add mixcloud followers, please?
    3) do you ever considered tumbrl?

  34. how are we supposed to get the daily bonus if you need to follow twitter or like facebook pages, yet their isnt a way to like fb pages and i have no twitter :/

  35. could it be possible to attached more than 5 Twitter accounts to Youlikehits?

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